Pokemon Rusty: Team Rocket Ride Along
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Pokemon Rusty: Team Rocket Ride Along

January 23, 2020

Wow, so you just drive around and people give you money? People must love Team Rocket. They sure do! And if they don’t, we burn down their homes and businesses. Okay, here’s your first assignment: Steal that kid’s Pokémon. Gosh, Eevee. I’ve been so sad ever since mom and dad died in that freak home-and-business fire, But when I look at you, I think things will be okay. Eevee! I don’t know. Isn’t stealing kind of wrong? Nah. That’s all I needed to hear! Aah! Team Rocket! Eevee, rip his throat out! (viciously) Eevee! Okay. This time, I’ll show you how it’s done. You know how to drive? Duh! I’m 10! Great! Take the wheel. Be ready for a getaway. Alright, kid. Prepare for…. Sorry! Couldn’t reach the brake! Well it’s unorthodox, but can’t argue with results. Aw, come here you. You’re going to a lab that tests shampoos. Alright. Now you try robbing Uh, let’s see… That guy! Excuse me sir, Uh, prepare for Rusty and make it Rusty. Holy f**k, it’s Red! Cheese it! (groans) Oh my gosh. Um uh, Mr. Red, uh sir, um (screaming electrically) I know you’re busy being robbed, but uh, could you sign my glasses?! I’m so dead But at the same time, I can’t help but respect your craft! What happened? (gasps) Pikachu! NOOOOOOOO! (crying) I am so sorry! I promise, I’m gonna honor your memory by training harder than I’ve ever trained before So that one day, I can…. Holy crud, what is that? Wow! What a great day!

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  1. Wow, that is his 100th time killing a Pokemon… In like 8-10 episodes. Wow, there's not even any Pokémon in the world at this point.


    Lmfao that was all me i said that the moment the truck blew up, then rusty daid it XD

  3. I got a FIFA 2018 Russia World Cup ad. A boy from my country is the official match ball carrier. Grrr 😡. I wish I was in that position 😢.

  4. Lol at the beginning! Rocket grunt: What is that tapping? Other rocket grunt oh that's my giant wasp with needles for arms. Be quiet back there!

  5. Good thing that eevee died it deserved it for trying to kill rusty hope it want to hell where it belongs.

  6. Man, Red's mom really shouldn't have been drinking when she was pregnant with Ash, or on hard drugs when she was pregnant with Rusty.

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