PAW PATROL TOY REVIEW Air Rescue Ryder Air Patroller & Kids Adventure
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PAW PATROL TOY REVIEW Air Rescue Ryder Air Patroller & Kids Adventure

August 18, 2019

– [Narrator] Hey kids,
it’s the Air Patroller from the Paw Patrol. – The Air Patroller! – [Narrator] Yes, the Air
Patroller comes flying in. It’s a cool toy from Spin
Master and the Paw Patrol. ♫ Paw Patrol, Paw Patrol ♫ We love the Paw Patrol on Toyland TV ♫ Yes we do – Yeah! ♫ Paw Patrol, Paw Patrol – [Narrator] It’s the Air
Patroller and the Air Rescue Pups. Now, if we’ve got the Air Patroller here, you know that we’ve got
something really, really cool. It’s, Rider. – Rider? But he’s not one of the Air Rescue. – [Narrator] Well, it doesn’t
look like this Rider is, but wouldn’t it be cool if
we had an Air Rescue Rider? – Yeah, he would be really cool. – [Narrator] Well you know Bobby, we might just answer that. And you kids at home, what do you think? You’re right, we do. We’ve go this right here. It’s brand new from Spin Master. It’s Air Rescue Rider. – [Bobby] Wow! ♫ Paw Patrol, Paw Patrol ♫ We love the Paw Patrol – [Narrator] Look at this
really cool awesome set up. It’s Rider. – [Bobby] Rider looks like
he is about to go flying. – [Narrator] Yeah, Rider is
really neat, look at him. Oh, wow, he’s got a backpack, a jet pack and look what he does here
when you press his legs. Oh look, his arms went out. – [Bobby] So he can fly. – [Narrator] That’s right. This is a great addition to
the Air Rescue PAW Patrol. – [Bobby] Yeah. [Narrator] We love the
Air Rescue Paw Patrol toys here on ToyTimeTV. – [Bobby] The (mumbles) are cool! – [Narrator] Yes that was really cool. Bobby’s so excited you can’t really understand what he’s saying. – I like the Air Rescue. I like the Air Rescue PAW Patrol. – [Narrator] Yes the Air Rescue PAW Patrol here on ToyTimeTV. Now this looks like a really neat one, oh look at Rider right there. – Wow. – [Narrator] All my PAW
Patrol fans that love the PAW Patrol toys that we do here on ToyTimeTV on our toy channel, is really gonna enjoy this
because this is a brand new, really cool toy from Spin Master and I think what we should do is we should use our ToyTimeTV magic and open it up and you kids at home can help. Come on guys, you know what to do. Use your imagination and
think really, really, really hard and say ToyTimeTV magic. Okay, here we go. Say it again. – [Both] ToyTimeTV magic. – [Narrator] Whoa, Air
Rescue Rider is awesome and he adds to our Air Rescue collection. – Wow this is so much
fun, this is so much fun. – [Narrator] And I don’t
know if you guys at home, if you kids at home saw this, but I’ve got on my Air Rescue Rocky badge. Because right now I really like Rocky. – I like Rocky too. – [Narrator] We love the
Air Rescue PAW Patrol Pups, and the Air Rescue Rider. This is a brand new toy for
2017, and it’s really awesome. – Yeah. – [Narrator] Okay guys, I want to sing the PAW Patrol theme song, do you at home want to sing the PAW Patrol theme
song with Bobby and I? You do? Bobby here is really
excited, look at him go! He’s ready to dance. You guys can sing along and dance at home. Here we go. ♫ PAW Patrol, PAW Patrol ♫ Will be there on the double ♫ Whenever there’s a problem ♫ Around Adventure Bay ♫ Rider and his team of pups
will come and save the day ♫ Marshall, Rubble, Chase,
Rocky, Zuma, Skye, yeah ♫ They’re on the way ♫ PAW Patrol, PAW Patrol ♫ Whenever you’re in trouble ♫ PAW Patrol, PAW Patrol ♫ Will be there on the double ♫ No job’s too big ♫ No pups too small ♫ PAW Patrol, we’re on a roll ♫ So here we go ♫ PAW Patrol, oh, PAW Patrol – PAW Patrol. – [Narrator] Bobby’s excited. That was so much fun. I love singing about the PAW Patrol and I love the Air Rescue PAW Patrol Pups. Including our new Rider. I think we should do an
adventure time, don’t you Bobby? – Yeah. – [Narrator] You kids at home wanna do an adventure time with us? You can use your imagination
just like Bobby and I and we’ll put together a fun adventure. Okay, you think really, really hard and look at your little
screen on the computer, or on your tablet or your
cell phone and here we go. – Rider and Marshall were in
Adventure Bay when they saw a little bitty Parry bird was
about to fall off the roof. – [Rider] Oh no Marshall, look up on top of the hardware store,
there’s a little baby bird and it looks like it’s about to fall off. – [Marshall] Oh, I hope
it’s gonna be okay. – [Rider] This looks like a job for the Air Rescue PAW Patrol. PAW Patrol Pups, to the look out! – [Bobby] And the pups
came in the Air Patroller back to Adventure Bay. And they landed the
Air Patroller where all of the Air Rescue Pups got out. (helicopter rotors whirling) – [Rider] PAW Patrol Pups
that poor bird is about to fall off of the hardware store. We need to save him. Rocky, Zuma, Chase, Rubble, Marshall and Skye. I need you to use your Rescue Air Packs to help save the poor bird. Rocky, you go first. – [Rocky] Don’t loose it, reuse it! I’m on it Rider. – [Bird] Oh I’m about to fall. – [Rocky] Don’t you worry little birdy, I got you and I’ll take
you down to safety. There you go little birdy, are you okay? – [Bird] No, I’m not, I have
to get back up to my nest. That’s where I belong. – [Chase] Well Chase is on the case. I’ll take you up there little birdy. – [Rubble] Rubble on
the double, I will too. – [Marshall] And don’t loose it, reuse it. I will too. We’ll all take you back up to your nest. – [Chase] There you go little birdy. Chase is on the case. – [Bird] Oh thank you
PAW Patrol, you saved me. The Air Rescue Pups are awesome! – [Rider] And remember little birdy, anytime you’re in trouble,
just yelp for help. (birds chirping) PAW Patrol, we’re on a role. – That was fun. – [Narrator] That was fun! What an adventure we had with
the PAW Patrol Air Rescue Pups and the Air Patroller, and Rider. Now we love the PAW Patrol on Nick Jr. And if you watch Nickelodeon
you have to watch Nick Jr. and watch the PAW Patrol. (Narrator laughs) Bobbys excited. – Yeah, I love Rocky! – [Narrator] Bobby is having fun. Well, this has been really
cool and doing the adventure, and opening up everything. Well now kids you at home and this includes you too parents, we’re going to look at
this toy more detailed and tell you more about it. And kids, don’t go anywhere
because at the end of this video you can watch more of
our fun PAW Patrol videos and you can also subscribe to us. Okay, lets go ahead and take
a look at Air Rescue Rider. This is Rider. We love the PAW Patrol and
we love our Air Rescue Rider. Now we were very happy to get this, this is a brand new toy for 2017 and it’s been kinda difficult to find but we got a hold of Air Rescue Rider. Now, what we get with this
is we get Air Rescue Rider, we get a jet pack and we get a badge. Lets look first at Air Rescue Rider. Now Air Rescue Rider, when
you first look at him, it looks like he’s got white and blue on. We were doing some comments
earlier thinking he looked like a Star Wars figure. He kinda does if you look at it, but he’s really cool because he is an action, pack, Air Rescue Rider. When you pull his legs, or
press his legs together, his arms shoot up just like that and showed his wings underneath. Which is really neat. Now his wings are made of fabric, so that he can glide through the air just like the Air Rescue Pups. He has his helmet and
goggles over his eyes, and a little radio so he can
communicate with the pups too without having to use the pup pad. (Narrator laughs) He’s got a belt and, when
you press down on his arms they stay down and the reset
for them to pop back up again. (Narrator laughing) Now we had a little problem
with one of his arms on this, it wasn’t wanting to go up sometimes, but it seems like it’s
kind of fixed it’s self, so it seems to be working okay now. One of his legs, we’ve noticed, when we have him fully extended like that, one of his legs’ll kink
out to the side like that. Which is kind of odd
but that might just be part of the mechanism
that Rider is made of to allow his arms to go up when
you press his legs together. So, he’s pretty cool and he’s pretty neat. You can see his back there, he is, got a little hole back there on his back and that is for the pack, which we’ll get to here in a second. His head is articulated, that
means it turns back and forth. It doesn’t go all the way
around, which is kinda nice. But that’s the only thing on
him that actually moves around. His legs do not bend forward, they basically stay straight
and his arms stay straight. And that’s because of
the mechanism to allow both of his arms to go up. You can see we kind of
had the problem there. Let’s see if we can fix that. There we go. It seems to be very
minor, but it does happen. But he’s a cool Air Rescue Rider. Now also in here too, his little jet pack. Now his jet pack is silver and it’s got the PAW Patrol symbol on it and you can see that’s
where the flames come out when he’s flying. He’s gotta have his wings and
he’s gotta have his jet pack in order to be in the sky. Now, on his back we showed
the little hole right there, well that is where the jet pack goes and you press down and
it snaps into place. So Rider is ready to go. There he is. (laughs) He’s ready to fly through the air. Now this Rider is really neat and if you have any of
the Air Rescue Pups, you’re gonna wanna add
him to your collection because we have to have
Air Rescue Rider too. Well, also in this pack too
is you get Rider’s pup badge, which is really cool. I’ve got on Rocky’s, let’s
go ahead and put on Rider’s. Let’s see here, lemme go in
here and I’ll put this on ’cause if I’m gonna put on one pup badge, I wanna put on the other. Now this badge is like all the others. It doesn’t, oops it fell off,
lemme show you how this works. It has a little thing here on the back, then this snaps into place
underneath your shirt so it won’t actually damage your shirt and I will demo it here, let me see if I can get this to go on. There we go. And you can see, there’s the pup badge. So I have Rocky’s and I
also have Rider’s badge. (Narrator laughs) So I have two Air Badges
and I get to add this to my Air Rescue PAW Patrol collection. It’s pretty cool and pretty neat. I like it a lot. It’s really awesome. Now, this is a cool toy and
you’ll probably be able to find this at Target and
Walmart here pretty soon, so keep an eye out for it. Right now you can find it
on Amazon at premium prices. But he is a great, neat little
addition to the Air Rescue. So what does our in house
toy expert think about Air Rescue Rider? – I think he’s awesome! – [Narrator] You think he’s awesome? Well, if Bobby says he’s awesome, then he is absolutely awesome. – Yeah. – [Narrator] Well we
have Air Rescue Rider, Air Rescue Rocky, Air Rescue Skye, Air Rescue Chase, Air Rescue Marshall, Air Rescue Rubble is kinda behind Rider, you can’t really see him there. And Air Rescue Zuma. Hey kids, I’ve got a question for you and you can answer this on our polling. Now, wouldn’t you like to
see an Air Rescue Everest or an Air Rescue Tracker? You can answer that question right now. Wow, you guys are awesome! Thanks for answering that! – Yeah. – [Narrator] Well this has
been a fun, fun, fun, fun, fun PAW Patrol episode here on ToyTimeTV Featuring all of our Air Rescue Pups including the brand new Air Rescue Rider. We’ve done a cool toy review and we hope you guys at home
have really enjoyed this. If you liked this video
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