Pio’s $1.5 Million Helicopter Ride Over NYC w/ FlyNYON | Excess w/ Pio
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Pio’s $1.5 Million Helicopter Ride Over NYC w/ FlyNYON | Excess w/ Pio

October 15, 2019

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below Oh my god… oh my god
look. look! oh my god…oh my god…oh my
god…oh my god… don’t do that Hi it’s ya boy Pio. We Excess
on BET. I’m bout to see the city Pio, What’s up. What’s up,
I’m Jason. What is this? We are at Flynyon
and we’re doors off. Helicopter Company we’ve been in
business for about five years. We’re in New York.
We also have Vegas Miami L.A. and San Francisco
all five cities all doors off. That’s kind of what separates
us from everyone else. Every competitor
inside New York right now is allowed to fly
over the water. We’re the only ones allowed
to fly over to City. How did it begin? So our CEO Pat day. He was going over to city
one day with his camera and thought the door was getting
in the way with the reflection. So he stuck open the door
stuck his feet out and made the first
ever shoe selfie. People want to do this.
People need to do this. That’s why FlyNyon
was born. How many flights do you do? We do about 40
to 50 flights a day. So the flight is about
300 to 500 dollars per person. A lot of money. It’s honestly
an incredible sight to see. Doors off, feet out and everything city
right under your feet.
of course. Anytime Pio.
You’re welcome any time. Each passenger will be given
personal flotation device to unbuckle any of the seat
belts. You must lift the release
Slash to form a 90 degree angle There you go. Let’s go! Ready to go with 3 + 2 company oh my god Oh my god.
wait wait wait Oh my god. Oh my god.
Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh shit
Oh shit. No. Don’t touch me Oh my god.
I don’t wanna look down Yeah Beautiful, Beautiful
Beautiful! How much this helicopter? 1.5 million
Oh okay, nice nice. my friend, do people party in
the Helicopter? All the time. oh they drink, they do
everything? yup. Oh okay, nice nice Do people (bleep) in the
helicopter? Guys you can put your feet
out if you want Oy, where you going with my
helicopter, mother (bleep) where you going with my
Helicopter? That’s mine! If you like what you saw
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  1. Why dont he buy a frikin airplane if he is really got damn Rich and he is always blinking jeez ahhahah oh may gahhhhhh oh may gahhhhhhhh oh may gahhhhhh nono oh shete oh shete

  2. Sup bich 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕sup again bich you so fat bich

  3. How sad we thi k this is enyertainment.Im only adding a public comment be ause this is a SHAME before our True GOD.

  4. This man is my dads friend and if you see him wear a hat that saids mamasuchy that my dads friend’s business I swear to god he’s my dads friend

    👇🏻like if you think he’s my dads friend if not then keep scrolling

  5. It's $300-$500 heli' ride and not $1.5mil!!! I clicked because I wanted to see what kinda heli' ride cost $1.5milly over NY!!! 😤..🤔…

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