Overwatch NEW HERO 32 Candidates [79 Lore Characters!]
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Overwatch NEW HERO 32 Candidates [79 Lore Characters!]

August 11, 2019

For every Overwatch New Hero release, like
for Overwatch Hero 31 and the upcoming update, the community gets excited about who the next
hero could be. Will Hero 31 and Hero 32 be Mauga, Junkerqueen,
Echo, D.Mon, the Omnic from the Storm Rising cinematic or someone totally different from
the Overwatch Lore, we never really know until the first teasers. But it doesn’t stop us to wish and dream
about it. So to facilitate every Overwatch New Hero
release anticipation, I give you the ultimate New Hero Candidates Tier List! Alex here on Overwatch Limbo, bringing you
a true community experience to learn, improve and grow together as better players. So if you’re new here and want to keep up
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and hitting that bell icon to make sure to be notified of all my future content. Now, about that New Hero Candidates Tier List,
how are they classified? It’s very simple, I looked at 6 defining
factors: Name – Drawing – Lore – 3D Model – Abilities and Confirmed. If a potential hero has 5 out of those 6 criteria
checked then they will go in Rank S. If they have 4 out of 6, Rank A. Etc. All the way down to rank E where I’ll put
some of the early stage development hero concept arts and actually let’s start right away
with those. Blizzard worked on a lot of Hero concepts
prior the beginning of Overwatch development for Project Titan that has been canceled and
the pitch meeting of Project Prometheus that will later become Overwatch. This panel is coming from that meeting. And we can recognise a few of our Overwatch
Heroes like Reaper, Torbjorn, Mercy, Winston, Symmetra, Genji and Tracer. Names and abilities are all mixed up though. To the point that some of the heroes currently
in-game are in this picture under a different name and appearance. So here’s the quick overview of the concept
arts that abilities inspired current heroes. We’ll come back on this panel in the next
tier but first let’s look at this hero line up piece of art. Again, we recognize a few of our heroes with
some of them in their early ideation like Widowmaker down here, Hanzo, with the codename
Huntress there, what could be Doomfist here or, less obvious, Reinhardt here with a design
called Wildebeest and Pharah over here. But some heroes are totally unknown to us. We’ll talk about this two more in depth
later on but right now let’s take a look at these three. Heroes that we never heard anything about. Only this one has been present in another
artwork. This early Overwatch art direction. But Blizzard never cared to tell us who he
is or was and if his concept has been abandoned. Note that a few more heroes appear in the
background of this picture. Most of them seem to be there to fill the
ranks but some people thought they could recognize a few portraits from Winston’s recall animation. Not that it would make any difference, since
they all look very plain and transparent. Much like regular soldiers. Let me add that it’s not because some heroes
of these early concept arts have never been mentioned before in the lore that we will
never get to know them or get them as heroes in the future. Look at Echo. She’s been there since the beginning and
we just learned a bit of her story in the Reunion animated short at the last Blizzcon. So… don’t overlook these candidates, they
could be the next Overwatch hero! Let’s jump to Tier D. And first I wanted
to highlight two Overwatch Heroes, Soundquake and Fusionator, that are only mentioned in
the Cinematic Trailer by Timmy. Then, let’s go back to the Prometheus meeting
panel and let’s look at all the heroes that have no resemblance both in look and in terms
of abilities to any known hero. There’s some interesting stuff here and
that makes us wish Blizzard could release more heroes par year. But there’s one that Jeff Kaplan have talked
about a few times and it is Mama Hong. He even said this about her… “I would say next to Hammond, Mama Hong
is the second most controversial hero on the Overwatch Team. There are different camps of whether or no
t Mama Hong should be a hero. I’m very much in the pro Mama Hong.” Which of course tend to push the idea that
Mama Hong is a strong new hero candidate. Even though we know pretty much nothing about
her except for a possible ability named Manslaughter. In this panel, we also have a few heroes that
have been recognised in other artworks. McCloud for example, whose inspiration comes
from the late 20th century franchise Highlander and its punch line “There can be only one”
appears to be depicted in a painting of King’s row. Phreak that reminds a bit, because of his
posture and trashy look, Junkrat can also be seen in the Cinematic Trailer here and
the word Phreak is even written on this guy’s jacket. And Helio is also one of the portrait in Winston’s
database during the recall and an obvious hint that Keanu Reeves will eventually join
Overwatch. Finally, it’s worth mentioning two other
very intriguing characters. The first one is Sojiro Shimada, Genji’s
and Hanzo’s father who is supposedly dead. But who knows, he wouldn’t be the first
one to come back from the other side and it would fit into Sombra’s Conspiracy wall
missing portrait near the Shimada’s crest and explain who this guy is calling when attacked
by Hanzo. The second one is as enigmatic as Sojiro since
we don’t even have a name for him, just a few representations. The community calls him the Mohawk guy: an
early Overwatch member that joined Talon along with Reaper and Moira. The only thing that has been confirmed by
the devs though is that he’s not Liao, one of the six founding members of Overwatch. Alright, let’s move to Tier C. And come
back to this guy. The Pompadour Yakuza. The only thing that we know about him is that
he doesn’t despise omnics. Quite the opposite. Pretty thin isn’t it? But the guy is still quite popular among the
fans. Might be the reason why he got himself a lego
version… Anyway, next up is Leonora Botruvio. She’s an omnic artist and you know her work
pretty well because all of the art pieces in Rialto’s first attacking spawn room are
hers! How could an artist become a hero, you might
ask? Well, if a hamster can turn into a war machine,
I can’t see why an artist or an accountant couldn’t… In fact, the Overwatch community is so eager
to catch on any possible teaser people even thought at one point that Emre Sarioglu could
be a new hero. But he’s only been mentioned once in this
tweet from PlayOverwatch and all we know is that he’s a Turkish soldier, member of Overwatch,
and that he participated to Operation White Dome in Istanbul alongside Ana, Torb and Rein. That’s it! Way less than what we know about Abdul Hakim,
another character without a face that has been talked about in Bastet’s short story
and Ana’s Old Soldiers comic. Hakim is the typical crime lord who profits
from people’s misery and has ties with Talon. He tried to catch the guardian angel of the
Egyptian people who was sabotaging Talon’s operations but failed even with Reaper’s
help and eventually got caught by Ana. This pitch should remind you of Baptiste short
story, What you left Behind, where Baptiste gets to save the people of Haiti from the
unscrupulous ex Overwatch informant now tied with Talon, Vernand Sainclair. Another name thrown into the mix that could
reappear in Overwatch story later on. But become a hero? I mean he’s not that less of a candidate
that the very anticipated Dr. Chao. A character that has references on the Lijiang
Tower map as the CEO of Lucheng Interstellar. We know that Dr. Chao spent some time on the
Horizon Lunar Colony with Dr. Harold Winston and that he or she came back crippled. But the mystery remains concerning their appearance,
gender and ties with the Overwatch Team. And you know how much unique looks are strong
incentives to stimulate the community’s imagination. Take for example the omnic from the storm
rising ending cinematic. In a few seconds, he became the number one
candidate to be Hero 31. Even though the only thing we know about him
is that he looks cool and that he fights for a cause. Alright before digging deeper into the hero
candidates tier list and talking about the most well known characters of the Overwatch
lore, let me remind you that all these characters can eventually become Hero 31, or Hero 32
or any new hero that will be added to Overwatch. It doesn’t matter how much information we
have on them, Blizzard could keep them in the dark until their release. But I’m really curious to know who’s your
favourite hero, so stick until the end where I summaries all the heroes of this list in
one big chart and leave a comment down below to tell me which one is your favorite and
why do you think he, she or it could become a great hero. Also if you enjoyed the video so far, make
sure to hit that like button and share it with your friends to help me grow this channel
into a true community asset! Back to the list and tier B. And here we have
a lot of characters that don’t seem very suited to be heroes, but since we know their
name, a bit of lore and we saw them in comics a few times. they’ve be mentioned here and there whenever
Overwatch is supposed to get a new hero. There is also at least two characters that
have been represented in animated shorts that could also potentially become heroes, even
though it seems unlikely. First is Dae Hyun, D.Va’s friend in Shooting
Star. And the second is Balderich von Adler, Reinhardt’s
mentor and Crusaders captain, who falls on the battlefield of Eichenwalde in Honor and
Glory. His armour and body rest on the throne of
the Eichenwalde map last point. But what if Talon retrieves the remains in
secret and somehow reanimates the old soldier and transforms him in a whole new thing? A creature, a machine, something that will
serve Talon and be the first of a new generation of dark crusaders, in other words the Talon
tank we all wished for! So much trouble to get what we desire, huh? At this point, it would be easier for Talon
to steal the whole Meka squad and paint it in black, don’t you think? D.Va’s partners always been strong candidates
to become new heroes after all. Seeing especially in D.mon and her meka, Beast,
an opportunity to get a tank that is even bigger than Reinhardt. Talking about giant robots, there’s another
person who could pilot a huge armour of metal in the Overwatch lore and that’s Sven, Torbjorn’s
old friend who started destroying Boklovo, the capital of Kurjikstan, before getting
stopped by the the old Overwatch hero. But to be honest, no need for an armed Titan
to destroy a city, Recluse seems to be able to do that all by herself. She was represented in all the hero lineup
artworks before disappearing from the Overwatch initial casting. What happened to her? Her mouth beam ability has even been represented
on this picture along with what seem to be the summoning of mechanical minions. Is it too much for Overwatch to handle? What’s obvious though is that three Overwatch
soldiers that we know a bit about are nothing special in terms of appearance compared to
Recluse. And that’s Kimiko, Mirembe and Singh. They look more like cannon folder and sacrificial
lambs for upcoming PvE missions than actual playable heroes at the moment. Which doesn’t mean they can’t get an upgrade
like we’ll see with Sojourn in the next Tier. On the other hand, someone like Liao seem
way more appealing. Ok, we don’t know for sure if that woman
is Liao. But Liao has been said to be one of the six
founding members of Overwatch and this woman was the sixth character represented on the
cover of the canceled 100 pages graphic novel named First Strike, that was supposed to tell
the story of the formation of the Overwatch strike team. So Liao must have been in it, right? Anyway, enough with the good guys, the lore
has also a few villains that could fit nicely into the game. One is obviously Nguyen, the Talon Analyst
that we saw in action in Baptiste short story. Another one is Lynx Seventeen, the omnic hacker
that helped Zarya track Sombra. And the last one is Sanjay Korpal. A pitiless Vishkar Corporation official that
is secretly in league with Talon. All seem to have the background and the personality
to join Overwatch’s cast. But none got the hype that had Jetpack Cat. A hype that Jeff Kaplan, failed to shut down,
alimenting rumours with his declarations more than anything. In fact, since Brigitte’s origin story release,
Jetpack Cat is one of the most anticipated heroes and until it joins the fray, it will
remain a mandatory candidate to all new hero releases. And comes Tier A, with characters that we
know a lot about and we’ve seen pretty clearly. Three of those are actually far from being
fighters, at least, that’s the vibe we get from their appearance on screen. Indeed, Dr. Harold Winston, Maximilian and
Katya Volskaya don’t seem to ever have seen a battle before. But let’s be honest, Mercy would also give
that impression in a civilian outfit. The Talon leader Antonio on the other hand
looks like a warrior. Even though he doesn’t defend himself from
Blackwatch’s attack, his body type, personality and position in Talon support that idea. Is he really dead? Or will he come back in another form like
Reyes did? Plus this guy on those two posters could well
be him. Another mystery hero… But that would be the last one. All the heroes remaining have been clearly
introduced and even confirmed as future playable characters. Take Sojourn for example. We didn’t know her name until the last Archives
Event and the first teaser of the event, but the Overwatch captain in charge of the Storm
Rising mission, have been seen before in Winston’s Recall and a few artworks. She’s a good example of how much a character
can evolve from their initial flat look to something more visually attractive. Now, with her voice actor already chosen and
the confirmation from Jeff Kaplan that she will be a hero in the future, the community
is wondering what kind of hero will she be and when will she be joining Overwatch cast
since she won’t be Hero 31. The same questions could be asked about the
Queen of Junkertown, also called Junkerqueen. Jeff pretty much confirmed that she will be
a hero at some point and she’s definitely one of the community’s favourite since her
character’s introduction in August 2017 and since we learned through this twitch clip
that she is, exactly like Wrecking Ball, a former Gladiatorial Mech Champion! Which brings us to the top Tier of this list. And there’s two hero that we haven’t talked
about yet that are probably the most logical candidates for Hero 31 and Hero 32 positions
right now. The first one is Mauga. Baptiste’s old Talon partner that everyone’s
been talking about in the last few weeks. I made a video explaining why I don’t think
he will be Hero 31. It’s right here and in the description below,
so go check that out if you’re interested in my explanation. But maybe, Hero 31 has already been teased
or even been released when you watch this video so you might be more interested in who
Hero 32 or Hero 33 will be. Well, in that case, I believe Mauga is definitely
hero material. We know a lot about his personality, his look,
his affiliation and even his abilities. So he’s without any doubt a character we’ll
see again in the future. And Jeff Kaplan actually confirmed that. The last hero we need to mention is Echo. This mysterious figure of graceful design
immediately charmed the audience. What is this… thing capable of? And why is it so important to Overwatch? Well, we’ll know all about it sooner or
later since the devs confirmed that Echo will be a hero, even though Jeff Kaplan said it
won’t be hero 31. Her original concept art is named Iris and
highlights abilities that then have been be attributed to Lucio and Zarya. So We don’t really know anything about her
skill set. But her previous codename could be a reference
to the Iris, a key element of the Shambali faith shared by the late Mondatta and Zenyatta. In fact they believe that all beings ascend
through the Iris to a higher state of being. Could it be…? Anyway, the community is very excited about
Echo’s role in the Overwatch story and its powers as a hero. It shouldn’t be long before we get to know
more about it. So, have you made your choice yet? Which one of those characters is your favorite
hero? Vote for your preferred next hero candidate
in the poll up here and tell me which ones are your favorite characters and why in the
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remember losties: lose SR, not your mind!

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