Patch 8.2 OOX-35/MG Pet Farming – LOOK AT ALL THOSE CHICKENS!

September 21, 2019

Mechanical Giblets? Mechanical Giblets? Oh! Oh! Everybody! My chickens are not for eating! My chickens are not for eating! Hey there guys! This is Reckles with WTBGold and y’all seemed
to really enjoy my Ravenous Slime video yesterday. It’s a hidden little goldmaking gem in patch
8.2, Rise of Azshara. So, there’s a world quest on Mechagon called
“my chickens are not for eating!” And don’t you know, those silly troggs are
trying to eat the robot chickens, so you kill em and steal back the chicken bits. But that’s just the world quest. When this quest is up, there will be dismantled
OOX chickens scattered around all over the place. There are a ton of em over by the trogg caves. If you feed the chickens 25 spare parts, they’ll
either explode, follow you as a little chicken bodyguard, or…there’s a chance that they
give you a pet, the OOX-35/MG For farming, it’s way easier if you get
a jetpack, and you get the recipe for that from the rustfeather rare, of course it’ll
be even easier once everybody has flying. But, after feeding 85 chickens I was able
to get 11 pets, so it’s about 1 in 8 drop chance. I was able to feed 40 chickens in 15 minutes,
so blah blah blah a little bit of math, that comes out to 20 pets farmed per hour and 200
spare parts per pet. This is essentially patch 8.2’s filthling
farm. Super fast and easy. Do it once, go out here, do it for an hour,
stock up, and then you just keep 1 or two rolling on the auction house, only undercut
by one copper. Remember, if you cut your price in half it’s
not going to sell faster, that’s not how people buy pets. You’re just costing yourself and everyone
else on your server gold. Don’t do that. And last thing on farming, if you’re not trying
to make gold with it, you’re just trying to farm one up cause you’re a collector or
whatever, you’ll get it super fast, but remember that RNG does exist, even with a
1 in 8 drop rate. At one point, I went 19 feedings in a row
without getting a pet. But then I got 2 at once. So it all evens out. Alright, how much money can you make with
this? Right now the median price is 25,000 gold
which comes out to about 500,000 gold per hour once they all sell, but of course, we’re
super early in the patch, like, day 2, prices are going to fall, and in fact, gold farms
out there tend to balance out at about 10,000-20,000 gold per hour, so I’d expect prices to average
out to about 500-1000g on these pets. And right now, the range, which I think is
a better indicator of value, the range of every server is 3000 gold all the way up to
50,000g each. So they’re really expensive right now, make
your gold while you can. Farm these up while you can. Any time you see that world quest on your
map, you should have a smile on your face. Everybody! Everybody! My chickens are not for eating! My chickens are not for eating! Once you get em, put em up on the auction
house, tell people about them in trade chat. There’s a million and one treasures in Rise
of Azshara, so a lot of people may not know about them. So, let em know about it. But otherwise, I hope you have a blast in
patch 8.2 farming up whatever treasures you care about. And otherwise, thanks for watching guys. That’s it for this one. Subscribe. Hit the like button. Do all that stuff, you know what to do. Notification bell. That’s also important. But that’s it! Have a great day guys. Good luck, and happy goldmaking.

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