Overwrite Images on Social Media from WordPress
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Overwrite Images on Social Media from WordPress

August 10, 2019

– Hey you guys, if you are using WordPress and you’re trying to advertise your posts or your pages on social media, and maybe that featured image
isn’t coming over correctly. I’ve got a really cool
way that’s a workaround using a free plugin that you probably already have active or should have active on your WordPress website, let’s take a look at it right now. (upbeat chime instrumental) Hey you guys, I’m Kori Ashton. Thanks for tuning in today. Every single Wednesday
I’m creating a video just like this to help you
improve your online marketing so be sure to subscribe. And Pressable’s one of our sponsors that makes this video happen. So if you’re looking for
a great hosting company that can help you with
your WordPress support, as well as hosting, be
sure to reach out to them and let them know that Kori
Ashton sent you their way. I’ll put the link to
them in the thread below so you can check them out. Okay, so you’re probably
already using Yoast on your website for SEO, if you’re not, I highly recommend it, and I’ll put links to that in
the description below as well. So you can go check out that plugin. It’s a great plugin, a great resource to help you with search
engine optimization, but it also has this really
cool little back door area that I wanna show you right now. Let’s take a look. So Yoast is what I’m talking about. So it’s like toast but with a Y. Yoast is the free plugin that
I want you to have installed and when you do have that installed you can come into your dashboard, you’ll have a section, it’ll
be here on the left side that is for SEO, that
is for the Yoast plugin. Inside of here, there’s a
little area called Social. So I’m gonna click on that and just show you something
for a second, okay, let me show you an example of exactly what I’ve been trying to do to be sure that this is what you
are trying to accomplish. So I’ve got this blog
article in the front side of my website, and it
has some picture in it, I also have a featured picture, featured image assigned to it. So let’s say I take this URL right here and I go over to my Facebook page, or any social media
for that matter, right. And I come in here and I click the link, I drop in the link, right, and I wanna add something, it’s gonna build out that preview for me, so if my theme was built correctly, I want you to wrap your head around this, if your theme was built
correctly with open graph, it should have gone over
and be able to find an image inside of that blog article and rendered that image here beautifully. If it is not doing that correctly, you might have something
disabled inside your website, or perhaps your theme author just wasn’t generous enough to do this for you. Well again, there’s a workaround to it. So if it’s not pulling the correct image or if it’s not pulling it
correct or it’s distorting it, you can go into this social area, and you can come in
here and actually set in a default picture for Facebook, I actually put this picture in here. So if my blog article
doesn’t have an image in it or if I didn’t set a featured image in it, this picture would actually render so it’s still advertising my brand, right, it’s kind of a default or
generic option inside of there. But you can do that for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google Plus. Now these four Twitter,
Pinterest, and Google Plus, are allowing you to use different
types of settings specific to those social networks
for their metatags, it’s super cool. But Facebook specifically I’m able to come in
here and upload an image that I would want to use for default. But here’s the thing, if this is clicked to disabled, it won’t read it correctly. So be certain that these are
all enabled across the board for all of these to be
advanced and help you, and you wanna fill out
these profiles as well to just allow Yoast to go
ahead and connect your website easily and quickly inside
of these social networks, kind of cool, huh? So now every time you
go over to make a post it should pull the correct
image inside of your article, and if you’ve forgotten one or if your article didn’t need one, it’ll pull that default
image that you set there. Now that was kind of for the overall generic part of your website, right, but what if you wanted to
override it page to page, post to post, specifically on your pages, you can do that as well. That’s what makes this so powerful. So I’ll give you another quick example. Join Kori Live here, this is for my webinar page, and I do have a lot of little
pictures that live on here, but I want a picture
that’s gonna be really cool and can work really well on social media. So look at this example. This is that URL right here, but it’s pulling up a really weird picture inside of Twitter, as I was talking about getting ready to do another webinar with Rebecca Gill, well we weren’t talking about
WordPress translation plugins, we were talking about SEO. So this picture is not relevant at all. So what you’ll wanna do is
go into your media library, upload a picture that works best for you, I kind of just took a screen
shot of the whole page. I’ve got that URL now, you’re gonna go back and
edit the actual page. This is my early bird page. Inside of each page is a Yoast area. You’re gonna click on
this little social area and right here, here’s my tab for Facebook you have another tab for
Twitter if you wanted. I’m gonna go to Facebook,
paste it in there, there’s my picture. You can add in a custom
Facebook description, a custom Facebook title, it even gets really cool
if you wanna address your Facebook followers on here. So really cool here, and of course, if you wanna add it in
there for Twitter as well, you would do that so that
the next time somebody tweets out this URL or
posts this URL on Facebook, now the correct, correlating
picture will show up and it won’t look weird
as you’re advertising this on all social media. I hope this helps you, hang on one second though before you go, I just wanna let you
know this isn’t instant, so if you go plug this
in right now and click and then you run back over and check, it might take a little while, caching on your website
might take a little bit. So I would say enable everything, and maybe give it a day or two to test it and see if it works correctly. Pretty cool huh you guys. I use it all the time on
all of our websites here at WebTegrity, and we also
use it on askKori.com, it’s a great resource, and if you’d like to
learn more about Yoast, I have an entire playlist for that plugin that helps you understand keywords, the readability tab, all
sorts of cool features inside of that Yoast plugin. I’ve got a whole playlist, I’ll put the link to that
in the description below. Be sure to subscribe because every week I’m creating content just like this to help you improve your online marketing. I’ll see you next time, bye everyone. (instrumental jingle) (chime bell)

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  1. Would you teach how to add a timer on a menu or sub menu? I’ve seen a few sites doing that across the years but never figured out how they do it! Even css hero have it.

  2. Trying to share my blog's page url on Facebook page. This page is dedicated to the service i provide and it has also few images. The image which Facebook page is previewing is cutting in half..What to do now?

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