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Parrot Hydrofoil — Drone

September 12, 2019

Do you need a drone? I think you do! Something like this. This is Parrot’s Hydrofoil Drone And today we’re going to review this fantastic little toy This drone can be controlled by your phone, tablet or you can control it with a nimbus controller go kill the camera! go and kill the camera! Destroy it! Look at that! Such bad ass! When I first got this drone I thought, I bet sort of flies around, I bet it is cute. But the more I play with it, the more I like this thing. It also comes with this so you can connect this here And it goes on water. The drone is not water resistant so you have to watch out for that And because it’s tiny you don’t need to register it with FAA You can save the valuable 5$ Unmanned Aircraft System Registry as you can see here. We don’t need to register this drone. And controlling this is really easy This is to turn left and right This is to go higher or lower And this is to strafe left and strafe right go forward and backward See the controls follow your thumbs. So where ever you put your thumbs you can control your device without worrying where the controls are on the screen. But I find that using this with this app is actually much better. You’ll see that as I turn this on The controls disappeared from the screen. That means I can use this to control my drone. Because the battery lasts 7 to 9 minutes I advise you to have external battery like this It has a VGA camera And you can take photos with it. They are not very high quality Since the camera is right here you have to be under the drone while taking the photo Now let’s go outside and see what this does. Look what I found here while I was filming for the drone OK I can totally feel the wind dragging the drone away. Oh yeah! No wind! Here we go This is a lot of fun. The 9 minute battery life is actually really good. It can go really fast There is this point where you feel like you got it, where you feel like you’re in full control. And I think that’s when it gets really dangerous because you really think you got it You feel like oh I got it, I can fly this and do all sorts of acrobatics movements but you don’t. It’s just that time when you fell you’re good enough to ride the bicycle off the stairs and you broke your face. This is exactly that. Ah! That’s not me, that’s the wind. What did I tell you? What did I just tell you? What did I tell you, you’re still trying to do acrobatics… See what happens Larry? See what happens Larry? But luckily this is very well built. It’s actually really strong. So I’m sure it is going to be fine. Ay Nine: Killed the flower! Shhh! We don’t need evidence! So I say if you’re playing with this always fly towards the wind. Because it is going to return towards you really fast. But if it’s flying away from you really fast you may be in trouble Yeah! See no one said anything. Because this is a toy. And that was a cop The only thing missing from this drone for me was a carrying case When I went outside to test this I had to hold it gently If it had a case like a hard case that I can put this in it would be much more easier to carry it around. Because, as sturdy as this is, which actually it is really sturdy Still I don’t want it to bend in my bag or something. So if you’re planning to buy a serious drone maybe you can consider this as an introduction to drone world Which gives you a really good idea about what can go right and what can go wrong. And even this tiny drone got a lot of attention. I got asked why I was flying this tiny drone. I wish it had a watch app that I can use So I can fly it like, go higher, go lower, fly left, right. Would be great wouldn’t it? Go forward, come back. Well, thank you very much for watching this episode and I hope you liked it. I must have a subscribe button, please hit that subscribe button and join the World DO’mination What are you looking at? Turn around, turn around, yeah thank you! And let me know what you think about this drone in the comment section pillow And until I see you the next time, take really good care of yourselves And hoşçakalın! Go hit the camera! Go hit the camera! Go hit! Yeah, go! Oh no no no! No! No! See this is when things go wrong! Goodbye! The drone itself is not waterproof and actually this is the first time I’m going to put it in water. So if it fails, it fails. I didn’t read the instructions while I was putting this together. That’s probably because… that’s how my brain works. So I don’t know what’s going to happen now. Nothing is happening… Oh! You’re sliced? Ay Nine: Why would you do that to me? Do I dare go over the pool? Ay Nine: Don’t even. Yeah let’s do it Ay Nine: Nooooo! Yeah you’re right, I don’t OK we need to land. OK, nothing is broken. We’re good. Wife is still intact, mostly. Even though the drone tired to kill her OK…

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  1. Abi Soru-Cevap 1 de benim telefon …….. Olmuştu sen bana tüpü kaçmış dedim ya hayal kırıklığı ? Ah eski günler

  2. Sanırım bir DJI Phantom düşünüyorsunuz Aypondo Beyciğim.Bu da deneme sürümü gibi bir şey olmuş ve sizin bir drone ile nasıl harikalar yaratacağınızı merakla bekliyorum efendim hayırlı işler,HOAAAAŞÇAKALIIIĞĞĞNN ^^

  3. eskiden kılıf tanıtırdın yeni cihazlar tanıtırdın neden şmdi yapmıyorsun eski ayfondoyu istiyoruz beeeeeeee:(

  4. Arkadaşlar ürüne buradan ulaşabilirsiniz.–slid-

  5. İphonedo beyjiğim bi video daha çek nolur bize anlat orda emergency landing vardı gps mi var üstünde yada havada stabilitesi nasıl çok merak ettik beycim dji var bende verimmi sana

  6. ayfondo bey ürünün geldiği kabı kes bi tanede örtüyü dik yanı sen iPhone se için usenmiyon buna da usenmezsin umarim

  7. Kontrol bölmesindeki emergency ne işe yarıyor? İlk o dikkatimi çekti basınca kendi kendine yere mi iniyor?

  8. phantoma dron oyuncak değil demişsin burda oynuncak diyosun anglasakson güçlere mi hizmet ediyon wdfıght

  9. Saatle kumanda olayı mükemmel bir fikir. Gözümün önüne birbirleriyle savaşan drone çeteleri geldi birden ama cidden mükemmel bir fikir.

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  11. the parrot drones were on sale when i was watching this than i went to buy one and the sale fucking ended today without me knowing so now i cant buy a fucking parrot drone now and im pissed

  12. I just got one of these great review. Loved the humour.
    . Just gotta ask as I cant find anything but one sentance in the instructions. How do you turn the camera on?

  13. hi and what receiver are you using to operate this and what would i look for or any model or whats your one cheers..good vid

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