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  1. Я аплодирую смекалке и знаниям ребят инжинерам сего чуда!

  2. Это самодельный пейнтбольный блок, или готовый какой поставили?
    Какие параметры сборки дрона?

  3. Тактика применения неправильная. Надо спуститься на высоту метра от земли, и стрелять с поворотом, чтобы скашивать очередью. И нужен второй дрон, с дулом направленным вниз, на случай если кто заляжет. Также полезно добавить лазерный целеуказатель. Можно из двух лазерных указок, которые проецируют линии. Чтобы получилось перекрестие. Ночью будет хорошо видно.

  4. С таким только на беззащитных охотится у которых оружия нету!

  5. Вместе с этой штукой ( можно уже и армию работов делать!!!

  6. на кикстартер проект отправь махом спонсора найдешь на разработку свой-4ужой

  7. do u have an equipment list of what's onboard??? this would be amazing for riot control situations!!! fill it with some OC type paintballs.

  8. I love that new game guys. That is awesome innovation and creativity, as a good literal exercise program to push yourself to out run the paint balls as pain, and me included being a runner too, lol lmoa, as I see myself being the controller of the drone aswell, as a pass off system, and when the liberals get pissed off at me, as liberals the pain that is in my exercise program for being an idiot with there own mouth from my own Daredeviling games of painful fun revealing lies on liberals, as literals can play this game for getting to get the truth out of the liberal lier, lol, as seeing what people are made of literally, as I have been shot up close range paintballed several times in life with contusions everywhere, lol, as my own games of pain, and death go for fun with flight human evolution activities seeing how much pain an individual can take literally before exiting to God in there own minds, as I literally fly all 3 ways, as on water, land, and airplane exits at 15kft to protect myself all the way around, as a Daredevil I am literally here speaking after all my pain in my own life I out lived?????‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️??. Again awesome job guys for entertaining me literally here making me laugh, and giving me some of my own ideas with it aswell that are non harmful painful type fun activities for good modivation!!!?????‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️??? this video to me is freakin hilarious in a very very good way, and you all lived, as you are my literal people here having insane painful fun???❤❤❤???, meaning I love your video guys, and keep up the the good awesome literal action activities that are trully fun okay?????‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️???!!! "Yah" Bless

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