PAW PATROL TOY REVIEW Air Patroller Mission Paw Air Rescue Pups & KiDs Adventure
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PAW PATROL TOY REVIEW Air Patroller Mission Paw Air Rescue Pups & KiDs Adventure

August 29, 2019

– [Mr. Hands] Hey kids,
it’s me, Mr. Hands. (laughs) And we’ve got something really
cool today on ToyTimeTV. Chase, what are you looking at? I keep looking up there and I can’t see where Chase is looking at. Can you see where Chase it looking at? Because I sure can’t, even
though it looks really weird. Hey Chase. Chase has got a new uniform. Oh, wow, look, look everyone. Look, it’s some brand new PAW Patrol toys. It’s Mission Paw Chase, and his pup pack and mission card. Oh my goodness, and look, look, look. Look who it is, look who it is. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, it’s Marshall. And Marshall’s got that too, but it’s covered up so I
can’t really see it all. Oh boy, oh boy, I’m so
excited, I’m so excited. And there’s Rubble, and there’s Rocky, off on the PAW Patrol. The PAW Patrol is really awesome. I love the PAW Patrol. (laughs) Oh boy, oh boy, and look, look. There’s Zuma, and that’s Skye. And they’ve got some new uniforms too. Oh boy, his looks like
the Skye Air Rescue, and Zuma Air Rescue, and Rocky Air Rescue, and Rubble Air Rescue,
and Marshall Air Rescue, and Chase Air Rescue, even though Chase is looking at something I can’t really tell what it is. It’s the Mission PAW PAW Patrol figures. Oh boy, oh boy, wait until
I show Bobby all this. He’s gonna really, really love it, oh boy. Hey Bobby, Bobby, come here, look at all these cool toys we’ve got. – It’s the PAW Patrol. (laughter) – [Mr. Hands] Oh wow Bobby, it is. It’s the PAW Patrol. And I know you’re really
excited, aren’t you? – Yeah, I love the PAW Patrol. – [Mr. Hands] And you kids
at home must be excited too, because these are brand new toys for 2017. They look a lot like the Air Rescue. – Yeah, they do, they look a lot like the Air Rescue, Mr. Hands. – [Mr. Hands] Yes, they do. It’s got Marshall, it’s got Rocky, it’s got Rubble, it’s got
Zuma, Chase, and Skye. And they’re all ready to go. – Yeah! (laughs) – [Mr. Hands] I love the PAW Patrol. And I love to watch the PAW Patrol on Nick Jr., and so does Bobby. We’re huge PAW Patrol fans. Are you a PAW Patrol fan like we are? That’s awesome! Hey kids, you can help us unbox each one of these toys by helping
us use ToyTimeTV magic. – How do you do that? (laughs) – [Mr. Hands] Well Bobby
knows how we do that, he’s just asking so that I
can tell you kids at home. Now kids, what you’ll do is
you’ll look at the TV screen, and you’ll say ToyTimeTV magic. And you’ll say that three times with us. Okay, are you ready? You are? Okay, here we go. – [Both] ToyTimeTv magic! ToyTimeTv magic! ToyTimeTv magic! (exclaims) – [Mr. Hands] Whoa, look at the new PAW Patrol we’ve got here. These are really cool. We’ve got Chase. I am Chase, and I’m on the case. We’ve got Marshall. Marshall, let’s get fired up. Rocky, don’t lose it, reuse it. And Zuma, he says “Let’s dive in!” Skye, this pup’s gonna fly. And Rubble, Rubble Rubble on the double. Hey Rubble, what do you think of these cool new PAW Patrol uniforms you’ve got for the Air Rescue? – Rubble Rubble on the double, these are really, really cool. I think they’re awesome. [Mr. Hands] Oh boy, I
love the PAW Patrol too. This is so cool. Rubble Rubble on the double. They even come with these little cards that tell you stories
about the PAW missions. Now, these are really cool. There’s one for Chase, one
for Marshall, one for Rocky, one for Zuma, one for
Skye, and one for Rubble. We’ve got a cool little
reflection thing on there. Yeah, you see that? Look at that. Oh, Rubble Rubble on the double. He saves some stuff, and it’s
got mission stuff on the back, and these are part of
the mission PAW Patrol. Now, but how do we read these? Cause we want to go on missions
with out PAW Patrol pups. (laughs) Well, I’ve got what reads them right here, it’s the Mission Pup Pad,
it’s our surprise toy, with our surprise PAW Patrol. Wow! Let’s take this out of the box. Okay, magic time. Whoa, look, we’ve got
our very own Pup Pad. Let me see if I can put it on my arm. Oh, well, it kinda fits, but maybe I can get it to fit later. But we can do some fun adventures with our PAW Patrol Mission PAW Pup Pad. (laughs) Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. These are some really cool toys. I think we need to go have
an adventure with them. We can have an adventure with our Pup Pad. Alright, let’s go. (barking sounds) – [Marshall] Hey guys, do
you want to play kickball? – Chase is on the case. Yeah, Zuma, I’d love to play kickball. – Ooh ooh ooh, Chase, kick
it to me, kick it to me. – Here you go. – Don’t lose it, reuse it. Okay, here you go Zuma, I’m
going to kick it to you. Oopsie. (machine sounds) – PAW Patrol, do you read? – We read you, Ryder. – I need you and the rest
of the pups to lookout. I’ve got a surprise for you guys. – PAW Patrol, Ryder needs us. To the lookout. – Rubble, on the double, I guess playing kickball is gonna have to wait. – Oh hey pups, I didn’t know you were here at the lookout already. – Yeah Ryder, we were playing kickball, and having lots and lots of fun. – Well pups, if you think that’s fun, you’re gonna love this new surprise. – Ooh ooh, a surprise. I love surprises, I love surprises. – Okay pups, I need you to
get over to the airfield. Our surprise will be there really soon. – I wonder why he wants
us over at the airfield. It must be something really special. (vehicle noises) (barking sounds) – So Ryder, what’s the big surprise? We’re all really excited. – Well, here it comes, pups. Look up in the air. It’s got your surprise in it. (helicopter noise) – [Chase] Hey, it’s the Air Patroller. – Well, pups, Robodog has
brought your new surprise. (robotic barking sounds) – Whoa, so we’ve got some new uniforms? That’s really cool. – They’re not just any new uniforms, pups, they’re Mission PAW Air Rescue uniforms. They’re like your Air Rescue uniforms, but only cooler for cool missions. – Whoa, we’ve got cool
new Air Rescue uniforms. Mission PAW Pup to the rescue. – Alright Chase, let’s see your Mission PAW Air Rescue Glider. Whoa, this is really cool, Air Rescue. I can’t wait to do a mission PAW Rescue. (barking sound) Glider. – Okay Marshall, let’s see your new Mission PAW Air Rescue uniform. – Let’s get fired up. I’m ready for duty, Ryder sir. (barking noise) Hydroglider. – Rocky, Zuma, let’s
see your new uniforms. – [Zuma] Ooh, let’s dive in. – [Rocky] Don’t lose it, reuse it. (barking noises) – Skye, Rubble, get out here in your brand new Air Rescue uniforms. – [Rubble] Rubble Rubble, on the double. This pup’s gonna fly. (barking sounds) Whoa, look at my cool
hoverboard, it’s cool. I’m like a big bumblebee. – No job is too big, no pup is too small. PAW Patrol, we’re on a roll. Let’s do a practice rescue
mission, by rescuing Robodog. (robotic barking noises) Oh no, Robodog’s fallen
down on the tarmac. Just pretending, Robodog’s okay though. Pups, we’re gonna need to rescue him. Marhsall, I need you and your hydroglider to make the tarmac cool, so that Robodog doesn’t fry his sensor. The rest of the pups, I need
you help pick Robodog up, and take him back to the lookout. (robotic barking sounds) – Don’t worry Robodog, my hydroglider will make that asphalt really
cooled off with its jets. – [Chase] And we’ll get
you to safety, Robodog. (whooshing sound) Up, up, and away. – Hey, wait for me. – Me too. – Oops. (laughs) Whoa, whoa, we’re all flying away. – Except for me, okay we got you too. – That was a fun rescue mission, pups. We saved Robodog, practice that is. But I think we need some more practice with our air gliding and air abilities. (laughs) PAW Patrol, we’re on a roll. – [Mr. Hands] Whoa, that was so much fun. – Yeah, that was fun. – [Mr. Hands] That was exciting. I love the PAW Patrol here on ToyTimeTV. It’s really cool. I want to sing the PAW Patrol song. – You do? I do too, Mr. Hands. – [Mr. Hnads] Okay, let’s sing the PAW Patrol song at home kids. You can do it with us. Here we go. ♫ PAW Patrol, PAW Patrol, ♫ We’ll be there on the double ♫ Whenever there’s a problem,
around Adventure Bay, ♫ Ryder and his team of pups
will come and save the day ♫ Marshall, Rubble, Chase,
Rocky, Zuba, Skye, yay ♫ They’re on the way,
PAW Patrol, PAW Patrol ♫ Whenever you’re in trouble ♫ PAW Patrol, PAW Patrol,
will be there on the double ♫ No jobs too big, no pup’s too small ♫ PAW Patrol, we’re on a roll ♫ So here we go, whoa, PAW Patrol Yay, that was so much fun. (laughs) I love singing the PAW Patrol song. I hope you had fun singing the PAW Patrol song too at home kids. – Yeah, it was fun. – [Mr. Hands] I love these
brand new Mission PAW pups that are Air Rescue with
the cool new outfits. They’re really neat, and they
come with these cards, too. They’re so awesome. I think what we’re gonna do now is I’m gonna show each one of the toys to you, and tell you
how much we like them. – We like them a lot. – [Mr. Hands] I know we
like them a lot, Bobby, but we need to tell them at home exactly what each toy does,
and what it looks like, and what it comes with,
and how much fun it is, or if it’s not fun at all. – Yeah. – [Mr. Hands] Okay, let’s go do that. Ooh, ooh, ooh. The first one we’re going to do is Chase. This is Mission PAW Chase, and he looks like an Air Rescue pup. That’s because he is. (laughs) Silly. He is from Target, and
you can only get these Mission PAW Pup Pack and
Mission Cards at Target. They come, they look
just like the Air Rescue, but they have little
black outfits instead. Well, what you get with the first one is you get all this stuff right here. Sold separately, so you’re gonna have to buy each of them separate
in order to get this. But this is what comes with
each and every one of them. And this is what comes with Chase. You get Chase, you get his
little glider, and you get this. Ooh, look at that. That’s cool. It’s an elephant in the
cage, he’s not in the cage. He’s in the cage, and some mission cards that we can use with our PAW Patrol Pup Pad. (laughs) So, this is really cool. Let’s look at Chase here first. Now, Chase, he’s on the case. He’s always ready to go, and help rescue, and rescue small stranded animals that might need his help,
along with other people not in Adventure Bay, or in Adventure Bay. It doesn’t really matter to him. Now, Chase, he’s wearing all black, because he has on the
black Air Rescue outfit. Now, his head moves, his head
moves all the way around. (exclaims) Chase, are you okay? Are you dizzy? – Yeah, I’m a little dizzy, Mr. Hands. (laughs) – [Mr. Hands] Sorry about
that Chase, I had to show everyone that your head spins around. Cause your head does spin around. (laughs) Well, Chase has on a blue helmet, and he also has some blue boots. He has blue boots,
because he’s a police dog, and his helmet protects his head. You know, when he hits the ground like that it won’t really hurt him very much, cause
he’s got on his helmet. (laughs) Now, Chase is a German Shepard, and he’s got his little badge here in the front that you can press. And that goes along with
another part of him, back here. That’s where the little air
glider attaches, and when you pass his little badge
in the front, it shoots up. But it doesn’t shoot up right now, because we don’t have his glider on, but we’ll put that on in a second. I just want to show you all the cool features of Chase,
and his cool spinny head. (laughs) Well, now we have Chase’s glider. Now Chase’s glider is just
like the one in the Air Recuse. It has little wings, and I just remember when he went up to the top of that thing and he jumped off in the cartoon, and he, everyone thought
he was gonna fall, and all of a sudden, this
popped out, and he flew around. That was really cool, wasn’t it? Well that’s what this one does. It goes on his back, like this. It just snaps in. You gotta press down a little hard, and then you have his pack,
with his Air Rescue Glider. Now you press down like that, and it goes in, there we go. Now it’s going in, and it’s all sealed up, and it’s ready for Chase to go. (singing) – I’m gonna go over here. – [Mr. Hands] No you’re not, you’re gonna stay right here Chase,
so everyone can see you. And when you press his badge, whoa, his glider shoots up. (laughs) It’s really cool, isn’t it? So we press down right
there, and press it again, and his glider shoots
up, and Chase flies away. (laughs) Well, that’s the really
cool thing about this, cause it’s an air rescue,
but a PAW mission, a Mission PAW and rescue. Now, what’s really unique is it comes with its own PAW, I mean mission, Mission PAW, I do this
backwards sometimes. A Mission PAW card that
you can use in the Pup Pad. Now, this one’s a neat one
because when you put it in, we gotta put it in the Pup Pad, right now, so we can hear it. (beeping) Ooh, that’s Ryder. There’s an elephant. Now let’s press here. – [Ryder] PAW Patrol, to the lookout. – A baby elephant was
– Ooh. [Ryder] separated from its parents, and got stuck in a ravine – [Mr. Hands] Ooh. – [Ryder] Chase, I need
you and your net launcher. – [Mr. Hands] Ooh, he’s
chasing his net launcher to help save the baby elephants. – [Chase] Chase is on the case. Rubble, I need you and your crane. – [Mr. Hands] And Rubble’s crane. – [Rubble] Rubble on the double. PAW Patrol is on a roll. – [Mr. Hands] So, that’s
what that one does, is it shows that adventure so that you can have more fun with it and play, and then Chase can go on a fun adventure with you and your Pup Pad. So that’s pretty cool, I like this one. Let’s get fired up. This is Marshall, and Marshall
is red, like my shirt. I love Marshall, Marshall
is red like my shirt. Do you have a red shirt
that you wear at home? (laughs) You do? That’s funny. Well, I have a red shirt
and I wear it all the time, because this is my favorite
shirt and I wear it everywhere I go, because I’m Mr. Hands, and I love my red shirt. (laughs) Well, this is Marshall, and this is what comes in the Marshall Pup Pack. Mission PAW, the Air Rescue, the Rocky Pup Pad mission card. (laughs) I really messed that up. (laughs) That was funny. (laughs) I love the PAW Patrol so much that I sometimes can’t say things right. So, here we go. This is Marshall. Now Marshall is black, like all the other Air Rescue Mission PAW Pups, and his little head spins around too. (exclaims) – Oh no, stop doing that Mr. Hands. I can’t take this, I’m gonna
get dizzy and fall over. (exclaims) (laughs) – [Mr. Hands] Oh, you silly puppy. Marshall fell over. Now, Marshall is a fire
dog. He’s a dalmation. He is all fired up and ready to go. His little paws don’t move in the front, but he’s got the little thing in the back and the little badge here in the front, to allow his little pup wings, which are right here, to go on like this. We’ll just snap it on like that. Ooh, look, he’s ready to go. He’s gonna be looking at you. – Hey everybody at home, I’m gonna fly. – [Mr. Hands] Uh-oh, I
didn’t put it on all the way. Here we go. – Hey everybody at home, I’m gonna fly. – [Mr. Hands] Says Marshall. (laughs) And when we press the
button, his wings shoot out, and he’s ready to take off an adventure. (laughs) He’s a really cool puppy. He’s a really cool dalmatian
dog from the PAW Patrol. And not only do you get this, you also get this cool card right here. This one has, ooh, it
looks like a volcano. Is Marshall gonna go
help out on the volcano? Well we’ll know here in a second. Let me put it in the Pup
Pad and see what happens. Okay, I’m gonna put it in
the Pup Pad, here we go. Let’s see what adventure. (beeping) Ooh. – [Ryder] Pup, Cap’n Turbot need our help. The volcano on Volcano Island has erupted. – [Mr. Hands] Ooh. – [Ryder] Marshall, I need
you and your hydro launcher. – [Mr. Hands] Ooh, he needs
Marshall’s hydro launcher, that’s what he’s got on right now. – [Marshall] I’m fired up. – [Mr. Hands] Ooh. – [Ryder] Rubble, I
need you and your scoop. – [Mr. Hands] Ooh, he
needs Rubble’s scoop. – Let’s dig it.
– Oh wow. – No job is too big, no pup is too small. – [Mr. Hands] That’s right, Ryder. (laughs) So that’s what that Pup Card says, that’s pretty cool and pretty neat. Now, these Pup Card are made out of a hard plastic, so they’re kind of hard to break, but if you bend them too much, they will break. And they do flash different things. See, there is the volcano
erupting, and Marshall, and there it is, just
steaming a little bit. So that’s pretty cool, it’s
like a 3D card with lava. Look at that. (laughs) I love Marshall. And who is this pup right here? It’s Rocky. Rocky the recycling pup. Now Rocky’s kind of a mixed breed puppy. He’s not a specialized puppy, but that means he’s a special
puppy that we all love. Now, this is the Mission
PAW Rocky Pup Pack and Mission Card Set. And Rocky is, like the
Rocky in the Air Rescue. His head spins around. No, actually, that one does too, but we’re not gonna make Rocky dizzy. – Thank you, Mr Hands,
I don’t wanna be dizzy. (laughs) – [Mr. Hands] Okay Rocky,
we won’t make you dizzy, but, his head does move around,
and his little paws don’t. He’s kind of bent out a little bit, kind of like he’s flying. (whooshing sound) That’s kind of what he does. And Rocky’s a cool pup because
he’s got a green helmet. And his helmet, if he
falls down, he won’t hurt his head, and that’s what it’s for, is to protect his head,
that’s what helmets do. (laughs) Well, he also has on a little green vest, I mean, or belt right here,
and he’s got on a green outfit. It’s all black around,
so it’s really cool, and he looks really neat. I love Rocky. Rocky, Rocky, Rocky. So Rocky’s really cool, and he comes with his jetpack, which is right here. Now this one’s a special one because it’s all black and it’s
got a little bit of green, unlike the other one, cause we’ll pull out all the Air Rescue pups and
compare them side by side, whenever I finish all of
these, so that you can see it. But, his Air Rescue pup
pack goes on just like this, and it snaps into place,
and once it’s in place, we can press his pup badge, and boom. He wants to fly off. (laughter) So that’s what Rocky
does, that’s really cool. I like this version of Rocky,
it’s like a black ops Rocky, like he’s under a secret mission. (whooshing sound) He’s on a secret mission to get recycling. (laughs) Well, Rocky also comes with
a little card right here, and as you can see, there’s Chase, and it looks like he’s
in that new scooter thing we’ve got, we’ve got that
too, that’s really cool. I’ll show that to you later. And it looks like Rocky is
over on the other side there, and when we flip it this way, it looks like the school bus had a flat tire. (exclaims) The school bus had a flat tire. (laughs) And we’re gonna flip it this way, Rocky and Chase come to
help out the school bus. But let’s see what the Pup Pad says when we put it in. There’s Pup Pad here, and put
it in there there like this. (beeping) Ooh. Let’s press the button. – [Ryder] There’s
trouble in Adventure Bay. The school bus has a flat tire. (gasps) Rocky, I need you and your tool pack. – [Mr. Hands] Ooh, he
needs Rocky’s tool pack. Okay Rocky, here you go. – [Rocky] Green means go. – [Mr. Hands] Yes, green means go. – [Rocky] I need you
and your three-wheeler. – [Mr. Hands] Okay, Chase. – [Chase] Chase is on the case. – [Mr. Hands] Ooh. – No job is too big, no pup is too small.
– Look, they’re coming to save – [Mr. Hands] the school bus. That’s awesome. So that’s what his little Pup Pad says. It’s pretty cool, and pretty neat. I’m trying to figure out
how they know what to say, because some of these are a little bit, basically are the same on the back, but they’re a little different, so I think that’s how it works. Cause you can see right there, this one, which is for rubble, we haven’t done yet, and this one, they’re a little bit different, so I think it reads these in
order to give the missions. So, that’s kinda cool. Let’s put this over here,
and let’s move on to Rubble. Rubble, Rubble, on the double. – Rubble, Rubble, Rubble on the double. (singing) – [Mr. Hands] Hey Rubble,
what are you doing? – Hey Mr. Hands, I’m Rubble, and I’m on the double with my hoverboard. – [Mr. Hands] Oh, I
love hoverboards Rubble. – I do too, Mr. Hands.
They’re really cool. – [Mr. Hands] But you know what Rubble? Hoverboards don’t work on water. – I know that Mr. Hands,
I had an adventure where my hoverboard got stuck in a lake. (laughs) – [Mr. Hands] Well, Rubble,
let’s talk to everyone about you and tell you a little
bit more about what you do. – Well, Mr. Hands my head spins around. (laughs) – [Mr. Hands] Your head spins around? Oh no, Rubble is getting twisted up. (exclaims) Sorry Rubble, I had to do that just to show everyone that your
head does spin around. – That’s okay, Mr. Hands. You don’t want to really spin your head around, because that would hurt, but I can do it cause I’m a toy. (laughs) – [Mr. Hands] Well yeah, the real Rubble in the cartoon, he couldn’t do that. – Nope, nope, he couldn’t
do that, but I can. – [Mr. Hands] Well,
this is Rubble everyone. Rubble is yellow. He is a yellow PAW Patrol Mission Pup, Rubble. (laughs) He has on a yellow helmet,
he has yellow stripes on his outfit, it’s mostly black, and he’s got a cool pad right there too. Look at that, it’s like a little utility belt, like Batman has. I love Batman. – I love Batman, too. – [Mr. Hands] Batman is awesome. (laughs) Well, Rubble is really
short, his legs don’t move, but he is a cool little toy. We’d like to add him to our collection because he is sturdy, he
does not break really easily, and his helmet protects his head, especially when I do that to him. (laughs) And, we also have Rubble’s hoverboard. Now, Rubble’s hoverboard is just like the one in the Air Rescue. Let’s put that like that, so,
oops, I’ve got the wrong side. Let me open that up, put that right there. Oops. There we go. Now I got it right. And Rubble, he sits
right there, like that, and he pushes the little button back here, because he doesn’t have a little badge that works in the front, it’s a little button on the hoverboard. So when you press that, (whooshing noise) his hoverboard comes out, and the fans go. So he can race along. (whooshing sound) I like the hoverboard. I’ve always wanted a hoverboard. Ever since I’ve seen “Back to the Future.” It’d be really fun to
be able to fly around, like you’re on a skateboard, but have air underneath you, rather than tires, cause I love hoverboards. – I love hoverboards, too, Mr. Hands. – [Mr. Hands] Well he loves hoverboards just as much as I do. Now, also with this
too, is we get Rubble’s Mission PAW badge thing here, which is an insert, it’s a mission card, is what it is, and we can see that there is some debris
in front of the train. Oh no! He’s gonna help, it’s Rubble. He moves that debris, look at that. He got it out of the way, so that the train can go on its mission. Okay, let’s see what it does
when I put it in the Pup Pad. Here we go. Pup Pad, Pup Pad. (beeping) Ooh, let’s press our
button, Ryder’s calling us. – [Ryder] There’s
trouble in Adventure Bay. There’s been a rock slide
on the old trestle bridge. – [Mr. Hands] Ooh. – [Ryder] Rubble, I
need you and your scoop. Ooh, he needs Rubble’s scoop. – [Rubble] Rubble, on the double. Rocky, I need you and your truck. – [Mr. Hands] Ooh, he needs Rocky’s truck, cause he’s gonna recycle all of that dirt. – [Rocky] Green means go. PAW Patrol is on a roll. – [Mr. Hands] Ooh, ooh,
that’s really cool. I like this one a lot. (laughs) I like it, I like it, I like it. Okay, okay, this is what comes with this, you get all of this with your Rubble toys. (whooshing sound) – Hi everyone, I’m Skye, and I’m pink. (laughs) Skye is pink. (laughs) Well, this is the Skye Mission PAW Pack, and it looks a lot like all the other ones from the Air Rescue. And actually, this looks the same, except it’s only different colors. Well, you get Skye. Now, Skye is a little itty-bitty tiny dog, and her head moves all the way around too, but we’re not gonna do that to Skye. Ooh, faceplant. Poor Skye. Oh no. I guess we need to put
our mission pack on, because if we put that
on, it’ll weigh her down, because she’s having some problems. Okay, are you okay Skye? – Yes, I’m okay. (laughs) – [Mr. Hands] Bobby, are you
doing the voice for Skye? – [Bobby] Yes, I am. (laughs) – [Mr. Hands] Well, okay Bobby. Well, Skye is pink, she’s got a pink helmet, and a pink outfit. The only that’s different is she’s black, and she’s got her little wings right here, and these are really
cool, because these are like mega Skye wings, and
they go on her back like this. You just snap them into place, and when they’re on there, she kind of looks like a beetle, but when you press her pup badge on the front. Well, let’s see, there we go. They come out like that,
isn’t that really cool? She’s like a jet fighter
ready to take off. This pup’s gonna fly. (laughs) Well, Skye is really
cool, and really neat. She also comes with her
mission card, right here. Oh no, it looks like that poor little polar bear is stuck on that ice. What will Skye do? Skye will rescue it and give it back to the mommy polar bear. Okay, I can’t wait to
see what this one is. I’m gonna put it in the Pup Pad, and let’s see what Ryder
has to say about it. (beeping) Oh, Ryder’s calling. – [Ryder] Pups, Cap’n
Turbot needs our help. – [Mr. Hands] It’s Cap’n Turbot. – [Ryder] He spotted a polar beat cub step on a floating chunk of ice. – [Mr. Hands] Ooh. – [Ryder] Skye, I need
you and your hang glider. – [Mr. Hands] Ooh. Okay, Skye. – [Skye] This pup’s gonna fly. Chase, I need you and your winch. – [Chase] Chase is on the case. – [Mr. Hands] Ooh. – [Chase] Let’s roll. – [Mr. Hands] Ooh, ooh, ooh, so they saved the poor
little polar bear cub. That’s really, really, neat. – My name is Zuma, I like water. – [Mr. Hands] Zuma likes water. He likes water a lot. Don’t you like water, Zuma? – Oh yes, Mr. Hands, I
love water a whole lot. – [Mr. Hands] See? He loves water. – Water, water, is awesome. – [Mr. Hands] Well, this is Zuma from the Mission PAW
Exclusive Set from Target, and this is a really cool toy. And this toy looks a lot like the Air Rescue, just like all
the other ones we’ve seen. And I can’t wait to show
them side by side here, as soon as we finish up Zuma. But, Zuma is orange and black, and his head does move just
like that, all the way around. It looks like it might
come off, that’s not good. (laughter) I’m just kidding, his
head’s not gonna come off. (laughs) And, we’ve got his Pup Pack here, his Pup Pack goes on
his back just like this, and then when we press the button, (whooshing sound) he can fly up in the air, upside down. (laughs) And he’s a really neat Labrador, he’s a Chocolate Lab. Chocolate Labs are
really cool dogs to have. I had one a long time ago, and they’re really fun to play with,
cause they’re very hyper and they love water, just like Zuma. Zuma has a hovercraft too, and he loves to dive, and he has that thing with Wally going on too, but Wally
the Walrus is really cool. And speaking about Wally. I wonder what our Mission
PAW card has on it. Oh, look, there’s Wally. And there’s Zuma. I wonder what it says. Let’s find out. (beeping) It’s Ryder, he’s calling. Okay, Ryder, what do we do? – [Ryder] Look, Cap’n
Turbot needs our help. Wally is stuck in an old fishing net. – [Mr. Hands] Oh no. – [Ryder] Zuma, I need
you and your scuba gear. – [Mr. Hands] Oh no. – [Zuma] Let’s dive in. Rocky, I need you and your tool pack. – [Rocky] Green means go. – [Mr. Hands] Oh boy, I’m
glad they saved everyone. Let’s compare our Mission PAW Pups to our Air Rescue Pups. Here is Mission PAW Zuma, and here is Air Rescuse Zuma. Ooh, that’s cool. Here is Air Rescue Rubble, and Mission PAW Air Rescue Rubble. Ooh. And, here’s Air Rescue Marshall, and Mission Air Rescue Marshall. They’re really cool. Wow. And look, here’s Air Rescue Skye, and Mission PAW Air Rescue Skye. And my favorite, Air Rescue Rocky, and Mission PAW Air Rescue Rocky, cool. And Air Rescue Chase, and Mission PAW Air Rescue Chase. So what do you think Bobby? – I think they’re cool. – [Mr. Hands] I think
they’re really neat too, and if you like the Air Rescue Pups, you definitely need to get a hold of the Mission PAW Air Rescue Pups. They’re only available at Target. You’ll love those too. Now, if you love this video
and you love the PAW Patrol, give us a thumbs up, because thumbs up means you like it. Also, leave us a comment below, because Bobby and I love to comment. And also, subscribe. (happy music) – [Voiceover] That was lots of fun. You can subscribe to ToyTimeTv and watch more of our videos by tapping the little image of Bobby in
the middle of your screen, or you can tap our other
videos on the screen too.

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