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  1. That play with the knife to a gun fight turn was excellent! This looks like such a fun game. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Yeeeah, making a paramedic game competitive was not the best of ideas. "Hmm, which one of those patients is my opponent least prepared to handle and thus is likeliest to die? That's the one they receive."

  3. It's sort of cooperative but not isn't it, as you seemed to always take the best patients, thus leaving the other player with harder ones. That aside this looks really great. It's been on my wants list for awhile now and you cemented it. Thanks Richard and Jen!

  4. I Just like how the timer makes you nervous and speed up the game when you have to take quick choices whenever you regret a few seconds later for this is much more hilarious and close to life action . i wish there were much more artwork in this game , still a very solid and good game , nice gameplay, still the sound was pretty problematic because of the echo , i would advise to clean it 🙂

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