Pilot Training – Motu Patlu in Hindi – ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES! – 3D Animation Cartoon
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Pilot Training – Motu Patlu in Hindi – ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES! – 3D Animation Cartoon

January 12, 2020

Check height Ok sir …Ready to land? Ready sir Ha…ha..hmm…thank you Sheetal… please tell the passengers that we are ready to land; and ask them to fasten their seat belts. Ok sir…ha..ha..ha..ha.. Coffee…samosas…!!! Give it here…aahhh…ahhh… …oh…I’m burnt…I’m burnt… I’m burnt…oh…I’m burnt…Ohhh! Ouchhhh!! Looks like an Earthquake! Motu! Earthquake! Earthquake! Help!! No, my friend, it’s not an earthquake! but I had such a wonderful dream! It made me so happy. In my dream, we were both flying a plane! I wish… we really knew how to fly a plane…. Oh lord! My 20 years of experience tells me that I can give you pilot training; but first, you take me out for some hot tea with samosas and jalebi! Ok! We will do whatever you want us to…now tell us quickly, how we can become pilots. Doctor Jhatka is making an aeroplane.You can get your pilot training on that plane. Wow! What an idea! Thank you…thank you… Hey! What about my tea and samosas?!! Oh lord! In my 20 years of experience, I have not met such misers!! What is this? This is not a dream… It does not look like a plane…we should look at it carefully… …what sort of a plane is this brother? This is a Jhatka airway’s first plane! Ha…ha…ha… Can you give us pilot training on this plane? Motu, Patlu, my friends before becoming a pilot it is important to know a few things about this plane. It weighs 500 kg; it is 3 meters long and …. it has two engines, They both start with this key, my friends… When the engine starts it will sound exactly like..I don’t know where this sound is coming from… What have you done?!! Stop it!! Stop! Stop! Press the brakes! Where are the breaks? I can press them only if I can see them!! Why have you pushed the reverse gear?! Do you want to kill me?!! Put the front gear.. …put it… Ohhh!! What have you done?!! Look..the steering wheel take it back…behind… Pulled it back…I have pulled the steering wheel behind!! You were not supposed to pull it back….you fools… you were not supposed to pull it behind!! When you pull it back the plane will fly up!! Hey! Hey!! We are flying a plane!! We know how to fly a plane!! Woohoo!! We are pilots now!! Wow!!!! Are you both all right? Yes…up to now…We are fine…we are having so much fun! There is a steering in front of you. With that, you can turn the plane right or left and even up or down with it… ha…ha…ha…I swear on my patients…try doing it… Left…right…left..right…Motu this is up and this is down…..!!!!! Doctor Jhatka! Help! Help!! Do something! Please Help!!! Ahh…now you are closer to God, you should ask him for help!! (Screams) Tell us a way to bring this plane down!! I don’t know the way to land the plane. I have not fitted it with that instrument yet!! Ha..ha..ha…Aaah…do one thing, quickly put on your seat belts. Sure! If we can reach the seatbelts!! Saved! Doctor Jhatka, please..please…get us down. I don’t want to be a pilot anymore! Yes…enough of this pilot training. I will become a truck driver, an auto-rickshaw driver, anything…but I will not become a pilot! Please, get us down… Ok…now listen carefully…there is a red button in front of you… Yes, pressed it…pressed it…we have pressed the red button… What?!! You pressed it? Yes, we have pressed the red button…now what do we have to do? Put your hands together and say with me, dear God… Dear God… Forgive us our sins and take us into your fold as we arrive… Forgive us our sins and take us into your fold as we arrive… What is this nonsense! The button you pressed makes the plane turn back into a car …and… a car does not fly in the sky… No!!!! No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Doctor Jhatka! Help!!!!!! All right, now listen. You will see a blue colour button in front of you… Yes, there is a blue button but we will not press it. You will really not press it? No, we will not! We will not make the same mistake twice! All right then. Repeat after me…dear God, please forgive me my sins… …dear God, please forgive me my sins…. …Again the same thing?!! Why are you making us say it again?! because by pressing the blue button the car will turn into a plane once more, but you two don’t want to press the blue button, so what else can I do?! Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Doctor Jhatka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Help!!!!!!! You taught them how to fly a plane so fast?! Ghasitaram! They are not flying the plane they are dropping the plane… if you love your life the run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come down!! I’ll not let you get away without giving me my tea and samosas!! Hey…hey…hey…we are going into the mango tree!!! Thankfully we now have something to eat. I was getting very hungry. Here we are in danger of losing our lives and you are thinking of eating! Caught it! Ha…ha…ha… every mango has the name of its eater… No!!!!! What did you think? You could just take my mango and run away?!! ha..ha..Help!!!!!! Idea!! Why is this red light flashing? Oh my god! The plane’s fuel is over…the petrol is over, now we can no longer fly the car. Motu, do something. Quickly think of an idea to get us down. My brain doesn’t function on an empty stomach! There was one mango now that too is gone! Dear Lord! What sort of a greedy man am I friends with?!! Why don’t you help o lord? Praise me!! Patlu! Our plane has landed!! Yes! Thank you, lord! Thank you a million times! Ohh…we seem to have landed on top of another plane! Help!!! Hey! This is not some parking lot!!! I’ll just teach you a lesson… Don’t do anything…if you want take parking fees from us… Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Help!!!!help!!!! We got saved! Yay! Yay! Yay!! We are saved! We are safe now! Help!!! Is anybody there?!! Help!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is like that saying “you fall from the sky to get stuck on a date tree!!” but we are saved

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