Pete Davidson: SMD – Growing Up in Staten Island & Flying Cape Air
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Pete Davidson: SMD – Growing Up in Staten Island & Flying Cape Air

February 15, 2020

You know how you know
someone’s from Staten Island? [laughter] They let you know that they’re
from Staten Island. If you don’t know
what Staten Island is, it’s like New York’s abortion
that lived. [laughter] It’s a shitty place. Nah, there’s good people
everywhere but, like, not in Staten Island
at all. Yeah, like, everybody could die
on Staten Island, and I wouldn’t lose sleep
over it at all. I’d be like, “Oh, I guess
I got to find a new Xanax dealer.” Like, that’s about it. No, it’s nice to be home. I had a–I had a [bleep]-up
week. I had a long week. I had to fly Cape Air. I don’t know if anybody’s
ever flown Cape Air, but I’ll tell you what it is. It’s a Volvo that flies. It’s a Volvo with wings. Um, first thing,
you pull up to the airport. I didn’t even know it was
the Cape Air airport, because it looked like
a post office. So I told the Uber driver,
I was like, “Listen. I think
we’re at the post office.” And he was like, “No,
this is the airport.” And I was like, “Well, okay.” First thing you do
when you get in there– there’s one lady
working in the airport. And when I got in there,
I was very, like– I was like,
“What the [bleep]’s going on?” And she was like, “Okay,
weigh your carry-on.” I was like, “That seems normal.” I’ve weighed my carry-on before. And she was like,
“Now weigh your backpack.” I was like, “Well,
that’s a little odd.” I’ve never really weighed
my backpack, but, you know, maybe there’s not a lot going on
at Cape Air. Maybe she’s just trying
to get a good work in. Like, you know what I mean? So I weighed my backpack. And then she was like,
“Now you.” [laughter] I was like, “Why–why do I
have to be weighed?” And she was like, “Well,
we have to weigh everybody “so we know where to seat you
on the plane “so it doesn’t topple over. ‘Cause it’s not like
a regular plane.” And I was like, “Did you
just say ‘regular plane’? Why the [bleep] is that okay?” It was terrifying. We walk to the plane. You could sit shotgun
with the pilot, like he’s your buddy
from college. The pilot was trying
to give us a speech before. It was crazy. He was just like,
“All right, guys. “Before we take off on Cape Air, “I just want to let you know “pretty much
the most important rule. You guys know how,
on a regular plane…” I was like, “What’s with this
[bleep] ‘regular plane’ thing?” I was like, “Get a new spiel.” He was like, “You know,
when you’re on a regular plane, “they’re like,
‘Turn your phones off,’ “but you really don’t have
to turn your phone off? “On this plane,
turn your [bleep] phones off. All right, everybody have
a safe flight, all right?”

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  1. Having flown on sea/float planes this is true. I've had them re-position people seating to 'balance the plane' and if it was single engine you can fly with the pilot. We chatted the whole time it was great.

  2. When I get angry I remind people that I’m from NJ- can’t help it. I think even in CA they know what it means.

  3. If it were in my country, Cape Air and legislation of Staten Island both would have sued him for defamation

  4. Anybody else get that ad on this page trying to sell you a season of Saturday Night Live? WHAT THE FUCK TWENTY FUCKING DOLLARS. For ONE season of JUST THE SKETCHES from SNL. Not the monologues or prerecorded segments or musical performances or non-sketch stuff like Weekend Update. You know, all the stuff that's normally included in the show FOR FREE ON TELEVISION EVERY SATURDAY. Just the WORST part of the show. From arguably the worst era of SNL sketch comedy. I mean they fucking eat dick, HARD. Seriously 90% of them are fucking insanely stupid and not remotely funny. 10% are mildly amusing, but even those usually fail to elicit an actual laugh from me.

    And NBC wants me to pay TWENTY FUCKING DOLLARS for that bullshit?

    Pete is funny. I like his comedy. I'll pay to watch his stand-up.
    SNL is fucking trash and it's not worth the price when its fucking FREE, there is no goddamn way on this green earth you could ever convince me to PAY $20 for a season's worth of half-of the-shows. Hell, not even for the full shows. That shit is worth $5.99 *AT BEST. *

    Listen, NBC. You get paid to make this show by running commercials during it. Attempting to fleece iyoutube viewers is just pure unadulterated greed and you should be fucking ashamed to ask for anywhere near that amount of money. I seriously hope no one ever, ever, EVER pays that much for such unwatchable garbage.

  5. Yeah Staten Island is New York's abortion that lived lol, some places are fine, but port Richmond is where it gets into the druggies.

  6. Omg is he right. The loud mouth fucking pussy with bejewled clothes, "ay bro I'm from fucking Staten island bitch I'll beat that ass", shut the fuck up you jersey shore wannabe bitch.

  7. I flew a similar flight to Paris once. The inflight refreshments were sandwiches the pilot handed out from a box before we took off. It was fucking wild.

  8. I’m really glad that girls see Pete hot because I kinda look like him and people always feel uncomfortable when I enter a restaurant because they think I’m drugs addicted

  9. I'm from Bay Ridge, saw the verrazano bridge from my bedroom window and I'll tell u this- There's a disproportionate number of people driving into Staten Island as there are coming out of staten island; it's as if Staten Island eats people. And their cars. Poof. Gone.

  10. people will literally laugh at anything nowadays anyone remember when you actually had to make a joke to make people laugh cause I do

  11. First my favorite comedian makes me fall on the ground laughing then the outro is logic….best fucking video ever

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