Peep This: Star Wars Battling Drones | Ep. #20

September 21, 2019

What’s up, peeps? I’m Jon. I’m Joey. And this is a show where we
take a look at something brand new at Vat19. And what’s inside this
box is not only brand new, but super awesome. [STAR WARS THEME MUSIC] Peep this. [MUSIC PLAYING] Star Wars Battling
Drones, that’s what we’re peeping right now. These are amazing. They’re incredible. Now normally on Peep
This, we pull in a box and open it up for the
first time on the show and it’s the first
time we’re seeing it. But on today’s episode, we got a
little too excited this morning and we opened these up already. So the Star Wars
Battling Drones come in these special
edition collector’s box that you can see here. You got an X-Wing,
a TIE fighter. A speeder bike. These boxes are
really high quality. There’s like a three
dimensional plastic kind of piece of the ship here. And there’s like a wax-like
seal on the side of each one. They would make
incredible gifts, but that’s just
outside of the box. That’s just the outside. You want to see
what’s inside the box. And hear what’s inside the box. Uh-oh. Here we go. [STAR WARS THEME MUSIC] So it lights up, plays themes,
and scenes from the movie. The speaker in the back. And they’re different
for each box. So that was Darth
Vader’s TIE fighter. We’re going to move
on to the X-Wing. Let’s see what’s under the box. [STAR WARS SCENE] Scene from the movie. They’re attacking the
Death Star, I believe. All wings report in. Ten standing by. Red Seven. Red Five standing by. That’s Luke, Red Five. So let’s open up
the third drone. Let’s do it. Hey, wait! Speeder bikes,
Return of the Jedi. So that’s all three drones. You got an X-Wing, a TIE
Fighter, and a speeder bike. And you’ve got the
Millennium Falcon, I think, coming out in 2017. I think we should
crack these open. Let’s do it. Here they are out of the
box with the propellers on. The propellers are clear
so that when they fly, they kind of look like– it just
looks like the ship is flying. You don’t see the
propellers, really. They’re actually
hand-painted, which is crazy. Yeah and you can
tell because they have gotten like way in detail. Crazy fast. There’s like a new kind
of blade– reverse blade propulsion system–
I don’t even know what that means– but
it goes really fast, like 35 miles an hour. They’re just super,
super fun to fly. They’re really easy
to control, too. They come with these
crazy cool controllers. This feels like a much, much
higher end drone controller. Yes. This is like something you’d
expect to pay like Phantom 4 prices for. This is crazy. So this is a controller
that controls one of the Imperial ships. It’s got the Empire logo here. You’ve got the Rebel ship there. Different colors. So in the box, you get the ship. You get two batteries. The charger. All sorts of spare parts
and screws and propellers. It’s just crazy all the stuff
that’s included with this. These are like, top quality. Super durable. And I mean look
at all the lights. It’s crazy. It looks like a movie prop. Like, I mean, I
could see them using these in the original
Star Wars movies, how they used miniatures
to make those. Definitely. They could shoot these
with movie cameras and they would look
like real spaceships. This isn’t like a toy drone. This is like– this
has sensors galore. So it’s got a barometric–
baro– barometric– Can’t even say it. So this has a barometric
pressure sensor which keeps you off the ground. So it keeps you
from going too low and keeps you from
going too high. That’s crazy. So it just keeps
you in that– you don’t have to worry
about crashing into the ceiling or the floor. So you can kind of
get a feel for flying this thing for the first time. And then you can take the
training wheels off and go 35. It’s got a feature where
you can just push a button and do an aerial stunt. Hit the button and
all of a sudden, this thing will flip over and
do like a sweet barrel roll. You can do a right barrel
roll or a left barrel roll. So there’s a little slot on
the side of the controller, with the screwdriver,
to get the battery open. And it looks like a lightsaber. I never have the screwdriver
for the battery door. You never have what you need. You never have it, but
it’s right here, built in. So the controllers
also have a speaker. And so they play
tracks from the movie. You can select
the track that you want to listen to
while you’re flying. You can turn them off. You can shuffle the songs. It’s very customizable. Put in silent mode, whatever. One of the coolest features,
maybe the coolest feature of these drones, we haven’t
even mentioned it yet. You’ve got to get more than
one because they battle. They’re battling drones. They’re Star Wars
Battling Drones. If you didn’t catch that
at the top of the video, you can actually fly multiple
drones around and shoot each down. The remote has a little lives
indicator, three lights here. And as your ship gets
hit, you lose a life. And the ship that you shoot kind
of shakes in the air at times. And you can feel it vibrate. This vibrates so you
know you got hit. Once it gets
completely destroyed, you lose control and
it spirals and safely– Safely down to the ground. Lands on the ground,
which is super cool. There’s actually
an expansion laser that you’ll be able to buy
later that is more precise than the blaster’s included. And it actually shoots
a visible laser beam, if you have like fog in
the room or whatever. Another sweet feature
of this remote control, as if it didn’t have enough
sweet features already, you just pull this up. And now, you’ve got
this little control here for your smartphone–
smart device. Pop that right in there. It grips it nice and tight. And then, you can use the
app to see other controls. Like in your battle,
you can keep score. All sorts of other
stuff with the app. So this thing is just packed
with awesome features. So one of my favorite
features that you don’t really find with toy drones is the
auto takeoff, auto land button. It’s a button. One button. You just push it and it takes
off and you’re ready to go. It just sits there
and hovers and then you can control it from there. And when you’re ready to
land, you just push it again and it lowers down safely. Super awesome. Should I take one off? Yeah. We should totally. Let’s do it. [DRONE NOISES] There she is. I mean, come on. That is so sweet. Another thing that’s
included with each drone is this little guard cage
thing that you can just kind of snap on, really easily. And that just protects the
propellers a little bit. So in case– it’s kind of
like your training wheels. You’re just learning
how to fly this thing. You don’t want to be
crashing around your kitchen or whatever. But if you do break a propeller,
they have bonus ones included. That’s true, that’s true. We’re clear for launch. [DRONE NOISES] Scanning for Rebel scum. So cool. Look at that! That one is super cool. I’ll give you a landing pad. Oh, it didn’t even need it. Well that is the Star
Wars Battling Drones. We’ve got a video–
full video coming soon that’s going to show
you all the details and show a lot more cool shots
of these things flying around and battling and stuff. We’ve also got another
video coming out with the pilot of
that ship right there. And it’s– That’s a little teaser. A little fun video. So that’s coming out soon, too. Make sure you subscribe because
you want to be notified. If you turn on notifications
and you subscribe, you get notified the second
these videos come out. As always with Peep This– This was a big one. We peep it and you keep it, so
you can win your very own Star Wars Battling Drone. Check the description
below to find out all the details about
how you can enter and win– potentially win
a Star Wars Battling Drone. Thanks for sticking around and
battling with us with the Star Wars Battling Drones. And we hope to
see you next time. May the force be with you. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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