Overwatch Pro Tip –  Mercy Super Jump Tutorial | Meta Bellum Hyeonu Advanced Support Gameplay Guide
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Overwatch Pro Tip – Mercy Super Jump Tutorial | Meta Bellum Hyeonu Advanced Support Gameplay Guide

August 31, 2019

Hello, my name is Hyeonu, a Professional
OverWatch Support for Meta Bellum. In this video, I would like to
show you how you can use Mercy’s new mechanics. Using shift and then space to move
is the basic movement mechanic on Mercy. This is an easy way to accelerate
to different targets. But, Mercy can perform a “Super Jump” using these movements, an advanced technique I will explain in this video tutorial and how this can be applied throughout the various maps. This is how I leave my settings
on Mercy This “Guardian Angel Prefers
Beam Target” option must be toggled ON in order to perform the Mercy Super Jump. Make sure your settings are set
correctly. Here are the steps to using Mercy’s
acceleration to perform the “Super Jump” First, using these static level
objects/obstacles with edges or ledges, you can pull off the move like
so 1. Healing Beam on target while behind object. 2. Guardian angel to target. 3. The moment Mercy collides with the object, press space to jump. 4. Hold space to keep flying. Think of it as performing “Edge
Boosting” Let’s say you wanted to go higher. [01:32:09] You can Super Jump off of these
edges on various objects. [01:36:08] Using these edges will let you
fly further. [01:41:10] or higher (Don’t press forward
to S.Jump straight up) [01:43:10] you can fly up using this method. [01:48:11] If you want to go far and reach
high spots (like over there) [01:52:08]The timing is very important (but
idea is the same) [01:55:13] When you hit the little ledge on
this object (the blue crate), [01:58:50] you can reach all the way up there
using the Super Jump. [02:04:02] (Usually) you can reach all the
way up there. [02:09:29] Let me try again… [02:15:22] …
[02:20:12] Just like in Horizon control point A
[02:23:07] if your ally is around this spot [02:26:06] there is a way to go up there. [02:31:59] Most likely your ally will be there
for you to G.A to. [02:34:29] but when you want to reach the
high areas by yourself, [02:38:32] you can do the following. [02:41:23] When you have the Healing Beam
connected [02:44:21] use the ledge to perform the Super
Jump. [02:49:18] You can move and jump just like
this. [02:52:06] When you are (positioned near the
wall) [02:54:07] that is when you can Super Jump
up. [02:56:37] when you’re positioned near the
wall [02:58:59] there is this feeling
[02:59:57] where you can hang onto something. [03:02:31] Once you feel that moment, press
space (jump) [03:04:39] and then you will be able to jump
up to that spot. [03:05:40] and then you can get up there. [03:12:31] At Eichenwalde point B,
[03:14:44] during skirmishes around this spot, [03:17:19] there are places where you can
use the Super Jump. [03:19:57] As you can see here, there are
ledges where you can fall off. [03:23:26] These ledges can be used
[03:26:44] to go back and forth helping you dodge skill shots from your opponents. [03:32:53] Eichenwalde has a good spot for
dodging skills. [03:37:26] I’ll show you what I mean. [03:39:26] What you need to do is,
[03:41:05] as you fall from this ledge, [03:44:02] you can slide up the wall and perform
the Super Jump at the peak. [03:46:09] You can go back and forth while
looking down [03:48:54] and heal at the payload. [03:51:38] When you feel it’s dangerous
use the ledge to Super Jump [03:54:31] using the ledge like this
[03:57:01] and you can fall back like this. [04:04:19] When you do this method
[04:06:25] while they are attacking, the Aggro will not be on you. [04:21:16] Even here in Eichenwalde
[04:24:07] when you want to reach spots like there to heal your teammates from above,
[04:26:37] then using the help of your teammates, [04:29:07] you can reach the top of this object
and then begin to heal. [04:35:25] It’s very easy right? [04:37:55] you can also move here and heal
from this location. [04:48:21] On King’s Road point A
[04:50:17] when you are positioned on the ground floor
[04:52:10] and would like to go up to the top,
[04:54:40] you can do so by healing your ally. [04:57:10] With the Healing Beam active on
your ally, [04:59:40] use the adjacent wall to perform
the Super Jump off of. [05:02:52] I’ll explain the steps. [05:06:14] When you are pressing against the
wall (with the Healing Beam active), [05:08:44] press jump as you Guardian Angel
to your ally. [05:11:14] You will ride the wall as you Super
Jump to reach the high area. [05:15:32] This is an example of applying
the Super Jump in maps without objects to boost off of. [05:20:12] Just as well in King’s Road point
C, [05:23:57] using ledges like this,
[05:25:24] you can reach high areas like over there. [05:29:15] you can do it like this. [05:31:20] uh… [05:34:04] (Same application as Super Jumping
off an edge of a box, but during mid-Guardian Angel)
[05:38:50] and from here you can heal. [05:40:41] And if you pull agro from the enemy,
[05:43:19] you can fall down and Super Jump back up again
[05:45:35] and resume healing. [05:52:19] At Numbani control point A,
[05:54:14] when you want to go up over there, [05:56:41] and you only have an ally on the
ground level, [05:59:40] you can use the ledge of the payload
[06:01:47] to Super Jump to the high ground. [06:09:43] In Anubis control point B,
[06:11:50] it is very dangerous for Mercy to eon the ground during skirmishes. [06:15:49] When you’re in this position,
[06:17:46] I will show you how to get up onto the second floor
[06:20:16] without using Guardian Jumping on an ally on the high ground. [06:24:04] For example, during a skirmish
when an ally is on the ground level, [06:26:34] you can use that ally and a nearby
ledge to perform the Super Jump to safety. [06:29:17] Hey, Hoon
[06:30:51] hurry up and get over there now! [06:34:04] Now,
[06:35:30] using a different method [06:37:16] through your teammate,
[06:41:09] you can Super Jump off the ledge and get on to the higher ground. [06:44:20] Like this. [06:47:03] If you practice the timing of the
jump, [06:49:33] you will be able to reach places
like these [06:52:03] on your own and heal from any spot.

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  1. You don't need the option to on or even an "obstacle". You just need your target to be slightly above you. Si just have them jump when you are relatively near them and you will fly up instead of just forwards.

  2. There are actually some tricks in the video that I've never known before when playing Mercy such as the ledge boosting one, Thank you for this great vid!

  3. kids are mad bc it’s a mercy tutorial and they don’t want to read the subtitles. I️ love this vid and it was truly helpful!

  4. Wonderful tutorial! I managed to do this on accident sometimes and never figured out how to do it properly, so this really helps 😀 Thank you!

  5. This is really useful! I’ve been struggling to figure out how to do it and this made me understand:,) ty

    Also u all prob already know this but my lame ass just figured it out. Since I usually die 5+ times (i suck) and doing this actually helped me a ton is even if ur ally dies, I would still fly to them even if I couldn’t revive them just so I could stay awhile and keep flying everywhere and never staying in one spot just so they won’t be able to catch me

    I did this one when 4 of my teammates were down and I was healing reaper against 4 enemies. He did his alt and he killed them all. Lmao u all mercy mains prob use to this but I just started as a mercy main so that was new for me and I felt so proud of myself because I got the mercy cute spray (where u have to revive 6 of ur teammates without dying) without the revive being a ultimate so yeah.. I’m extremely proud ahaha…

    But I would appreciate if u all could maybe share ur tricks with me? :,)

  6. Really good info! I don't know why more people don't appreciate this. Super Jumps are ESSENTIAL for me when I play Mercy!

  7. I sort of discovered super by myself but i'm glad to see thsi video. Seeing this video makes me feel like this should be a Mercy ability that would enable her to do these super jump without the use of the environment but with a 6 second cool down, just saying.

  8. HOLY SHIT1!! i came upon this by accident and i thought it was a glitch coz i could never recreate it properly, i shifted jumped and ducked but must have hit something that made me fly up like that

  9. In correct. GA prefers beam target is NOT needed for this to work. I've done it and I've always kept that feature off.

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