Overwatch but with cats REACTION (ELE Reacts)
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Overwatch but with cats REACTION (ELE Reacts)

August 26, 2019

What is going on youtube today i am going to react to a video that has overwatch but i guess they’re cat characters, like im a big Overwatch fan as people know imma check this out cause it actually looks pretty good So let’s check this out guys and give you my reaction Katsuwatch was that a lead pencil? Anya….Catnip 100 Percent BASTION B..BasTion D.Va of course Ki… T eh Hanzo whats is he?….. Pawnzo He Ripped a wire Look at the little mouse.. Junkrat The Mouse had Dynamite Mewcio He Slipped, what was that soap? Meowcree, was that a bird on his side The lil lil Water bottle Meiow all the characters in the freezer Thats pretty clever, Meowcy Tuna Purrisa pharah? Furrah Fish Bones Reapurr He has a Reinhardt Helmet, Felinehardt That’s good, that’s pretty good Little Mice, Kittenji Were those piranhas Streetcat, YEAH Roadhog The Little fishies Whisker 76 Niiice, he got hacked, nice nice Clawmbra Semeowtra Who’s that Torbijan…. Torbyarn, he has yarn Chaser the toilet paper shes so phat but tracer is so skinny Widowmeowker it’s a dog i thought it was supposed to be a cat Woofston ayye Zarya, what the? a Whale? ayyyeee that’s pretty clever the yarn the cat’s behind him, Genji Not the cardboard Mtn Meow Kitos oh snap the death stare That’s cool it’s gonna pop watch that’s cool ooooo got the moves Mewcio were those eggs or the milk? that’s pretty cool I Need feeding (Classic) i’m done i’m done that’s cool what did she shoot i didn’t see it all kinds of yarn balls yeah, show them fish bones Reapurr The butterfly got away aye the squid, from the fridge yeah Whisker 76 the official Clawmbra there you go again symmetra he just chugged that milk how do you burp out a cheese Tracer you lost some weight who’s going to the mouse was it another kitty going to the mouse awwwww that one is cool Flex on em Zarya.. Zarnya Zen nya TTa that kitty got balance that’s cheating Bastion that’s cool was that a bunny, that was a bunny huh? meditate get em Pawnzo why? was it the cord get em junk cat the mouse went back to him BREAK IT Down is that like a speaker, that’s a speaker i thought it was a shower head at first the bird said AHHHH he’s hanging by a thread that’s my main right there, that’s cheating you can’t use the bird to help you fly Purrisa with the laser pointer Furrah ah that’s cool this side up he’s upside down is that a can top on his chest that one is cool streetcat never can go wrong with whisker 76 Clawmbra thats pretty cool i like her that was pretty cool Torbs Chaser, She rolled widowmeowker what was that? Zarya’s whale aww i missed Zens i know it was the yarn around him Bastion with the straws the bunny is mad at you, you knocked down his chips Pawnzo back at it again with the usb you can tell that was gonna end bad yeah representing PC gamers that’s cool he didn’t know what he typed get the bird get the bird he totally is ready to fight with that bird never can go wrong with the Meiow back at it again with the bird that’s cheating mercy your supposed to fly on your own Purrisa Nice poor tracer chaser my bad chaser what’s he shooting he’s gonna shoot bones at everybody Felinehardt Streetcat The little squick Can’t go wrong ugh That’s cool that’s so distracting it looks like a… What is that yarn with his beard Chaser get em! She’s a bowling ball That’s mean what she’s doing to the bird ahh off with the peanut buttter, your addiction back at it again with the whale the whale screamed earlier That’s cool it’s on his wrist THAT’S Cool that one was cool Mtn DEW Blast she gonna do the smile? oh the paw Meowcy oooo Evil Reapurr Streetcat, They Should make it look like a suit the octopus CHASERR she’s the skinniest chacter in the whole game but the biggest cat the Staredown that’s cool two different colors that it? ahh i wanna see more i wonder if they have doomfist or anybody that was an amazing video and i am going to pre order those friggin plushes t’s awesome i dont wanna stop watching it D.VA that was awesome thank you guys so much for stopping by this is an amazing video

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