Pear FORCED to Play – EEW Stinkiest Feet Ever! #2
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Pear FORCED to Play – EEW Stinkiest Feet Ever! #2

August 16, 2019

(upbeat electronic music) (giggles) – [Pear] Hey, hey what is up guys? – [Waiter] Your table is ready, sir. – [Pear] What is this, extreme Pear. – [Waiter] Enjoy your dinner. – [Pear] No! No, it’s the Stinky Feet game! Oh, for crying out loud! The guy still has stinky, oh man, and you forced me to play it some more? – [Girl] Choose something nicer. – [Pear] Let’s choose
him to not have feet! If he didn’t have feet,
if he was just a pear, his problems would be solved. Why are you making me
play this game again? Why am I designing the restaurant decor? Okay, and the guy behind
me is swearing at me, because of the stinky feet. Either that, or my design choices. Oh, she’s mad too. I’ve seen her before, she’s
from a different game. Yeah again, I’m setting the table? Who goes to the restaurant
and has to set the table? Dude, chill it back there broseph, or I’m gonna throw my socks at you. What is this, I’m gonna
set your hair on fire, set your hair on fire, oh
yeah keep swearing at me lady. You’re gonna be on fire! Alright, what am I doing? It was right there the whole time, there was a big arrow. He’s still angry, he is so angry. Alright, what are we doing? Oh, we’re taking a picture
of the, hey I did that. Yeah Tapchat, could your
write that Pear made that, because Pear made that happen. Your beautiful picture that
you’re putting on Tapchat. – [Waiter] I apologize sir, but the other guests are complaining about the smell of your feet. – [Pear] Well, I’m complaining
about your table accent. – [Girl] Daddy just heal
them, do they stink again? – [Pear] Apparently. – [Waiter] If I may be honest madam, they’re the stinkiest feet ever. – [Pear] Wow dude, this
guy’s throwing down, and fireworks in the, okay whatever, fireworks in the restaurant, that’s cool. If you guys wanna do that, fine. Dude, this guy has bionic foot stink, like there’s nothing we can do. I’m serious, we have to just cut ’em off! – [Girl] Turns out Dad’s
feet are not exactly healed. – [Pear] Oh, how many times
are we gonna have to do this? What? No, I don’t. – [Store Clerk] Welcome to our shoe store. – [Pear] This guy looks trustworthy. – [Store Clerk] Oh my, that smell! – [Pear] Yeah, we know, we know. – [Store Clerk] Just a moment,
I need my special equipment for this kind of situation. – [Pear] You got smell waves
coming off of your feet. What, oh gas mask. – [Store Clerk] I know just what you need! – [Pear] A lobotomy? – Our special shoe model,
– No. Fragrance Master 2.0. – [Pear] No, we just need
to take the feet off, I’ve told you this 8,000 times. Oh boy, okay so we’re putting
a fan, can we put him by the? – [Girl] The air could
use some refreshment. – [Pear] Oh okay, there
we go, just sucking that right outta there,
but it’s not gonna, it’s just gonna come back. We’ve established that
every time we do this, it comes back. So, it doesn’t really matter what we do. – [Store Clerk] Let’s measure your foot. – [Pear] Okay. Okay, why do they smell? They don’t look nasty
like they did before. You had like, bugs and
stuff crawling on ’em. Oh man, I don’t wanna
touch your nasty feet! Are we perfuming? – [Girl] Let’s smell nice, Dad. – [Pear] Yeah here you do Dad, here’s some women’s perfume for ya. That’ll… (laughs) Alright, you’re sparkling now. You’re like a vampire, awesome! This is like the sequel to Twilight? – [Girl] I think I need new shoes. – [Pear] It’s not about you! Dude, okay lady! Man, okay, I’m just gonna
give you some crazy, these ones kinda have wings a little bit. I don’t know, let’s just go with these. Fine. I don’t care. Why do I have to pick your shoes? Can’t you pick your own shoes? How old are you? Alright, what is these moon boots? – [Store Clerk] Behold, the
wonder of modern shoe science! – [Pear] Yeah, that I have to assemble, you don’t have shoes that
are already pre-assembled? That just seems like terrible business. Who comes to a shoe store and
has to assemble their shoes? – [Store Clerk] Fragrance Master 2.0. – [Pear] Wow. – [Store Clerk] Congratulations, sir! – [Pear] I’m thrilled, I’m still. – [Store Clerk] You
solved your little problem in a very elegant way. – [Pear] Why is little in quotes? Was it not, I don’t understand. Are you saying that my
feet are really big? I mean, not me personally, I don’t have feet, thank goodness. They don’t stink,
because I don’t have ’em. Yeah, there’s an easy
solution to all of this. – [Girl] The awful smell
has turned violent! It’s becoming a danger
– What? to the environment. – [Pear] What, again! Dude! Okay, you just kicked a shoe off, and now it’s just infecting everything? Dude, your feet are a biohazard, we need to take them off! We need to remove them,
they need to be amputated. I am sorry, I am sorry adorable puppy that you had to deal with that, because that is not something. Okay, we’re just gonna
poke you in the face? Okay, there we go. What is this? No, don’t pour, no don’t
spray perfume in a dog’s face. – [Girl] There you go! – [Pear] What is with this game? Everything is just abuse, animal abuse! You guys are crazy. – [Girl] Let’s see what your
favorite ball is, little buddy. – [Pear] Yeah, can we get the smell out of that bush over there? Because, I think, that would probably be, you know, advantageous
to the puppy, as well. Dogs are known to roll
around in stinky stuff. Okay, what are we doing here? We’re spraying this, we’re
gonna spray you, little guy? Oh, I see, we’re watering the bush. – [Girl] Revival time. – [Pear] Yeah I get it,
revival time, stop it, stop saying it. – [Girl] Boom. – [Pear] Perfect, boom goes the dynamite. Whoa he’s playing, now he’s happy. – [Girl] You’ve got skills. – [Pear] Yeah I, what? I got skills, or he’s got skill? – [Girl] Let’s make you a
cool, new house little buddy. – [Pear] What does this have
to do with the pool party? I don’t understand anything
that’s happening in this game. I’m fixing feet, I’m making dog houses, that’s a pretty cool
dog house, by the way. I wanna keep that, kinda looks like a castle kinda thing going on. Yeah, a little bit of Easter theme, I don’t know what I’m talking about. (yells) You’re gonna be Oscar? Wanna be an Oscar Meyer wiener, actually I really, really don’t. That’s a good song, right? – [Girl] That looks great. – [Pear] Yeah, eat that up
Oscar, that’s all yours. What are we doing? Oh wow. Oh hey, Dad yeah pose for a picture, after you just stunk up
the whole neighborhood. Literally. Your feet are a biohazard,
they need to be eliminated. – [Girl] Now back to daddy’s
stinky feet problem, I guess. – [Pear] Again? Didn’t we just deal with
the stinky feet problem? Just 30 seconds ago. Why am I doing this? Why am I having to follow your dad around and fix his feet, every three seconds? – [Girl] Dad’s stinky feet
are showing a strong defiance. Time to try
– Oh boy. some good old fashioned science! – [Pear] No! What are we doing? – [Girl] Cindy, can you help daddy get rid of that foul foot stench? – [Pear] Yeah, Cindy knows, she looks like she knows what she’s doing. – [Cindy] We’ll fix that in no time. – [Pear] Actually, the voices
sound exactly the same. – [Dad] Not really sure about this. – [Pear] Dude, you have
lost your right to talk, eight hours ago! With the first, is that a
spider down at the bottom? Are we gonna sick some spiders on you? – [Girl] Just breathe slowly. – [Pear] Oh yeah, give
him the giggle juice. Give him the giggle, he
is, he’s giggling, alright. Now that he has the giggle juice, we can. – [Girl] Good job! – [Pear] I have to fix the computer? I’m putting motherboards into
your computer, what is that? Why am I fixing your computer? What is happening? Why do I have to fix, it’s your computer! So you just, wow am I
now building the lasers that are going to laser your feet off. Okay well, I like where this is going. Finally, see they look like scary lasers, but since they have stars of them, now that makes them a
little less threatening, so we’re good. Just putting this right here, oh wow. Alright, I get to design it, so let’s, we’re gonna call this machine the Foot. There we go, we gotta write it down here. It’s the called the Foot Fart, eh we better give it a number. Of course we’re gonna go with 9,000, cause it’s over 9,000! Okay, it’s technically just 9,000. The Foot Fart 9,000 sucking your feet off baby, here we go! We’re taking ’em off. Don’t need ’em anymore. Okay, that was just,
yeah getting it’s target. Now laser ’em off, dude. Just laser those things, whoa. Is that what I’m doing? This is terrifying. What doctor does this? If you go to the doctor, and they put a laser spider on you, just go to a different
doctor, ’cause that’s not, no, laser spiders are not a thing they use in health. That is crazy, we don’t
want it, we don’t need it. Spiders are creepy enough as it is, we don’t (mumbles) lasers. Okay, take the foot off, just take it off. Yeah, we’ve established it’s feet. Alright, yes! We’re finally lasering your feet off! – [Machine] Demolished, operation. – [Pear] What, okay, you’re feet are just. – [Machine] Malfunction detected. (groans) (groans) – [Pear] Now they’re
like, two times as big! – [Cindy] It seems we have
a little problem here. – [Pear] Yeah, his feet
are bigger than we were. – [Dad] I told you guys
this isn’t a good idea. – [Pear] Can it, Dad! – [Girl] Oh no, what do we do now? – [Pear] Find a new family? Okay, shoot fireworks off
in the house, that’s fine, we’re just gonna do that. Why not? We’re just gonna keep on moving. – [Girl] So the trip to the
lab was a major disaster. – [Pear] Yes, it was. – [Girl] Now, is a Shaman master. – [Pear] Of course. The next step in, wow. – [Shaman] Seem to have a
serious problem on your hands. – [Pear] Yeah, your nose
is a problem, dude what? – [Shaman] Nothing that the
power of the elements can’t fix! – [Pear] Really, is that what we’re doing? – [Shaman] Let’s prepare
the healing ceremony! – [Pear] What are we doing? Just put his feet in the boiling acid. Why am I putting your headdress? – [Shaman] Need my ceremonial hat. – [Pear] It was already assembled, and then you disassembled
it right in front of me! Why do I have to put it together? Why do these games do this? It was already assembled, it was fine. But it’s just like, hey here’s
a sandwich I made for you, and then you throw it on the ground into a bunch of pieces. Like, put it back together. – [Shaman] A few more things that I need. – [Pear] Dude, why am I dressing you? This is getting weird. I mean, it got weird long ago, but I guess, whatever man. You just do your thing. Alright, he’s got some
clothes on, thank goodness. – [Shaman] Throw this in the cauldron. Now the rest
– Why not? of the elemental stones. – [Pear] Please say this is
gonna summon some zombies that’ll eat this guy’s feet. That’s what I want. – [Shaman] Throw this in the cauldron. – [Pear] I am, dude. We’re gonna, what are we? – [Shaman] A little bit of magical dust. – [Pear] Okay. This seems legit. Okay, now your feet are sparkling. I’m gonna call you sparkle toes. Wow, we’re electrocuting him! Oh dude, you deserve. (chanting in foreign language) Pretty sure that’s racist, but okay. Yeah we’re just gonna electrocute him. – [Shaman] Stinky, but your
feet are back to normal. – [Pear] Oh, they’re stinky again, no! Nope guys, I am done. Don’t make me play this game again! Stop making me play this stupid game, I don’t want Stinky Feet
all up in my business, okay? I’m out. Peace out. Live that extreme dream,
until next time, peace out. No! No, I’m not doing your, okay done, done, done! (upbeat electronic music)

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  1. Pear, every bug is not scary. One time l cryed by my friends scared by spider, but l am looking at the spider. Because l love spiders. Because they are cool, like midget kraken and see webs.

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