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August 12, 2019

*electricity zap* oh I got electrocuted Hey guys, it’s Tony12Plays today, we’re gonna be playing Duck Life 5 Okay, I don’t know how to read so I’m just going through this. Most of the stuff is free I’m getting some hat for my guy. At school, I’m better at this My guy is going to be like my one at school. I’m gonna give him all the same stuff. We already have his eyeballs. Okay Okay right now. I’m spelling my name in there. Okay, I’m gonna play now Move your face chicken I call it a chicken but it’s actually a duck Okay right now. I’m actually playing against real players, okay, so At this point you press space if you want to do your egg attacks. That’s your pet. Aw, no! I missed it. I’m killing people back here. I got a 152 coins. *children cheering sound effect* Guys after this one I’m gonna go get something from that egg thing so it not an egg anymore It’s gonna be a bat. I only have one coin Ah Slap if you trap i will clap So right now. I’m in the ice stage. There are many spikes in the ice stage. Like this part right here when I died last time Ouch That hurted Back to town I need a pet What do you have? What is free? I will buy everything. Why do I only have a little bit of coins. This didn’t happen at school Equipped. Okay now I have a bat as my pet Now I’m ready to do this Do I have any money for a weapon? I mean hat. clothes Exit. Okay so this bat shoot out his baby bat. Ok so right now. I just threw a little bat so it’s kill that person So it kill another duck *Electricity zap* Oh, I got electrocuted. Okay, I’m gonna play my old favorite game. Okay this game is about aliens that got trapped. My mouse is different. Okay What Guys I already passed this game. Except this level Okay so um Space is to get inside that thing I’m gonna press the up arrow right now to to double jump up to this wall It’s like a jet pack Okay right now. I’m trying to save this turtle. I don’t know why Jump jump! Noo Weeee I almost Died when I’m making it over here Nooo. Aww Guys, I died. You want to see me play a different level? I know a hard one that I already beat it Okay Level 30 Okay, let’s do this Okay, right Now I’m in the middle So on I’m getting all these crazy things Okay, I know where she’s gonna end up next. She go over here then over there No no. Move out of my way, silver thingy No aww guys That’s all for today Thanks for watching! Press on my face to Subscribe and watch one of my previous videos?

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