Overwatch AWNN – Cosplay Quick Change
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Overwatch AWNN – Cosplay Quick Change

August 11, 2019

D.Va: Brigitte? Brigitte: Hm? D.Va: Do you like cats? Brigitte: Yeah! *enhanced sparkly noises* Brigitte: I LOVE them! *flustered D.Va noises* *crashing noise* D.Va: NYAH!! Brigitte: *startled noise* D.Va: Bap *Kimlinh proceeds to make a bunch of cat noises*

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  1. YES!!! Ive been waiting for this comic dub when brigitte first came out lol. Also Mekanic seemingly came out of no where but I love it! <3

  2. I don't believe that there is an interaction between these two with D.Va in her black cat skin, and it saddens me

  3. So should I go Edgelord Reaper?
    Demon Reaper?
    Ice pop Reaper?
    Biker Reaper?
    Pumkin head?
    Or Mariachi?

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