Parrot Bebop Drone – Tutorial #2 – Piloting
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Parrot Bebop Drone – Tutorial #2 – Piloting

October 16, 2019

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  1. I thought vapor-ware flew itself.

    I am tired of seeing only the Parrot marketing team fly it. What is wrong with the thing that it is stuck in eternal development?

  2. How far can the drone fly away from the piloting device? What happens if there is an obstacle like a lamp post or a tree in the way when you put it in return mode? 

  3. Instead of using the tablet touch screen, is it possible to connect a bluetooth gamepad to use as a controller? This will be useful as the skycontroller looks cool but too bulky for travel.

  4. The possibilities are endless on what any person can do or install in it to this type of drones…!! But the real deal are the micro-drones nevertheless those still out off the civilian populace…..!!  

  5. Hello,  can you tell me where I can find some instruction on setting up an Autonomous flight?  Also should the Bebop loose connection with either the tablet or skycontroller will it return back to home?    Thanks so much

  6. Will there be a way to set a return home feature once the battery reaches 5% or so so you can be sure to always get the drone back. Also How does the wifi signal work? does there need to be a internet wifi connection or is it just using that frequency? 

  7. Parrot Hello, I have bought the Bebop Drone, but i don't know for serving  the button between the emergency button i the video, could make a video explaining for serving and as i use it? thx

  8. Parrot im having issues with my drone, every time i take off, the drone just sky rocket, im settinng it for hull indoor flying and .5m max altitude setting but it just whatever it wants. What is going on? I have the latest update .1.98.10 till today.

  9. Ok, so I recently bought this drone and have been reviewing these tutorials, and I have to say, I wish these videos gave a more clear demonstration as to how to perform these functions.

  10. ok, you showed how to go up , down left and right,
    so how do I go forward and backward, do I have to guess? didnt mention anything about that,,,,,

  11. there battery's are bullshit got the bebop 2 and sky controller seperate none of the battery's charge fully what a load of Bollox tryed on to different chargers. same problem

  12. Has anyone got there bebop 2 drone and on take off watch it come up about a half in then flip over on its back. I get an motor error. When i touch the auto take off my motors seem to be screaming full tilt and I don't know if there is something I'm not doing. As a result I'm drone-less….SO SAD

  13. Hello everyone,
    I'm looking a little everywhere but I have not yet found if it was possible to perform loopings manually with the bepop. That is to say without the application with the looping that are done automatically with a button. I would do looping manually but I do not know if it's possible with the bepop since it has a whole set of parameters in order to stabilize it.

    Thank you in advance for your answers

  14. When I try connect to my drone I do it through the app because I have a sky controller but when I click to connect to my drone it just goes out of it and doesn't connect

  15. Lost connection as soon as it got a metre off the ground, the drone went off on a tangent and crashed into some bushes on the other side of the field. I was very lucky I didn't lose my drone and am very disappointed. My Bebop was calibrated, I was controlling it with a compatible smartphone.

  16. Drone is very unstable. Will hold its altitude pretty good , bad battery life. Bad firmwares ex… I hate and love this drone. Maybe they'll get it right one day. Don't know how else to describe it

  17. Hi I've have bought drone and some part has fallen off I bought the drone about 2 years ago but I've been trying to send it to you but the people said I have to danload something can I send it o you or what

  18. Im planning on getting a bebop 2 and was just wondering if you had to buy the fpv bundle to get fpv or can i buy the goggles at a later date would be nice if someone could give some insight, thanks.

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