Plane Enthusiast Constructs Aeroplane Cockpit Simulator At Home

September 30, 2019

COMM: Like any good pilot, Laurent Aigon, conducts a thorough system check before takeoff,
but instead of being on an airport runway, he’s actually in his son’s bedroom. 00:21
The 40-year-old waiter has spent thousands of euros building a replica Boeing 737 simulator
at his home at Lacanau, southwest France. 00:32
Laurent: I’m trying to find the feeling, I’m trying to find the closest thing to flying.
But it’s never a real flight. The procedures are authentic the way of doing it is authentic,
the controls are authentic but with no sensation. 00:45
We do thousands of miles without without ever going one metre. I wanted to become a pilot
but I never succeeded. I said to myself one day, somehow I will fly, then I discovered
flight simulators. 00:58
COMM: The father of 2 even built the parts himself, bought them online or salvaged old
equipment from an aircraft boneyard in Nevada, USA. 01:07
Laurent: It’s expensive, very expensive. We’re talking thousands of euros. Everything I couldn’t
make by hand I bought. 01:15
COMM: His cockpit creation is so realistic, he was invited the lecture at the Institute
of Aircraft Maintenance at Bordeaux-Merignac, but Mr. Aigon, who works at a french restaurant,
has no plans to become a pilot himself and says he actually prefers his own cockpit to
the real thing. 01:31
Laurent: When a pilot flies, he’s gone for one day, two days, three days, one week, a
fortnight. But for me, after I get back from work, my real job, I go into my room and turn
on my computers. 01:43
I fly for on or two hours, but every night I am at home. That’s approaching my dream
without the inconvenience.

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