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Outland Games iOS iPhone Gameplay Review – AppSpy.com

August 29, 2019

Outland Games is a continuation of the world
set up in Uber Entertainment’s team based competitive multiplayer frag fest Monday Night
Combat. I guess winning that particular game nets you a one way ticket to the outlands
as a reward. It’s not freedom per say, but another chance at freedom, this time in the
form of an endless runner (so no, freedom is an impossibility). How does it stack up
in this oversaturated genre? Let’s find out. Your character is equipped with a double jump
and an attack. Tapping engages your jump, swiping engages your blade. The attack mechanic
would be an interesting addition if it wasn’t used once in a blue moon, but it is quite
powerful, gutting huge mechs with a modicum of effort. Bonus modes which change your character
briefly come in either a coin gathering or enemy killing variety, and these break up
the game somewhat, but as endless runners go, this is pretty stock standard fare. The coins that are collected actually result
in decent progression when it comes to store prices. You’ll never feel that you have to
grind too much to either upgrade your character, or to change their weapon and attire. This
section of the game was balanced really well. And even though the animation is nice and
fluid, and the announcer’s voice is amusing as it shouts encouragement, Outland Games
does nothing to differentiate itself. Fans of Monday Night Combat may get a kick of this
continuation of the game world, but for everyone else, there are far better examples of the
genre out there.

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  1. Please review Growtopia. It's more of a social game, but it's amazingly addictive and fun…if you're not a noob.

  2. i second block fortress, i already have it though but i like opinions. i still need to figure out a good fortress setup.

    but anyway, endless running games are practically there own genre on ios coming from nintendo and sony consoles it's fairly new to me. heck temple run was the first endless running game i ever heard of at all.

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