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August 14, 2019

hey everyone let us talk about pocket dragon which hopefully with the aid of computer trickery this picture over here so I won’t hold this so first of all congratulations to David and ye who are getting married and this is kind of the reality show style the story that is behind this the the fairy tale story so yeah that they you came up with the the concept of this game together just you know fooling around with ideas and now here it is in you know quickly made in this you’re really really nice-looking conform you not many cards but are really really interesting sometimes impossible a game comes from it it’s a really nice idea you know that they started out thinking about Tamagotchis and that you had this pocket dragons take care of that needed you know I didn’t say much of it in the video cuz so real-time and forgetting but all of these curves colors correspond to you know strategy and attention and charm the different emotions that the dragon will be going through in things like doing a gym workout or is it being in a job interview or doing the cat’s bidding you know all of these kind of quirky little activities that it is doing and you you are collecting food for it as well the art is beautifully done by David coach art asked for so many pronunciations to make sure I’m doing things right and I forgot to ask how to pronounce David’s name he did the art for dungeon pets and dungeon Lords for instance amongst other things and make beautiful beautiful art and it really adds to this game as well I played it first with David at the UK games Expo where he was telling me all about the kind of formation of it with you know he’s just prototype stuff that I’ve hadn’t been done yet and I really really liked just the concept of the game to begin with and enjoyed playing it but I have to say it does add a whole extra level seeing all of this lovely artwork on top of it as well so the game itself at first I was expecting a kind of her knobby finger suit well as soon as you know someone says draw a hand of cards and you’re not allowed to look at it yeah you think an RV or a game like that but it is actually yeah it’s it’s kind of it’s it’s ridiculously fast paced for a start rather than the kind of definitely trying to remember things or trying to work out what other players are doing or anything like that in Harvey there is no time here it’s yeah you’ve got what five minutes in easy you’ve got six minutes in medium and you’ve got to do a ton of stuff in that amount of time and it is all about you know it’s very much a memory game but you are remembering so many things at once that yeah things are just bound to get lost in you know I think all of these difference you know do I where are the collection things on the board what are the colors what was that pattern of colors that I was trying to remember okay which which which clue do I need to ask for yet what do I know about this this one’s got yellow in its okay should I ask for another clue but if I ask another clue that’s gonna push out some colors that are out here out of my brain so do I just make a guess of one of the activities now while I can vaguely remember some of these colors it’s just really really nicely done and yeah it’s a great mentioned towards the end of the the video that she really isn’t a fan of memory games at all and I’m not good at memory games I haven’t got a particularly good memory if I can kind of repeatedly I don’t if I was doing it that much in the playthrough but I can kind of if I keep tapping the cards in sequence I can remember quite a fairly long list of what the colors are but as soon as you know as soon as Rach asks me something about her cards which you know obviously he needs to do to figure out what she needs to do oh something’s missing now or the whole thing is gone because the rhythm has been broken and now what do I do I need to scramble to get this and oh no the dragon needs feeding and we’ve got ten seconds to do it let’s just grab some cards but we need to get happiness up there’s no time for any of that it is just brilliant and yeah I really like real-time games anyway you know the fuse is a favorite of ours flatline was fantastic kitchen rush is still there is if anyone wonders I’m not trying to advertise kitchen rush I put it there off the out of the way off the floor ones and now it’s kind of in pride of place but it’s a very very good game so yeah I like real-time game games anyway and yeah I was definitely enamoured by the concept going into it that’s yeah this is something that has been designed with their wedding in mind that they want to give it as a wedding favor but on top of that it’s a nice little unique bespoke a little pocket card game that yeah you can you can go and check out the campaign page it’s in the description to get hold of this you know I don’t know what plans there are in the future maybe compete well if it all takes off if you lose if you want to copy a pocket dragon maybe it will become something else but for now it is just a nice a nice idea that they’ve had that I think has been made into a really sharp effective game to make you realize how bad you are just a memory in general but yet the real-time pressure is really adding to that as well but I think it’s it’s definitely on the easy level it’s quite easygoing and yeah you’re you’re kind of you’ve got a chance to kind of memorize this grid and okay I’ve got a nice little pile of food lined up and that’s all well and good but as soon as we stepped it up into medium and I tried to think while we’d be like on our difficulty and let’s head in the play through we tried medium yeah I’ve only had this you know a couple of days to print and play and have a practice with but we have played medium quite a few times and we failed every single time in about sometimes we got quite close sometimes it was done from the start but we just couldn’t manage it so I’m very surprised that we’ve managed to do it in the video yeah I hope it all works okay because yeah film in real time games it is a little strange sometimes but for me yeah I don’t mind the iron ballot memory because I just find it funny how everything just crumbles and how it’s all falling apart in front of me and if you juice it the times when you do draw that activity card you know there’s a green on it so okay I’m just gonna do this and oh I remember exactly where those are that’s satisfying but it’s also just as satisfying you know when you’ve got 20 seconds on the clock or something like that you need one more success you don’t know anything about your cards and you just okay well I’ll just pick this one oh it’s got these three symbols I know where this one is I’ll just grab one oh that was the right color after all Rach do know where one is that’s a really nice thing as well where you kind of it helps mitigate the fact that you are probably not going to remember everything that you get to ask your partner if they remember where our color is on theirs as well so they can help you out and if you make the mistake it’s all over you discard it all and carry on whereas if your partner makes the mistake when they are helping you out you lose a happiness but they get a chance to do it again so if they just picked the wrong corn oh it was the card on the left sorry at least you got a chance to go back and do it so I really like that as well and it I’ll talk about everything else it’s very good it’s new you are you’re forced to cooperate because you need clues from each other but yeah it really helps the cooperation as well that I can kind of I can ask for help at the very last minutes and you can get me the one color that I need although it’s probably messing up something you needed for the activity that you were planning to do but anyway that’s just me hopefully the playthrough will give you an idea of whether or not it’s for you but if you like quite stressful real time games well all real time games are stressful really on there if you like being stressed in a real time environment and you don’t mind having your memory completely overloaded with all of these different elements I would definitely check out pocket dragon but go and look at the campaign page and see what’s planned for it because I don’t know I’m just here with the cards and I’m just gonna keep talking forever and ever and ever and ever so I’ll just stop now that is Pocket dragon everybody thanks for watching it and I’ll see you for the next game bye

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