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Pocket RPG iPhone Edition iPhone Gameplay Review – AppSpy.com

August 23, 2019

While there are those who wish for nothing
more than a juicy RPG that compels them to spend hours mastering skills or defeating
labyrinthine dungeons, the iPhone and iPod Touch are arguably not well suited for such
epic tales. This hasn’t stopped developers from making or fans from loving attempts at
bringing classic RPG features to the App Store, but when a developer like Crescent Moon Games
thinks outside the box to try something new I have to admit I get a little excited. Pocket RPG iPhone Edition should be familiar
to those of you who sport iPads as it’s the shrunk-down version of the game released back
in July, but if you missed it the first time around, here’s the breakdown. For the most-part, Pocket RPG looks and feels
much like your average Diablo-clone with its top-down view, hordes of enemies and Action-RPG
elements that promote jumping in to the fray instead of strategically avoiding combat.
What makes this game so special though is its system of starting the player off at level
‘0’ at the beginning of each randomly generated dungeon. This may sound harsh, but the player
can opt to craft each one of the three available classes to their style by investing cash and
‘stars’ towards unlockable skills that specialize their chosen warrior; these carry on between
dungeons, eliminating a sense of ‘grinding’ while also promoting an aggressive play-style
as you try to gain levels to do more damage. Items are also scrapped at the end of each
dungeon (item-hoarders may feel a bit put-out) but the upshot is a sense of joy at every
item drop instead of casually shrugging it off knowing it can’t be better than your ‘uber
wand of destroy everything’. Although the game doesn’t clearly indicate
it, you can play each of the character classes without overriding the progression of another,
giving you a chance to wield their unique powers as well. Ultimately Pocket RPG feels like a stripped
back version of your typical hack’n’slash dungeon crawler, but the way in which it messes
with RPG conventions makes for a game that’s much harder to put down. If you love your
Action-RPGs, definitely take a look at this game.

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  1. I went ahead and took advantage of the sale for a buck it's worth it I wasn't sure if is like it or not cuz the loosing everything but that's what I do like about it and I hope the devs add more classes and levels and all that comes with that of course. This one took me by suprise maybe cuz I had low expectations but it feels balanced and fun get it before it goes up in price of ur into rpg and want something new and bold

  2. And mr app finder were aware of u u do come up on search when we type a game and the word review and honestly ur one of my last resorts I guess ur comedy is for the younger crowds ur own age but ur accent is what makes it unbearable so please stop spamming the pros I want to get into app review since all I do is play and rate games being disabled I have time just don't know how to get started and can't afford to buy all new apps on fixed income but I may as well contribute as a second opinion n

  3. And either get paid to do what I already do or at least get vouchers so I can review games to add hype. That or I'd like to help developers create apps cuz I have great ideas all the time and ideas to improve many games

  4. help me when i press new quest i can select a hero but i need to press start to choose or "O" to go back (tried to play it on my phone)

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