Penny’s Dark Secret In Kindergarten 2
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Penny’s Dark Secret In Kindergarten 2

September 6, 2019

[Nugget Voice] Top of the morning ya Laddies! My name is Jacksepticeye and welcome back to Kindergarten 2! [nugget voice stops] We are doing… I said I wanted to do Opposites Attract this time. It’s the one between Penny and Buggs, so I need the A+ and the tool belt to be able to do it. So let’s grab that and let’s grab that… Wait I can use three items? *big smoke* OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH The later missions require a bunch of stuff… I know, that requires two… This one requires three. Okay, well, whatever, Opposites Attract… Let’s. Gizzity. GO. uhm What does it say about it? Actually, how do I start Opposites Attract- Start the mission by getting some contraband confiscated then talk to Buggs. Okay, contraband. uhm You have something, right? They have a metal detector- No, you don’t… Oh YEAHHHH (koolaid man is that you???), she does! So. [Carla] Oh really new kid? Here’s a firecracker. I’ll owe you a favor if you can get it in undetected. Okay, so I have to get this confiscated cuz if I buy it from Monty then I’m out of money… [Carla] Haha this ought to be good. I’ll see you in study hall new kid. You have a lot to learn. [Jack] I- Yeah, I do. I don’t know… what this mission is yet. Wait, what did it say? And talk to Buggs? Okay. Gotcha- I’m glad it gives you like a starting point. [Buggs] She took my knife! The little snitch! She just made a very unstable enemy-(Jack laughing) Who are you talkin’ about? [Buggs] The stupid principal’s daughter! She somehow knew I had it on me. And now I have study hall! This new school is so stupid. (Jack) ᵀʰᵃᵗ’ˢ ᶜᵃᵘˢᵉ ˢʰᵉ’ˢ ᵃⁿ ᵃˡⁱᵉⁿ, ᵈᵘᵈᵉ. An alien or a… robot sent to kindergarten to stop us from having fun… Maybe I can help. [Buggs] Have you ever heard had something dangerous wrongfully taken from you? [Jack] Uhm, not exactly… [Buggs] Then you wouldn’t understand! I’ll get it back myself. Okay, well maybe I’m supposed to get this confiscated…? [Penny] Hello, my name is- I’m sorry… I couldn’t help but notice that you have some contraband on you. I’m afraid I’m going to have to confiscate it. [Jack] cOnTrAbAnD? [Penny] Yes. That item in your pocket is not allowed at this school. I’m sorry, you’ll have to report to study hall after lunch. [Jack] How did you know that??? [Penny] What? I just… I don’t know how! Just make this easy for me please and, hand it over. [Jack] Are you allowed to confiscate it? [Penny] Of course. My mommy is the principal. She wants to keep the school safe. [Jack] FFFFine. [Penny] I’m sorry… (not) But you’re going to have to go to st… You’re go… But you’re going to have study hall today. (jack u ok?) I really hope we can still be friends. [Jack] I doubt it.>:( Now Buggs, I feel your pain. [Buggs] I’m gonna get my stuff back! [Jack] Yeah, she took MY stuff too! [Buggs] She did? so it’s not just cause I’m fat and ugly? [Jack] Awwww, boogers… 🙁 NO!>:( It’s because we’ll you had a knife in school boys. We need to have a talk She said that to you well, no, I just assumed that’s why she randomly searched me So what do we do about this? I want my knife back We’re gonna find out where she put it there. We take her out. Um What? How do we do it? We need a man on the inside. Are you smart enough to get into the smart class? Well, go to study hall though. I’m pretty sure that’s where she goes after this. Oh so I can go there before Yep. Okay. Good go make friends with her do her a favor or something See if you can get her to open up on where she’s gonna put our stuff Sure wait, so why do I need the tool belt? I. Think we can still be friends. Really Wow That would be so great. I don’t want to get people in trouble. It just sort of happens It’s fine. Thank you. You can have this friendship bracelet. It’ll be nice to have some company in the smart class. I Normally have to sit alone. I’ll see you there. Okay, so have one thing left to. Do we’re gonna use the tool belt on him So, why do I need it she Gave me this bracelet I’ll take that as a yes, then nice job kid. Just get her to open up to you cheering morning time We get her stuff back. Just you. Wait. Could we do anything else? Mmm, no, don’t think about it. She is the principal’s daughter Might be Wars look at your other principal’s office I’m gonna get in there The principal doesn’t even deal with the discipline here just gives us study hall I see talk to her see if she’ll let you pop in for a visit Oh principal Hello, I’m the principal of this fine school sure you are. Okay, so I’ll tell you what. Why don’t we have lunch together my treat we can address any concerns you may have Yes. Oh Goody, here’s a pass that will get you out of lunch. Just meet me in my office and we’ll talk this whole thing out Okay nailed it, that’s the Bell Everybody heads your assigned classrooms. I was at a smart class. Dude me big brain B big brain go to big brain class with the big brain teacher Okay. I’m supposed to be sitting with her though Welcome to the advanced class. If you are here you have proven to be smarter than the other slugs you call peers Please try to use this time constructively Einstein was building ray guns and Kendra garden. So should you? Remember to fill out your daily assessment on the computer Plus if you take it you get a school mandated prize because we can’t have learning without incentive anymore What a world Okay, so people are also telling me the sequence of the items that I had last same At the flowers. I just looked out and did it on my own so Darn it. None of these parts are the ones I’m looking for Are you look I’m trying to find something to upgrade the precision of the laser can and on my chair? I’m gonna use it to make that janitor suffer. Okay. I don’t think I’m supposed to be doing that with you right now You come to sit with me. That’s so nice. You really do want to be my friend after I took your stuff Where is the stuff you take from the kids? Oh Um, I don’t actually know I just it just sort of goes away How could you not know it’s really strange? Sometimes I just forget things I black out or something, but I do remember something about my dolly Your dolly honey. She’s an alien man. Yeah, my mummy says I’m not allowed to play with her anymore She’s in the toy chest in the other class What’s so special about your doll? I I don’t remember. I know she’s important You should get her for me. Maybe then. I remember where I put your stuff. I guess I could try to yay I can’t wait to see her again. She should be in the toy chest Thank you so much I’ll be back with her. Okay? Hey what gives this is just a box of cleaning supplies. I thought we were getting prizes The school mandates that I give out prizes. It doesn’t mandate that they have to be good prizes So I just grab something out of the janitor’s closet Let’s whole ripoff You said it? Jerome I’m going next time the computer. It’ll keep me on Tanner’s good side good for you Take the assessment Thank you for taking your assessment. Please take your pick up the cleaning sir. I mean prizes I don’t know if I’m doing anything right? I’ll take this spray ball, which are we gonna pick? toilet paper spray bar Spray bottle is far more useful toilet paper is just gonna wait my booty hole There you go. Enjoy your prize Now go do some smart child things Okay Okay I need to head out and get the thing If you must leave it would be nice if you asked first Okay, can I leave I? Don’t know. Can you oh my god. It did the Spongebob mean stuff that Stupid thing. Did your teachers always like can I go to the bathroom? No Yeah you May I leave? Yes, that’s quite all right. Just be back before the bell rings. Hey, he’s nice. He lets me out. I Have a lunch pass. I’m allowed out here. Wait, where am I going the other class? Okay. See you later Hi Well kid, what do you do down here? You’re supposed to be making friends with our snitchy friend. I need Cindy’s dog Oh great. That girl doesn’t give up her toys easy. She probably makes you play house for it. What can we do? Way, I see it. You have to play along You got a playhouse there get married a bunch of kids did divorce her then you’ll get the toy back Or you could just pretend We don’t have time to set her up and get her in trouble too. My best I wouldn’t go into this empty-handed What do you have on you? a spray bottle Oh Perfect. This looks like you just blind her. You could just take the stupid doll from her by force No, please Idea, okay. Once you have that tall bring it to the snitch, see if she’ll spill any info after that We should be good. I’ll see you at lunch. Okay. See you then this might actually work I Just loved this doll. She’s so pretty just like me. Can I have it? I suppose you could if he can win custody What do you mean? We’re going to play house. It’ll be fun. I Guess we can wait the teachers gonna do something. Perfect. I’ll see you over at the doll house ex-husband Oh No What are you doing here it’s not the weekend or Thanksgiving spray Cindy in the face do that dog? Doing let’s go this works my eyes So bad, my head is spinning Chloroform Just take the stupid dog. Leave me alone Hell yeah what you’re not supposed to be here. I’m not putting up with any more kiss that I need you today. Get out Magic was getting out. Anyway. See you later, dude This is actually working out perfectly Buh-bam poo. I got your dolly Did you get her there you go You did it I missed her so much Thank you. This means the world to me Happy to help. You know, I haven’t actually told anyone that you had contraband on you I don’t have to I won’t have study hall. I think that’s fair You really did make me happy too What’s this? What? There’s some kind of thing sticking out of her back. It looks like some kind of old computer disk weird Well, I don’t need it. You can have it if you want. Thank you so much for being my friend today Sure I’m going to hide her under this table. My mommy wouldn’t want me playing with her Okay, then. Where did you hide the stuff? What I dunno Wait, do you need this? Okay, good, look at that I Did something wrong I did something very wrong because I don’t have enough Freaker frak what did he do wrong? What was I supposed to get instead? Change lesson to chemistry change lesson to Magnus change lesson to robotics. This filing cabinet has various lesson plans I could change it by moving the folder on weight Changes in chemistry, what does that do? Well now we’re in lunch. Okay Well, I’ll keep going and see what happens whoa Oh tree con go did she tell you where she put her stuff She gave me this disc Interesting. Well, we got to see what’s on it. We need access to a computer and there’s probably wanted the principal’s office Nicely did you smooth talk to principal like I told you to well, yeah, I got this look I’ve gotta cause an Incident in here I’m gonna shit my pants and smeared all over the floor They usually gets the attention one that requires the principal’s attention which leaves for office. That’s what you got in her computer One more thing After you get the file printed see if I don’t look in the back door I have a feeling we’ll need to get back up there can do No, according to the principal’s office we’ve got work to do Okay, then I’m going to see the principal Wishes to see you, I’m here child She never wants to have lunch with dear sister. But I guess that’s not your problem. Ha ha ha Family issues and all that we went to therapy once but it just didn’t really work out ha ha ha. Oh Yes, not by. Oh Here. Oh, hello. Please do come in Oh Nice things you got here teach I’m so happy you came by I’m always very concerned about the well-being of the study Sister, please come quick the children the children have got mad. There’s shit in my air What are you talking about Margaret? What’s happened? Why are you covered in condiments? It is every lunch lady’s worst fear. Come to fruition. It’s a Rite No, no, I do apologize, but we’ll have to pick this up later. Please. Don’t do anything while I’m gone This will only take a minute Especially do not open the back door or steal anything in here. You little shit Thank you time Uh-oh, I’m gonna smear my booty all over everything. There are lot of books on this bookshop There’s a bright red book that seems to stick out here on the book a secret passage sittin open and little disappointed There’s a monster Mary q. What’s the bond card in the book though? Sweet? Okay Principal’s computer. I don’t I can’t read so there is so much I can do I Can’t read it’s a pink plant. I get the feeling that the science teacher had something to do with its creation I know I have to do the computer thing, but I’m looking around first before we do anything else. It’s just calendar Oh how the seasons change? Oh that they do. Oh I got a little Sam think little like we need you. What did Uncle Sam Uncle Sam this store seems to lead outside. It’s like what I can’t a lot but I can unlock it. Okay I’m not the door that still gives us time Okay, this is the principal’s computer, oh wait Yeah, I printed out something this document printed out when I put the disk in the computer know what it says Take the document boom Let me do it Goodness, what a mess these new children make me miss the ones I oak. I almost forgot. I left you in here my mistake Were you about to say what who nothing? Don’t worry about it Try not to good. I’m afraid our time is almost up. We’ll have to try this again tomorrow Yes, you will. Please return to lunch and try not to slip on anything. It’s a mess in there I’m excited to see what it looks like It’s pretty bad Look, it’s blood is all over the place. Did you put blood on everybody? Well bugs you did a good job Please tell me you got something. I have I have mustard in my eye birds Oh, yeah, all right Marty a deal’s a deal I protected you from getting messed up or the food started flying now you Yes bugs, I’ll read the stupid document for you But this thing looks pretty big. I think I never done when recess recess starts Recess please study. Hope I want to know what it says, right? Oh Come on bugs, you know it doesn’t work like that. Looks like your little friend is gonna have to get the info for you Fine take this walkie-talkie. Who are you? I want to know everything. You know, I’ve availably just scratched the surface Oh great. Another walkie-talkie last have you got one of these the janitor kept calling me on it and telling me that he killed someone Metiria all right and Holyoke I Need to learn oh Yeah. Yeah, let’s just finish reading that document you gave me it’s a doozy Let it sink. Well penny is an Android of some sort. She has a freaking robot. I Have my money on an alien cuz she gave me the green goo but apparently the green goo is something else From the game an ID that she’s an alien. She could have green goo blood. She’s predator also an alien not actually a Roma She’s a terminator What? Yeah, it’s pretty crazy. The technology is astounding She is some sort of like SpaceX trademark on the back of her ass How did that happen? What’s controlling her? Where’s the Sochi confiscates? Seems like she was attacked by a bear or something really brutal stuff She had a lot of stuff replaced who’s controlling her to principle It looks like there are three remotes and her ex and that have full access Those go to the teachers into principle their listeners all over the school that only respond to one voice command, which is I’m sending you to the principal’s office ah Where’s the suction confiscates the schematics indicate that she is a strange compartment somewhere in a stomach? I don’t know if there is an ethical way to get it out. So she eats the things that she steals from us She’s a freaking robot Well, yeah, they told us that but I’m exclaiming it again honey ideas Well, I had to take down a robot go Will Smith. He seems really good about figuring out which ones are good And which ones are bad? But I probably try magnetizing her instead. Oh I could have changed it to magnetization magnetism Maybe I should have switched it to English instead. There’s a giant magnet. It’s like the science class. You can’t use it every night Because we’re learning about plants in science class today, unless the lesson plans changes You’re not gonna be able to get close to that thing Frick I’ll figure it out Hey good. I heard the whole thing. Maybe upstairs in the science classroom go to the principal’s office We’re gonna push this girl’s head wide open also the case Okay, here we go. See you later What do you think you’re going? You’re not allowed inside Oh Is there anything I can do to get insane can I spray the teacher? Okay Listen recess so much fun. Do you have any fun things you want to do? Foil your plans and show the world that your robot Okay, dang it Do you want to battle we could battle in the meantime a Little bit better FAT FAT FAT FAT it but beginning to you doo, doo doo doo doo doo immediately six damaged Kerala is thinking man minus three date Okay, anything here uh-huh Except now I can’t deal the floor damage. Well, it’s okay. I’m still winning last discarded thing is red, but they want to do damage Deal two damage plus two damage if you guys Do this one Okay, well Oh dick you reflected green I don’t have anything there reflects the blue Dang it. Oh, I’ll get you Carla. Let’s just do this one damage max damage ha ha Well, that actually worked out really well, can I use any of these oh Just needs you to lamp to damage To damage, nope Suck it Carla. I’m the most amazing I’m gonna get Coral okay, sweet I’m the greatest master ma card player there ever was Can’t play anyone else doc ha ha Doo-doo-doo-doo for damage immediately get him dog. Yes, I sum up Here we go Fight demos Jimenez sucks There we go to damage to damage, please you forget I’m afraid the teacher well not enough rate the teacher pretty ow Zero damage that hurt real bad Yes, ohh all legendary sword time, oh man, oh Yeah, I opened up the principal’s office, oh I’m a sneaky little sausage. Oh No dear this isn’t the study hall room. Oh my mistake Could you show me the right room, you know cuz my brains all dummy Dom and it doesn’t work real good I think I have tapioca in there instead of Course, right this way will see me tocb does it meet? Well that it goes alone she’s got to study hundred new so don’t come down you should we do the plan hasn’t changed I’m sure this wait. He’s a science classroom who’s gotta get in there and change the life supply two magnets. Go ahead Daddy won’t you do that get back outside away for the bell to ring so you could pay the lab fee I really need to start. I’m gonna need you to start the science class. Okay, so I got to go science class after this Dang it Oh Xander’s in here. Hi What’s going on there boy? Wait, what voice let me give him again. So the creep Jenna. Okay. Good, okay I don’t know what I do. Now. How do we get in? Wait wasn’t that to? Like hit me like had a weird message that can be like a bubble What can I do oh wait is your door here This air vent looks like it could be unscrewed. It seems like ah That’s why I use Paulo’s tool both. Thank you, Bob Saved my life. All right. Now we got to learn about magnets It’s funny Kevin okay changing listen to magnets. Oh I’m is All right back out I go You didn’t see anything. Mr. Chisel chin, okay Got it. Let’s go back out and talk to Monty. Maybe here’s something else. He could tell me This one’s a sneaky mission. I like this one a lot The bit bit bit Mati I did it Oh Should I just skip Okay, pay three dollars to go to science This one’s weird. I have to not eat Some of the other ones I’ve had to use all the apples to get into the next section but so far It seems like I’m nailing this one and I keep having an apple left over Okay, we’re learning magnets now observe the proper herb the power of magnets That’s strange. The magnet doesn’t seem to be working It looks like someone has sabotaged my magnet one of the gears is missing I will not have some rat of a child ruining good science children. It’s time for a scavenger hunt Whoever finds that gear gets a prize or something, maybe more cleaning supplies who cares start looking Hey, can I talk to you for a second? What is she’s a robot? I feel like giving her a different voice I think I’m the one who took that gear you think It’s kind of a blur. I blacked out again or something I think I put it into the blue locker, but I don’t know the combination I’ll get it back. Maybe she could be a weird creepy Android like something is different since I met you. I hope you find it Go find the gear But how did it get out sounds like we need to get into that locker there chunk I’m gonna talk to this Kerala girl partly. She’s good at opening locks Meet me upstairs by the lockers Get out. Oh, just leave Hey, I see you over there. No leaving when there is science to be done I’m gonna look for the gear. Oh Good idea. It might be somewhere in the hallway. Here’s a Hall Pass, but I don’t want you going downstairs understand You got it champ. I don’t need to go downstairs It’s this one right here the blue one He huh, hold up their loom dude RINO’s, let me see some passes, honey Got a job to do, you know she’s got a bathroom pass. He’s gonna haul pies I Got a lighter for you. We good. Oh Yeah, I guess oh geez Gonna have to be this one. This is Penny’s Locker We’re all dead if we get caught tried to get in here. Don’t worry about it Just pick this stupid lock so we can get out of here No deal man were upping the ante if you want in on this locker. What do you want? There’s a special laser module that she uses to fry kids with I wanted comprende Fine, whatever. No open the stupid thing Easy for you to say get back to that classroom right now and keep her from coming out here She if she has a blackout right now. We have a serious problem, you know about her blackouts we all do We just choose not to talk about it because we all want to live now get in there and keep it from coming out here Come on with us take it should only take a little while assuming she doesn’t come out here and ruin our lives How do I distract her she had a doll that used to keep her cam if you had that it might help Oh, I know where that doll is. I got it for her and now it’s under her table Take the doll Something’s wrong I think someone is trying to get into my locker We’re getting the gear remember what you can’t go through my locker. I need to protect myself I mean my stuff Why don’t you play with your doll? Look shiny shiny? Nice. Nice my dolly Yes, my dolly when things were better when times were simpler. Yes. I’ll go play with my dolly Good idea. Oh Man, it’s so much easier to a voice for her. Now that I know what her character is Booyaka, we did it, bro Did you get it? The locker is locked I talk to them Got it. Here’s your stupid gear fatso. You’re looking here at Carl or I’ll push you down the stairs for a comment like that I mean you can still push him down the stairs if you want dude, it’s your choice. I mean, you’re an asshole either way Just remember our end of the bargain bring me that laser module. I’ll get it from you tomorrow before school. Oh Wait, that’s what I’m actually doing. Oh That’s the the thing in my mission map. That’s what I get at the end of all of this. Yeah Yeah, you’ll get what’s coming to you. Here’s the gear kid. Get back in there. Let’s fry this chick. I hope this works. Oh poor penny She just wanted to play with her dolly. I found it. I Do have to hear you do well that’s splendid news gather round children observe the power of magnets Oh Penny, I’m so sorry. Um, dr. Danner, I I don’t feel so good. I oh Sweet Jesus. Oh No, I am so fired You think genius Shut up, Ozzie. No one likes you. Oh that’s uncalled for her, but she’s bleeding like green stuff as well It’s like green and red all together in yellow ish Well children looks like this is the end of my tenure here. Stay in school don’t do any drugs unless I gave them to you he’s facto, baby Oh God I must go. No, my planet needs me Whoa, that works way more violently than I thought it would we didn’t just pull her head off though. We’re not her entire body I’ve got the stuff. Let’s get the hell out of here right behind you. Wait. Did you get the laser? I have so many things in my inventory Did I do it Bump up I Can’t believe we did it. We took out an Android and got my knife back. It’s been a good day John Connor would be proud I guess. So here’s that laser thing. I thought that was a sword He’ll let you give it to her. She kind of scares me. Okay, then To commemorate the end of being spied on by a robot. Here’s a monster mark Eric. It’s just a big eye That’s a bit of a stretch Kill her eye, whatever man. We’ll see you tomorrow We did we got Penny’s laser beam Season those shirt row motors. I really need to change into a different costume for the next one I keep forgetting that there’s costumes in the game. I got forbidden book coral that looks like hand and killer I danced three monster Mon cards in one day. That was a good haul I Like that mission that was a fun one. We only have three left to do. All right What are we changing to do? We want to be Uncle Sam? I? Want oh my god. They all keep my eyes. So the penny head has my eyes I’ll keep the same head, but I’ll put on Put on this this is a cute little outfit I got a little smash Awesome ever I a lot of monster Mon carrots left to go. Oh man, I thought it was I thought I was doing really well and people were very excited for me to to get all the monster Mon cards apparently if I push this I Get one of the end eat the monster Mon card ending and people are saying that it’s really good for the love of God Do not spoil it in the comments I like reading the comments on these videos and I haven’t been spoiled yet about what the monster monitored ending is and It’s probably gonna be the last one I get because it’s gonna take a long time to get all the monster Mon cards And it’s a tedious one to do so, it’s gonna involve a lot of farming and a lot of like off-camera work So when I do that Then I’ll open it up. Um, and then it’d be super fun. But please don’t spoil it I know I know that it’s fun to spoil things every now and then because you know something that other people don’t know and some people like to just be a dick about it and seeing other people get mad and some people like just knowing something other people don’t and Then they want to spoil it because it makes them feel good about themselves for knowing something that somebody else is now Please don’t spoil it I’m very much enjoying this game and I like discovering things as I go along and things haven’t been spoiled for me yet I was stipulated there penny was an alien Well, they did say she might be a robot as well, but aliens seem more likely to me And then her being a robot and everything. So I like figuring you know as they go along It’s been really fun. But I got a little sash now, so I don’t the sash means no sass tomorrow I’m gonna be a pretty big brave boy and we’re gonna do This one so I need to bring the procedures pin and eight plus canes not able that’s coming up tomorrow, but until then This bad at a jetpack bursts escapes through the ceiling. I must go now. My planet needs me

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  17. part of this episode made me feel uneasy, kind of sick. not many games can do that, the story and the way it was told sometimes makes me feel uneasy, kindof scared, which is why i like this game.

  18. Because of this part of the story and what happened to Penny, my head keeps repeating the phrase ”I will put you back together”. Or is it like a reference? This game made references to other games.

  19. You heard jack you spoil it you die or go to study hall or your fired

    From what you ask iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii don’t know

  20. guys I think the principal killed all the old children.remeber all the stuff in the nugget cave and what she was about to say

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