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Paramedics: Clear! Gameplay Runthrough

August 18, 2019

hey everybody today rahdo runs through paramedics cleaner which is a new competitive game where players take on the role of paramedics trying to save as many lives as possible in the back of their ambulance before time runs out and I’ll be doing a two-player run-through today although before you go on I strongly recommend you turn your subtitles on to the Klingon channel so that when I make rules groups you’ll know what they are and otherwise welcome to the ambulance folks and welcome hi honey why are you wearing my emergency red shirt aha I’m also in completely also wearing a red shirt right we are here we each have our own ambulance I am rescue 53 jen is rescue 47 very catchy those are our call sides and we’ve got a deck full of patients here and we’re gonna try and save as many lives as possible so to set up we’ve each got our starting that we have all these different I want to call ingredients but their supplies cast bandages medicine oxygen syringes and the blood now from left to right or the right to left these are easier and harder for us to provide casts and bandages and medicine they’re all pretty easy we just need a single card although Jen I have different values of the cards green cards for me it can be medicine whereas Jim needs yellow cards to make medicine these ones over here they’re tougher IV two blues Jen needs to oranges to make blood I need to purples Jenna needs two greens to make syringes and so on now we need to be able to use the cards we have in our hand as fast as possible in real time because we’re going to be having patients who have certain medical needs this decompression sickness person needs a syringe oxygen and a cast and while the timer’s running down I am trying to use my hand of cards here to convert these potential supplies into real supplies to save them although in Stingley I might not have all the cards I need to be able to get the syringe the oxygen and the cast but provided I can provide even one like say do I have an IV I have a red card I could spend this red card to make a cast and I just basically discard this too if as long as I just mean one of their needs I can then tap them to indicate that they have been sustained which means I don’t have to worry about them for the rest of the round and what next round when I draw more cards hopefully I’ll get the rest of what I need to get this guy to the hospital so I can score two points because if I run out of time and I can’t sustain them you know before time runs out then instead they go to the morgue and I will lose points okay very sad thing so anyway Jen is already giving us our starting hand of five cards right I’ve already told show me what I’ve got although I’m sure she’s already forgotten also each of us takes two patients and we are supposed to choose one to go into our main bure me and one to go into our opponents back up Kermie this is a really interesting interactive element of the game I’m responsible for keeping my main gurney full and Jen’s backup gurney so one of these patients my accidental overdose and my hypothermia I’m gonna give to myself and the other one I’m gonna give to Jim Jim is already chosen and here’s the thing I don’t know what this is when the timer starts I’ll get to flip this and find out what this person needs for medical attention but in the meantime I should pick so Excel overdose should be worth two points for me whereas hypothermia be worth three but that’s because it’s gonna be harder to pull off where’s the accidental overdose is easier now of course I Jen’s not gonna know which one of these she gets but I’m not telling her what she needs because there’s another element to setup we have to do I know what my starting hand of cards is I know what one of my two patients are going to be and before we start each of us gets to put one supply in our medical cabinet of our choosing now it generally makes the most sense that you do a rare one that’s hard to make um yeah or maybe that you can’t make let’s see anyway so I need to think about right yeah based on the two people I’ve got um I think I’m gonna go ahead and have a syringe if they’re ready and now do I want another syringe because I can see there’s a purple here in addition to the cards that are in my hand there’s a general supply of cards and what you can do is during the real-time portion you can give up any one of your cards to take anyone from the supply you’ll also notice there happens to be a wild card here in the supply which which is why I’m very proud of a card but to get that I would have to put two of my cards to be able to pull that wild so sorry if I need another syringe I could give up three of my cards one to get this purple two to get the wild and then I’d have the two purple I need for a second series if I want it another answer or if I didn’t feel like I do I just give myself a second syringe or I’m gonna give myself some blood because there’s no blue out here and what I think I’m gonna give myself some oxygen instead yeah that’s what I’m gonna get myself so Jen I Jen chose the serene smile we both chose a syringe of some oxygen and now based on that I will go on ahead and take this so I have an accidental overdose and Jen has something and Jim has decided okay so there was a helicopter crash this person needs a lot of stuff this other person needs some i we both have needs we’ve set our set aside or arms our patients have needs got our cards and we are about to fire up the app now you do not need to download this app to play the game instead you can just use an egg timer or anything really the game takes place and at the in the first of three shifts we have 60 seconds one minute to save as many people as possible with our hand five cards plus swapping cards in and out and stuff like that oh another thing by the way another element if if I am desperate for an orange card and I don’t have one in my hand and there isn’t one out here and I can’t afford to get this wild card if I think Jim has an orange card I can pick any two parts from my hand show them what’s basically everybody at the table and say I’m even Orange anybody has an orange they can give me the orange and I have to give them two cards so that could really give them a leg up on their turn if particularly if they don’t need that orange all right do I see you doing the in order to see I need oranges for bandages or forecasts and I need it for oxygen before I already set aside an option so in this orange scenario that’s not wrong buddy that’s well the main stuff you can do with your cards convert them into supplies to treat your people also you can make supplies and store them for later the via the game we have two medical cabinets all even if I don’t need blood if I get two blues I might want to make the blood because I’ll need it eventually the other use for heart besides swapping with players of the supply is you can start upgrading your ambulance if you start putting cards of the same color here once you pick a color all the subsequent parts have to be the same color you can a level up it would cost two cards in the upgrade to get a third and a fourth medical caps you can store more supplies as needed also each one of these is worth pointing into the game if you save up four cards of the same color you can get the medivac which lets you instantly save anybody you know and just get them to hospitals score the points whether you sustain them or not but then this is gone and then you got to get another one at the end of the game if you still got this it’s worth 2 points if you can get up to 5 cards in the upgrade slot you permanently increase your hand size from 5 to 6 and that’s a pretty big deal too so there’s a long stuff you can do with these cards and not much time to do an an honey-pie the rules say whoever was most recently injured goes first so Jim is gonna be up first are you ready all you’re doing yes I have not I’ve know anyone doing but since you’re going first I’ll figure it out while I’m waiting all right next push that whatever okay [Music] risky 47:10 for good so what do you don’t tell she’s a real hero I’ve got some type of 30 and a helicopter crash so fortunately I do have enough stuff that I can sustain both of these guys and not worry too much about it and then I can think about what to do next so I’ve got blues this guy needs a band-aid so I’m going to go ahead and pay blue to stick that in my med cabinet so I know I am ready for next turn and this guy wants a cast and that’s also blue so I’ll go ahead and stick a cast in my medical cabinet so I know I’m okay for next time she could apply these right now but if she she has guaranteed sustainability next time thanks she still got three cards for swapping she could get this wild card now would you start working on enough dirty purples so I’m going to go ahead and upgrade and give another medicine cabinet she’s gonna swap that to get a third to start we’re gonna figure out great but she got ten seconds left on the clock clear all right and then I push Kevin he goes right the pressure is always up I have to go immediately once he’s done as soon as you press the star rescue 53 responding we’re always supposed to say our catchphrase when we start first of all all right I’m gonna use this syringe to sustain my overdose victim and Jen gave me a somebody who has spilled it oh dear all right oh I need a lot of blood fortunately I have two blues I will use those blues to make blood rather than I’ll just going ahead and immediately sustain that person cue okay I can breathe a sigh of relief now I’m gonna go on ahead and start working on upgrades there’s two greens I’m going to take this red and swap it out for a green now I’ve got three if I can get one more I could instantly rescue anybody I’m done my hand is empty clear you have to say clear and honey here you’re up yeah now during this five seconds I can read if I’m in a mess I can clean things up for gem rescue 47 dead bar okay I’m gonna go ahead and sustain these people immediately so that is good while Jim is going on refilling my hand and getting my people ready for my turn to put some loans over in my medical cabinet so I will be ready for next turn I’m also thinking about what I’m gonna do I know I’ve got this for this guy next turn I know I’m not gonna need a syringe for next turn there’s I lived on the green at some point got that I’m gonna need blue or red so I will go ahead and swap this out for a red right now and pay it so I can get another cast in my medicine cabinet so this guy’s gonna be done next turn this guy still needs a syringe I don’t have enough for that so I’m gonna go ahead and start building up you can always trade what you need okay all right so I’m up and I was paying too much attention to her I should be pay attention myself all right rescue 53 responding first of all here’s my other green I could now get this or I could say about four or five we’re going to use this oxygen to sustain my overdose victim and now I need to do something for this guy I’ve got an orange I’ll choose a single orange to make a cast this person is now sustained and now I can breathe easy now I can end whatever I want and there’s an interesting thing if I let time completely run out without me stopping the timer and saying clear one of my people automatically dies even if they were sustained so anyone I should I’m talking you actually think about what else I want to do if I just have a single green although I’ve spent all my greens over there to get this this could be pretty dangerous you know I think I’m gonna do is I want that wild it’s been sitting there for a while I’m gonna give up a red and in orange to get this wild and now there are too many things here in the supply when I say stop and it’s Jeff’s turn I have to clean up for her and eliminate one of these from the supply because it began to play stirring that should only be fine now I’m running out of time I’m not gonna play any more clear I made it nobody died and now it’s Jens turn she’s got a little bit I’m gonna get rid of one of these Red’s because I know Jen likes Reds first 47:10 for right now I start refilling my game okay so fortunately he left me my purple that I desperately Oh so I’ve got a red and a purple Oh which gives me lungs but I’m not ready yet because I have I have to save somebody before I get more lungs hold on hold on I’ll go ahead and save this guy if you must yeah he’s done he’s been saved he goes over here this guy is sustained but I immediately have to draw two cards put somebody on my main gurney so just looking at these whoa what do I have still in my hand they have ribs 28 seconds see neither one of them need lungs let’s see then I’m gonna need the purple and so I’m gonna go ahead and take I’m gonna take the board game injury and this just goes away because he doesn’t have if I had clear this out Jenna put the other one in my ambulance but I haven’t rescued anybody yet okay so I’m gonna go ahead and spend this purple to put bandage on this person so that he’s sorted that’s closely people all right so I’m oh and I need a sister all ready to go I’ve got a real catch-22 here I’ve got one green this gives me up but I need green to get the medicine for this guy honey pie yes do you have any greens I would give you these four greens all right oh this kills me she’s making me use my wild card I’m using that as a green over there I’m using this green too this person’s not sustaining they’re finished all right and now that means I got to draw two more and I’m gonna pause for a second just to explain this you can always pause if you need to explain or the doorbell rings or what have you um I’ve got to choose one of these now first of all I know since Jen has not cured the person in her back up gurney whenever you cure whoever’s in your main gurney you have to immediately draw to and refill the backup gurney doesn’t automatically refill them and jen has not taken care of this hypothermia patient very cold so I got to this is a critical patient you can tell because they’re all red a critical patient cannot be sustained so if I take this critical patient I must cure them this turn or they will instantly die now as it happens this person just needs a syringe I’ve got no I don’t have a syringe I’ve used that up and so a syringe is tough to do so if Jen hadn’t cleared this out what I probably do right now is keep this tornado victim for myself and I put the the critical for Jen and then when she revealed this on her next turn she’d be terrified because she doesn’t have a syringe queued up she doesn’t necessarily have to greens and this person might die in her ambulance and cause her to lose two points but now of course we were playing with more players chances are somebody would have an empty gurney and I would end up putting it in and they would have a nasty surprise when their turn comes around unless of course they happen to have a syringe but since nobody has an empty gurney this just gets discarded it’s assumed that some other ambulance somewhere took care of that patient and it looks like we have another one Jen got rid of another one because she’s already cured one person when she drew another one you’re right yeah I’m was in full anyway so we both cared one person I now filled up of course I wouldn’t be pausing like this but that was a lot to explain so now I will continue and I’ve got 30 seconds to get this person sustained it is dangerous to cure somebody near the end of your time because when you’ve only got like ten seconds left and then you draw I have to pick a new thing you might not be able to take care of that person but I’ve got 30 seconds now 31 seconds to get this person sustained wish me luck because I ever really thought about this I don’t even know what they are I just know that I did not want to take a critical patient because at a glance I could not deliver those purples alright so continuing on and I come from okay alright I don’t have a syringe but I do have an orange that will give me a cast so there sustained I haven’t taken care of this person right remember it my problem reach me I’m gonna use this while to turn it into pills to tip so everybody sustained I’ve got one card left in my hand and I’ve got five I’m just starting all this and I have permanently increased my net size to 6 yeah clear and go okay all right not a lot of regal color there and this is why rescue 47 okay so I’m gonna go ahead and use a purple to put a band-aid on this one and this person has been cured so next she’s two more I got a critical and I got something so I just look at I don’t have two orders but I could swap out to two orgeous whoa that’s two points versus this three points I’m gonna go ahead and take the three point one and I need a purple or blue to be able to put a bandaid on it or a purple and the dear oh dear I have six parts of money do you uh you have to show me what you’re offering you’re offering me two Reds for a purple or blue thank you now I have seven colonies and then this the syringe for this guy who has just made it okay okay what I’m supposed to have some good teamwork all right rescue 52 you’re responding hey Jen gave me a whole bunch of reds I’ll go on ahead and start working on another upgrade and now what do I need I need to see say I need I need blues for this guy that’s not good honey pie do you have any blues I have a pile give you these or oh no no I need two blues oh all right I need two sorry let’s work her out this person barks all right so I need a green I have a green just to give this guy some pills sustained oh I need two blues I couldn’t even get two blues from John if I wanted I cannot save this fellate person you can use your medevac oh you know I don’t I gave myself an extra card seven in about trade me for a red and it emergency yes honey about you have a red yeah there we go all red that’s four I’ll turn it in for a medevac I will immediately use the medevac and save this person oh that’s a good teamwork yeah and and now I’m down to one card in my hand am I gonna do with it I’m just gonna hold on to it no I’m gonna use this clear time all right Jim Stern I wanted to turn this in so I could draw more cards but I panicked all righty rescue 47 gen4 we are gonna do a medevac emergency emergency emergency four yellows turns into a helicopter and this guy goes off Wow volcanic eruption can’t be dealt with so now I got this I’ve got take two and now she’s gonna have to give me one because my backup gurney is empty yeah okay so but I don’t know what it is hope it’s not a critical okay I’m gonna take they attacked by a bully and I’m giving him that all right and now my bully area so I’ll go ahead purple for that and he’s been sustained and that is all I’m gonna do this turn because gentlemen I’m gonna go ahead and put something in my you still need blues [Music] okay I’m gonna go ahead and put a band-aid in my thing to have a clear [Music] rescue 53 responding let’s find out what Jen gave me shaken by earthquake all right I need these two to get some oxygen to take care of my tornado victim Oh God over here yeah LLC I’m not gonna mess around I’m gonna use a purple and this other wild I got to get a syringe and take care of mr. tornado alley clear let’s go ahead and draw two while I’ve got time to think about it and what am I gonna get to Jim oh myung-kyu for myself I will keep brought a knife to a gunfight then we’ll get that one let’s see so I need to do both these people I will use Oh Oh No all right no no I can trade I can trade I will give up this green to get this yellow which will give me a bandage they take care of knife to a gunfight man and now I’ve got a blue but that doesn’t do me any good I’ll use this blue to get this orange to get a cast to take care of shaken by earthquake my hand is empty clear yeah nobody’s died yet rescue 47:24 okay so I’ve got a nice little bending in there for this guy so I’m gonna go ahead and take him right pick two cards I see what’s in my hand oh dear oh I’m gonna go ahead and take this guy here we go that goes away yeah because ima be real so I’m gonna go ahead and pay two oranges for a blood to sustain him home by the way I got this guy over here jeez that’s lucky I’ll pay a blue for a band-aid let’s see let’s see let’s see let’s see I’m going to go ahead and swap out he wants a cast red or blue cast this guy’s has been healed as well so that’s done and I’ve got a green still there’s nothing I can do with the green I could swap it for a yellow which will allow me to put some medicine in my cabinet or yes I’m going to medicine in my cabinet clear Wow sir I don’t know all right you took the blue I needed that blue bag that’s a problem all right I’ll figure something out all right so this guy needs orange and yellow I’m gonna swap don’t be any Reds no I won’t sell off this green for this orange you’re not sorry enough that works for that yellow and here’s an orange in the yellow which is the oxygen I need so shaken by earthquake is done all right and now I need something for this person I’ll just go ahead and use the red and sustain them so they’re good and now I’ve got a little bit of time I can take a breather I’m going to swap all three of these for all three of these greens and then I’m going to start working on another upgrade and clear the game goes until this deck is emptied out rescue 47 10th floor okay I’m gonna go ahead and storm out these two things for those two things and one of them is going to be for a cast which sustains this guy he’s happy and then I’m going to I need I need something for that later but I don’t want to say the thing I need is somebody might normally you keep you play your cards close to your chest in the ambulance paramedic game yeah so I’m gonna go ahead and pay this to have a band-aid at the ready for next turn and then I’m good use of this I’m gonna I like I like those and then I’m going to lots of oranges oranges a yellow I put something else I don’t know what I’m gonna need though but I want to I want to store stuff so that I can Oh what the heck I’m gonna go ahead and put these out and take two oranges which is a blood which I’ll put in my medicine cabinet clear gender right to the edge [Music] rescue 53 or spawning Jin just dropped a purple right in my lap I will give up I think one I’ll first all give them green so I’m ready for a medevac in case I need it and so I will give up this red to get this purple these two will go away to become a syringe that I don’t need right now but I’ll need one eventually I still need to take care of this man I need an orange and a so I’ll give up this green to get an orange so here’s my orange yellow to sustain him with some life-giving oxygen and he sustained and now I need some blues for that blood but I don’t have anything I will take a trick from Jin’s thing I’ll use that red to store some bandages just in case I need them later on I’ll clean up before my turn is over although really I should just be putting the first one Jen your turn now okay recipe 47 ten-four okay first of all I can go ahead and just to sing this nice man he’s all good all good all the time so I would like to know mr. ham yes do you have some oh I don’t want to give up to over oh don’t say why I do it would be very nice shoot okay do you have any blues you have to make an offer first it just so happens I do have a blue but I can’t do it I got I need two blue oh there’s a blue I could’ve grabbed yeah do you like shoot I moved on I’m going to go ahead and play this yellow to do this and then I’m I don’t have any blood available I’m gonna go ahead and just pay that to have that and clear all right so dentist RV but we can we can stop it because we go like this until stop we go like this until the main draw pile is empty that triggers the end of the first of three shifts and so everybody cleans up like normal and what we have to do now is we have a stacked deck with a bunch of pears next to each other stuff like that so we have to shuffle the heck out of this deck so the top everybody can breathe for a little bit now is actually by the way as far to set up five cards were set aside at the end of my turn I drew up emptied it out and then I use this supply to fill the rest of my hand up so my hand is ready to go and Jen is shuffling up to get ready when we go to the second shift everything stays the same we still just try to save people not get people killed but things get tougher because the second shift we only have 45 seconds every round and this third shift we only have 30 seconds a half a minute to make these critical choices some more with some bodies are going to start we get to the third shift but folks I think I’m gonna stop right there because that should give you a pretty good idea of what paramedics clear is all about now the only reason Bob watching it that I have the top of our car screen or follow the show notes in five four three two one

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  1. That play with the knife to a gun fight turn was excellent! This looks like such a fun game. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Yeeeah, making a paramedic game competitive was not the best of ideas. "Hmm, which one of those patients is my opponent least prepared to handle and thus is likeliest to die? That's the one they receive."

  3. It's sort of cooperative but not isn't it, as you seemed to always take the best patients, thus leaving the other player with harder ones. That aside this looks really great. It's been on my wants list for awhile now and you cemented it. Thanks Richard and Jen!

  4. I Just like how the timer makes you nervous and speed up the game when you have to take quick choices whenever you regret a few seconds later for this is much more hilarious and close to life action . i wish there were much more artwork in this game , still a very solid and good game , nice gameplay, still the sound was pretty problematic because of the echo , i would advise to clean it 🙂

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