Overwatch – Debunking Hero 28 Possibilities (Who It Most Likely WON’T Be!)
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Overwatch – Debunking Hero 28 Possibilities (Who It Most Likely WON’T Be!)

August 29, 2019

What’s up everybody this is Master Ian Gamer
and the release of Overwatch’s next hero is growing ever closer! So, continuing the hype of trying to predict
who or what this new hero will be, I’m doing more hero identity predictions. But, while I talked about who I think it could
be in my previous video, which you can check out through the card on screen, here I’m
going to talk about who I think it couldn’t be. While the Overwatch universe features a number
of cool, lovable characters, by no means do I think all of them hold playable hero potential. So today I want to talk about who I don’t
think will make the cut, but also explain my reasoning as for why. Without further ado, let’s jump right on
in! To start, we have a number of characters that
I see being thrown around and speculated about from time to time. These first several I’m going to list are
all ones that, in my opinion, have less than 1% chance of happening. The reason I say 1% instead of 0 is that,
this is Blizzard we’re talking about, so technically anything can happen. First up though is Athena. As most people already know, Athena is the
AI who serves as the announcer during standard Overwatch matches, and also happens to be
Winston’s assistant as seen in the Recall cinematic. Speculation for her becoming a future hero
mainly seems to stem from this early image where we can see a robot who possess the same
“A” logo on their head that we see being used to represent Athena, along with a quote
from Michael Chu regarding the character. “From the beginning, we had this idea that
we wanted the announcer to be a character and not just the random voice of God. We really wanted her to be a character, and
so the first way that we were able to evidence that was in the Recall short – and yeah,
that’s where she is… right now.” However, while many people assumed this meant
that Blizzard was interested in making her into a playable hero, I’m fairly certain
that’s not what he meant. Someone doesn’t need to be a playable hero
in order to be a proper character. I’m pretty sure that Chu just wanted Athena
to have an identity beyond just that of an anonymous, informative voice who helps players
understand what’s going on in a match. And to that extent, she is. She’s an AI assistant of some kind who helps
Winston. While I would love to learn more about her
as a character, I don’t think she’ll ever be a playable hero. Having the same voice for both the announcer
and one of the heroes would just be confusing, and as for the robot character we see here,
well, it seems that she originated as a hero concept before Blizzard decided to make her
the announcer. One of the original hero concepts Blizzard
has revealed is called Iris, and has a strong visual similarity to the robot seen in the
hero lineup. Moving on to another unlikely hero, we have
Antonio Bartalotti. Now, the biggest reason as for why he more
than likely won’t become playable one day, is that he’s dead. But, given that a number of other Overwatch
heroes have been “dead” only to return in one fashion or another, I can see why some
people might assume that Antonio somehow survived and thus could one day be a hero. However, I think this actually lends to him
not making a comeback. Resurrecting too many important characters
can drastically undermine the significance of death in a story. Even though Blizzard got a voice actor and
made a character model for him, retconning his death, which was a huge plot point in
the Retribution storyline, would likely feel pretty bad, and also would undermine much
of the story and character development which took place during that event. Next up is Lynx Seventeen. While I certainly enjoyed their character
design and personality in the Searching comic, Lynx just doesn’t seem like a character
that would have a place in game. Given that they’re a hacker, I have a hard
time thinking of how their abilities could differentiate enough from Sombra in order
to justify adding them as another hero. On top of that, they already served a very
specific and now fulfilled purpose in the comic, which was to help Zarya track down
Sombra while also forcing her to question her prior thoughts regarding Omnics. Blizzard could very easily expand on this
purpose and give Lynx more to do as a character in the Overwatch universe, but until that
happens I’m not gonna be holding my breath. In a similar style as Lynx Seventeen, we have
Sven from the Destroyer comic. I’ve seen speculation about him becoming
another builder hero of some kind, like an evil Torbjorn. And while I think it’s possible for us to
get another builder, once again I just don’t feel that recycling a character like him would
be necessary. He served his purpose in the comic, so unless
Sven somehow fits perfectly for Blizzard’s image of a new hero down the line, I don’t
expect them to bring him back. Real quick before I move on, I’m sure somebody
will bring up Brigitte and how she was originally just in a comic, too. However, the difference between her and these
other two is that she had several appearances across multiple comics and other media, including
being mentioned in an ingame voice line. By comparison, Lynx and Sven have each had
one appearance, and served a very specific and self contained role in those instances. Next, we have Jetpack Cat. While I understand that Jetpack Cat has been
a meme for quite a while now, I think it’s important to clarify what exactly he was. The only reason we ever even found out about
his existence in the first place was from the Overwatch devs using him as an example
of a hero concept that ultimately got scrapped due to being just too absurd. While we did get a number of teasers and nods
towards Jetpack Cat during Brigitte’s release buildup, these seemingly were all just fanservice
due to how hyped the character had become by that time. Unlike Doomfist, I don’t think any amount
of hype will be enough to convince Blizzard to add him to the game, as overall, I think
that he’s just a little too out there. And now, for the next characters I’m going
to discuss today, we have two who I think could maybe become playable heroes, but I
still consider them highly unlikely. The first of these is Harold Winston. The only reason I give him any more credence
than the previously mentioned characters, is that despite the fact that he’s presumably
dead, there have been a number of clues which seem to point towards him. While I’ve already discussed them in great
detail in past videos of mine, things such as his space suit missing on Horizon, the
mysterious wheelchair in the office with his photo on Lijiang Tower Control Center, and
even the recently updated news ticker on Night Market which mentions that the current CEO
of Lucheng Interstellar was once a moon base scientist all seemingly are tied to Harold. However at the same time, he suffers from
the exact same issue as Antonio, which is that he should be dead. While it’s never explicitly stated that
Harold died, it’s heavily implied through Winston’s backstory, the Recall cinematic,
and the Horizon map release video. And even more severely than any of the story
issues which pertain to Antonio’s resurrection, Harold’s presumed “death” was a huge
part of gorilla Winston’s backstory. The loss of his father figure was an important
part in shaping who he became, and especially in his decision to abandon Horizon and return
to earth. This alone is enough to make me second guess
the clues on Horizon and Lijiang Tower, but even more so is the fact that these same clues
could actually be hinting at a couple other possible heroes, two of which I mentioned
in my previous new hero predictions video. However, given the “possibility” of Harold
making a return, despite how much I don’t want to see it happen and don’t think it
will, I thought that I should address it nonetheless. And finally, we have the character that so
many people have been talking about for almost a year now, and that’s Maximilien. While he’s absolutely one of the more intriguing
non-hero characters we currently know of in the Overwatch universe, I do not believe we’ll
see him become playable, at least not anytime soon. The main reason for this is that, well, he
by no means appears to be a fighter. Being a super classy casino owner, everything
we know about him so far indicates that he’s the type who sits back and observes rather
than physically taking action. I mean, honestly, can you imagine how ridiculous
it would look to see this guy running around a battlefield. That would feel entirely outside of his character. Now I suppose there are some ways around this. For example, he could pilot some kind of mech,
or maybe even utilize drones on the battlefield. That would allow him to be playable in some
fashion, but without needing to get his suit dirty. However, this still doesn’t feel convincing. Compared to someone like Sanjay, who I talked
about in my previous video, it just seems like Maximilien already has a fairly strong
presence in the story of Overwatch. We already have a good feel for his personality
and interests, which is something that Blizzard has always kept much more vague with new heroes
prior to their release. And, perhaps the most condemning evidence
of all, is the fact that a player icon for him was already added to the game as part
of the 2018 Retribution event. Boasting the same naming theme and art style
as all the other hero portrait player icons, the fact that this was added as part of a
limited time event seems to imply that, at the time of Retribution, Blizzard was not
planning to add him as a future hero. And given how long it takes to design a hero
from start to finish, this means we likely won’t see Maximilien playable in game anytime
soon if they do end up changing their minds. Now, I will mention with regards to Maximilien,
or really any of the non-dead heroes I talked about, that things can change. Blizzard could reveal more about them to indicate
hero potential, or, in the case of characters like Lynx and Sven, give them more than just
one brief appearance across the entirety of Overwatch’s game and other media. But, for the time being, I don’t believe
we’ll see these characters I talked about today make it onto the roster at this point
in time. But, given that I’m sure many of you will
have colorful words to disagree with me, let me know your own thoughts about all this in
the comments below. I’d love to hear what you think regarding
these characters or any others. Thank you all for watching, be sure to leave
a like if you enjoyed this video and share it with a friend if you really liked it. Subscribe, follow me on Twitter, and turn
on Notifications to both help out my channel and keep up with all my future Overwatch content. This is Master Ian Gamer signing off, and
until next time have a great day!

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  1. What do you think determines whether or not a character could one day become a new hero? Let me know in the comments below!

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  2. Can you make an episode about what abilities you think hero 28 will have? P.S You might have already made such a video

  3. Wait! Ian! I have a really dull speculation but since we got an Emily spray for tracer. What if hero 28 is Emily!?!?!

  4. alright welcome back and today we're going to see which characters can be in smash bros ultimate
    oh wait… wrong video.

    screw it Master Ian gamer for Smash

  5. we have orisa and bastion as playable heros and as bosses in uprising this means that he next hero is the leader of the heavy assault unit from the retribution no doubt

  6. I really wish Athena is going to be a hero…
    I also think that Lynx could be a “anti-hacker”, not just against Sombra’s hack but other types of negative effects like Ana’s bio grenade Zen discord, Widow venom, and even abilities like Hanzo sonic arrow or Widow’s ultimate, and maybe Mei’s freeze. Just a thought that came to mind.

  7. I suspect that we'll get another member of the Shimbalya(Zenyatta's order)
    If I remember correctly, Zenyatta is a heritic. Perhaps instead of believing in balance, they believe in completely eradicating the evil in yourself.

  8. While I see where Ian is coming from on the Maximilian issue I believe it's kind of weak argument saying as how Zenyatta is a monk and is already a playable character despite the fact that if he wasn't he wouldn't seem like he'd be hero material. Not hating on Zen or you though

  9. I really expected athena to be in the game because of the white omnic but on Rialto there is a banner with an Omnic that looks quite a bit like the white kne but just with a fancy skin or something so if they'd ever put that white omnic in the game I think it'll more likely be the artist from Rialto than Athena

  10. Link 17 (or however you spell it) could be a support that upgrades his teammates making their ability cool downs shorter

  11. I can attrually see how it can be possible for Maximilien being the next hero. He has been shown in the comics and even in Moria's lore video. Because of him being shown frequently, they can show his personality in Overwatch. I do not think Blizzard would care about Maximilien suit getting dirty if they add him in. He can have a gun or something as a weapon since he seems so much like a mafia boss.

  12. They have lot's of possibilities with Lynx, they could make Lynx hack shields onto characters, or even hack health onto people.. something like that.
    The way they presented Lynx in the comic, was different than Sanjay, or Maximillien, Lynx was a continous comrade to Zarya, who had more lines/screen time than other non hero characters so far.
    The way they presented Lynx, makes me feel Lynx will be a character some day.. and I am living for it, Lynx is the character I want to see! But no one ever talks about them.

  13. Maximilien hero ability ideas:
    Ability 1: Blink
    Allows player to travel a short immediately. Once all 3 blinks are used they will come back on cool down one by one.
    Ability 2: Recall
    Allows player to turn back time 3 seconds. All damage that had been taken in that 3 seconds is replenished.
    Ultimate: Pulse Bomb
    Throws small bomb that can be stuck to enemies of surfaces for a maximum of 300 dama-

  14. I coudn't resist coming up with a few abilities for lynx 17 since he is my favorite non-playable character.
    Ability 1: Drone
    Kinda copied it off Ian but ok. Lynx deploys a slow flying drone with 350hp that when left mouse button is pressed shoots a slow moving beam of green energy that increases its damage the longer its in the air. (2s – 30dmg, 4s – 90dmg, 6s – 120dmg) This will allow whoever is playing lynx to make really good callouts for his team.
    Ability 2: Miracle
    Allows lynx to hack a fellow teammate making him or her immune to cc and every other damage dealing thing in the game for 3 seconds. E.g. enemy reins will try charge your teammates but will just pass straight through.
    Ultimate: Mainframe
    Lynx gets an additional 100hp and a 20 metre circle around him. Enemies that are in the circle get 75hp taken off them per second. Lynx gets infinite ammo during the duration of his ult (12 seconds) and his abilities are on shorter cool downs.
    Primary Fire: Energy Pistol
    Shoots green energy orbs that are hitscan, 27dmg per hit, doubles for headshot.
    Secondary Fire: Pace Ball
    Lynx shoots a ball from his Energy Pistol that bounces along the ground (only along the ground). For every bounce it does an additional 10dmg is added. Start damage is 40 the damage can only ramp up 4 times for a maximum of 80dmg.
    Running Speed will be the same as Tracers.
    Passive: Nothing

  15. I really REALLY want Maximilian. We haven't gotten a new ominic in a long time and I hope somehow they make him a tank. I really REALLY don't want Hammond….I really hate Winston (gameplay,not story) so having a similar character to him would just make me go arghhhh

  16. What if Maximilian has his hover chair and has drones and his ultimate is a bigger drone and he pilots it from a stand still it acts like junkrats rip tyer but it has a battery and when u shot or fly faster the battery deplets

  17. Honestly hoping for the Junkertown Queen over here 👌👌 but we already have two Australians rip. We already have weapon ideas for her though, on the poster showing a pic of her she seems to be wielding an axe, and next to her throne on the junkertown map we see some sort of spear and some sort of saw blade. A throwable spear could be pretty cool, and charging into enemy lines with a giant ass axe would be awesome

  18. Ok, so if people get confused over Athena having a voice and character. They shouldn’t be playing a game with a bunch of things to look after. Also next hero has to be female. Just to annoy those that complain about to many females. Then add Emily because gay.

  19. I could see the possibility that Harold Winston survived the whole time and escaped, and it surprises Winston (The Gorilla) to find out about it.
    And that Harold was actually the one who planned the escape for Winston and Hammond, while he stayed behind and was presumed dead.
    That would be an amazing addition to the Overwatch lore. 🙂
    So yeah it could actually be Hammond.

  20. Just saying could totally see lynx as a support hacker that buffs a teammates hero abilities instead of supressing an enemies

  21. What about Recluse, Mirembe, Fusionator, Anbuis, Hakim, Kimiko, Emre and Soundquake?

    Good video though. I enjoyed it

  22. I personally would love to see Soundquake added as the giant red robot from the old concept art. As for the hero I think we need is either a Talon Tank or a Junker Support character or maybe even a character that might give us more background info on either Lúcio or D. Va or maybe even a bit more about Zarya, Hanzo or Symmetra

  23. Most likely a transgender, non binary, diabetic, schizophrenic native american to make sure they hit their pc diversity quota.

  24. I really want a completely new hero, it would be interesting and nice, we also wont know any lore about them and some lore would need to come with them, seeing as how dry the lore is it would be nice to have some lore, and someone that we haven't seen yet.

  25. Hey Ian I found a change on oasis city center the black block that was being analysed is gone and there is now a ruin from petra being

  26. "This character shouldn't be on the battle field"


  27. I believe that hero 28 will be a character that is only been hinted very slightly to none at all because blizzard has a pattern
    Ana: New
    Sombra: Hyped
    Orisa: New
    Doomfist: Hyped
    Moria: New
    Brigette: Hyped
    Hero 28:
    Can you see the pattern now?

  28. Liao is another one who is either coming at Blizzcon or not at all.
    The final founding member of Overwatch, who we've never seen and know almost nothing about, needs a lot more fanfare to his appearance than just 'it's been a few months, here's another hero'.
    If anything, he'll probably debut in an animated short.

  29. hero 28 is going to be the slicer from uprising
    class: support
    weapon: Lazer that does 30 dps you cannot move well firing does extra damage vs omnics
    ability 1: proximity mine- place down a mine that explodes when a enemy gets to close
    ability 2: carry- allows you to pick up a health kit of any size and carry it around to drop for your team when needed
    ultimate: backup- 4 AI controlled null sector bots get dropped in from pods to help fight (pods deal damage if they land on a enemy like dvas call mech)

  30. What If Lynx 17 could be a hero but they have a reprogram ability instead of a hack. Instead of shutting down a device, Lynx 17 could reprogram turrets and shield generators to benefit your team.

  31. In reference to your Maximilian, the type that doesn't seem to fight but to observe, are usually the most dangerous in a fight.

  32. if it's not Maximilian, that it could be junker Queen, jetpack cat, or this really cool official that looks nearly realistic hero that has a pet falcon.

  33. This might be the week we get our first teaser for Hero 28. If we follow the pattern similar to Orisa & Brigitte then there should be a teaser later today or this Thursday. Or the other case, Hero 28 might only get one teaser like Ana & Doomfist who were also released in July.

  34. I hope we get a male character for once. But other than that, I think we need new off tank with high mobility like dva. or if like a main tank with like 1000 hp, and doesn't have a shield.

  35. 10 heros of future in Overwatch
    1 – Athena
    2 – Recluse
    3 – Maximilian
    4 – Jetpack cat
    5 – Mama hong
    6 – Linx 17
    7 – Hammond
    8 – Junker queen
    9 – Psyren
    10 – Antonio

  36. Sven Concept

    Zarya like ray , range 30 meter
    Damage 10 in second
    Quick Melee is abitily
    4 second loading , punches opponent 3 meters back and does 30 damage
    Abitily 1
    Artillery turret
    Turret shoots over obstacles 1 bomb at time. Damage 60 , reload speed 2 second. Fall speed 2 seconds

    Abitily 2
    Guided missle
    Launches missle that has 40 health , does 100 damage , ability cooldown 8 seconds

    Satellite ray
    Deploys satellite bot to anywhere on map , bot goes 20 meters high and in 2 seconds it releases ray that kills everybody in ray ( ray radius , 5 meters ) and when bot is preparing ray , it makes warning signal. Ray lasts 5 seconds

  37. Methinks it is the Junkertown Queen, as her voicelines have been removed from the Junkertown Map, and she's been requested for a while now.

  38. "Hes a casino owner, why would he be in battle?"

    Zenyatta is a monk that teaches people and omnics about life, harmony, and balance, so it makes even less sense for him to me in battle

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