PAW Patrol Ultimate Fire Rescue 🚒  Official Trailer | NEW Episode on Sept 21st | Nick Jr.
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PAW Patrol Ultimate Fire Rescue 🚒 Official Trailer | NEW Episode on Sept 21st | Nick Jr.

September 14, 2019

On September 21st Adventure Bay… is under attack! And it’s time to fight fire… with fur! Marshall’s taking the lead! And every pup is fired up! Give it all you’ve got, pups! Paw Patrol: Ultimate Fire Rescue, the sizzling new special! Friday September 21st at 12… On Nick Jr. on Nick!

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  1. Could’ve come up with a better plot…

    Not something involving Humdinger… ugh… should’ve just been a normal wildfire or something.

  2. Finally marshall will put out fire !! He never does a firefighter job which is a bit disappointing but still like paw patrol 😄 can't wait to see him in real firefighter action

  3. Kinda makes senses they did do police with chase and none of the other pups can stand with there own episodes other then……..nothing comes to mind plus I'm a 19 year old why do I like this so much

  4. Was anyone actually able to watch the episode? It was sept 21 yesterday and it did not appear on the nickjr app (as advertised). We are subscribed to cable so get all episodes but this new one was NOT there. Please help. My son was really looking forward to this!

  5. I think for ultimate rescue pups save a runaway stargazer is rubble and ultimate rescue pups and the hidden golden bones is rocky and ultimate rescue pups save a swamp creature is Zuma. They will come in late November

  6. Uau!!I Love Paw Patrol Ultimalte Rescue😍😍😍!!Eu amo Patrulha Canina Resgate Extremo de todos,do Marshall,Chase,Zuma,Skye,etc.I LOOOVEEEE!!!!

  7. Narrator: The pups are all firede up! Me: wait up man, just need my BBQ! Everybody in adventure bay: facepalms

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