Penny’s Dark Secret In Kindergarten 2
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Penny’s Dark Secret In Kindergarten 2

September 6, 2019

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  1. were you hoping someone would edit the outro to look like you were flying up into space but no one did so it just is uncomfortably quiet?

  2. I'm a very story oriented person and tend to focus on dialogue alot. Kindergarten is easy with the yellow cues that they give you in the dialogue.

    So when Jack forgets to read and remember the important parts, it makes it hard to watch. However because I love our Jackie boi, I will continue to watch. It's just a small annoyance I had.

  3. I don’t really like spoiling things. I just like acting high a nd mighty like “I know something you don’t. What? No I’m not gonna tell you! Heheheheheheh.”

  4. Ok I'm on this episode and my theory is that Dr banner degined penny to confiscate contraband just a theory A GAME THEORY

  5. Wait a minute

    Buggs has the same voice of Charlie from Sally Face..

    Buggs assumed that Penny didn't like him because he was a chub bun (much like me) and ugly (also like me)
    But REALLY
    It's because he stole her pony

    (You get that reference if you have watched Sally Face.)

  6. How to get a doll from a child 101
    Step One Blind her with cleaning supplies
    Step Two Take it from her by force

  7. It probably doesn’t make sense but the janitor reminds me of Rick Sanchez I’m not sure why but he does just with the aggressive attitude

  8. Don't worry l don't no to much of kindergarten l don't do you no why l didn't even shine the kindergarten 2 but l did shine the kindergarten 1 with you but longer time l don't remember to much just when you got killed by the monster xd

  9. The ending to the monstermon card is you get teleported into mincraft and see water sheep. I dont actually know what happens but that would be great.

  10. A few years ago during class I asked my teacher if I can go to the bathroom and she did that "I dunno CAN YOU?" crap on me

    As my own response I peed in my chair and told her "apparently I can" or something like that

    That was one of my favorite comebacks I ever did and I just remembered it while watching this video XD

  11. Does anyone else think that Jack is an awesome voice actor? Just listen to the characters! 15/10 would listen to again

  12. I am you from the future, I've come to collect all 50 monstermon cards that nugget has torn up in my future to reverse the snap that killed everyone and bring back lily, he was expecting the snap to kill Billy but not "the pretty Lilly" as he puts it, hes been eating nuggets in depression in his nugget cave, I think, the expression on his face never changes but he keeps muttering "The pretty lilly".

    you from the past what about the others that he killed?

    What about them?

    you from the past arnt you gonna bring them back to?


    you from the past Oh…. right…. there all f*$%ed up anyway.

  13. Hi Jack it's fellow member of the nugget cave,I never really liked spoiling things for people… I'm also questioning why the mission was called opposites attract.
    P.s I love watching your videos I feel less alone when I watch them with my free time from youtube…

  14. Me: Teacher can I go to the toilet

    Teacher: I don’t know can you

    Me: I’m not playing your shitty games

    Teacher: come back here

    Me: no because I ‘can’ go to the toilet

  15. Wait. I think I'm watching these out of order. I already saw the monstermon card ending,and a couple other things that happen later in the series. Its hard to tell what order you're supposed to watch them in. 🤔

  16. The toilet paper was for Ozzy in the bathroom ( I didn't watch the other episodes apart from the older episode )

  17. part of this episode made me feel uneasy, kind of sick. not many games can do that, the story and the way it was told sometimes makes me feel uneasy, kindof scared, which is why i like this game.

  18. Because of this part of the story and what happened to Penny, my head keeps repeating the phrase ”I will put you back together”. Or is it like a reference? This game made references to other games.

  19. You heard jack you spoil it you die or go to study hall or your fired

    From what you ask iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii don’t know

  20. guys I think the principal killed all the old children.remeber all the stuff in the nugget cave and what she was about to say

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