(OUTDATED!) [GUIDE] Jet Pack Tips v.2.0
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(OUTDATED!) [GUIDE] Jet Pack Tips v.2.0

August 31, 2019

Hello, and welcome to Light Assault video
guide series. My name is Iridar and today we will be talking
about Light Assault’s bread and butter – the jet pack. Let’s start with some basic moves. Speed drifting. When transitioning from high ground to low
ground, you can move faster than a sprinting player. To do that you have to hold W, tap spacebar
to control the height, and steer with the mouse. Using strafing keys will result in losing
speed. Slingshot Manuever. Step on a Jump Pad, wait until you are on
the highest point of your trajectory, then apply speed drifting technique to get
wherever you need. Engaging the Jet Pack too early will result
in losing speend and altitude. You can use the Jet Pack offensively and shoot
at the enemies while flying, but your shots will be very inaccurate, so this will work only if you are very close
to the enemy. My favorite Jet Pack attack pattern is hawk
drop. Majestic. Laser Sight helps with mid-air accuracy…
sort of. When you first start flying, your cone of
fire will increase to “flying”, but when you let go of the spacebar, cone
of fire will increase to “fall”, and will remain big until you land. Laser
sight reduces the “flying” cone of fire, but doesn’t reduce “fall” cone of fire. It’s easy to notice when you jump. It’s not a huge deal, but it’s a nice fact
to be aware of. Another mechanic: after you land you must wait a moment to regain
accuracy. If you start shooting right away, your cone
of fire will stay huge, even if you aim down sights. Jet Reload. Whenever you need to reload and
there’s no cover around, you can drop from the edge of a roof and reload
while floating in the air, then fly back up. You can use the Jump Jets to quickly fly through
windows. You have to be crouching. Jump Jets can be used to boost the C4 throw
distance, or at least give you a different throwing angle. Fly over mines. Use med kits without slowing down. Normally, you can’t use Med Kits while sprinting,
but using them while jetting allows you to retain that speed. I’m leaving you with a piece of uncut gameplay
that showcases some of the mentioned moves, as an example of how I use the Jet Pack in
my everyday game. The guide is now concluded, my name is Iridar
and I’ll see you next time.

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