Pixar Toybox Toy Story Gift Set with Bullseye Action Figure Disney Store Exclusive Review
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Pixar Toybox Toy Story Gift Set with Bullseye Action Figure Disney Store Exclusive Review

August 15, 2019

Disney Pixar Toybox Toy Story Gift Set featuring
Bullseye, Woody, Jessie & Buzz Action Figure Disney Store Exclusive Review – Your little
Toy Story fan can make playtime a rootin’ tootin’ roundup with this Woody Action Figure,
part of the new PIXAR Toybox Series. Your little Toy Story fan can take playtime
to infinity and beyond with this Buzz Lightyear Action Figure, part of the new PIXAR Toybox
Series. He even comes with a jetpack! Thank you for watching guys if you enjoyed
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  1. It Has Been A Long Journey To 6K Congrats I Will Be Here When You Hit The Big 1 Millon Just One Day And That Unknown Day Will Come, I Have Been Here Since April 2017, And i support Your Channel In Every Way thank you for the content you put out here,

  2. So thats how it will look. I dont have any of them so perfect thing for me to get. Also hope they do more 4 packs. Would love an Infinity War 4 pack with Cap, Thor, Iron Spider and Iron Man.

  3. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below;
    #pixar #ToyStory #Bullseye #buzzlightyear #woody #disney #disneystore #shopdisney #unboxing #review #actionfigure #toys

  4. Hello good afternoon, how much do they cost in us money? Today at my local disney store I spawned hero hamata. Thank you for making awsome videos

  5. So Disney punishes the people who supported the initial launch of this line by releasing a Bullseye that's only available if you rebuy three characters that you've already purchased. Okay, I'm done buying these then.

  6. You must have gotten a bad batch my set just came in and woody and jessie fit on my bullseye perfectly and to my surprise so does buzz no weird angles or anything your video made me hesitant to buy this set even though the toy story play set was my favorite in disney infinity but now that I have them in hand I couldn't be happier so if anyone is on the fence about this set dont be it's amazing P.S love your videos

  7. They take the piss, they also should of put grey hulk in the twinpack with hulkbuster as most already have the green! Like most though i'll end up getting it lol

  8. Bought online for £20 – boxing day sales. Was going to buy for my son at £40 so happy with that. Waiting for that spiderman and car and hulk and hulkbuster to come down.

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