Pokemon Rusty: The Newest Member of Team Rocket
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Pokemon Rusty: The Newest Member of Team Rocket

February 10, 2020

Great job on the streamers, Ted. Wow! Thanks, Ron. But tonight’s not about streamers, ya dink. It’s about the new members of our family. So true. Hey, what’s your name again? Russell? Reginald? I can’t read your name tag. It looks like you wrote a bunch of names and then crossed them out. Ha-ha. That’s true. Hey quick question: Where do you guys keep all of your stolen Pokémon? Oh, right down the hall. It’s unlocked if you wanna go check it out. AHA! I’ve deceived you! I’m not a Team Rocket recruit at all. I’m Rusty! Who? You guys stole Pikachu and I’m here to rescue him. Bidoof GO! Bidoof, use Bite! What?! NO! That’s cheating! Yeah. We’re criminals. Duh. What was your plan here? Uh, I was gonna defeat each of you sequentially in Pokémon battles And then you’d give up And then give me my Pokémon back And maybe like some money or something. Wow. Dumb plan. Tony, kill him. Pikachu! You’ve come to save me. Careful. You almost hit me. Wait, this is your Beedrill? That’s the most sociopathic, cruel, And hate-filled Pokémon we’ve ever seen. How did you train such concentrated evil? I dunno. Nope. Nope. Come on! Evolve! One of these has to be a Sun Stone. A Trainer as black-hearted as you Always has a place on Team Rocket! Whaddya say? Thanks. But I’m not a criminal. Whoa guys, check this out! His bike’s full of drugs! Rusty! Rusty! Rusty! Yeah! He’s not a good person!

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  1. So rusty doesn't mind cheating against the bug catchers Pokemon yet when it's his Pokemon he truly realised the injustice 😂😂👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  2. That episode, and some of the others, had some parts re-dubbed? I clearly remember that grunt in the end saying "His bike is full of weed!" instead of "His bike is full of drugs!", and some other differences in other episodes…

  3. One joke I've heard about Team Rocket is that in the first season at least, they seem to be good at just about every other kind of business aside from their actual jobs as criminals. How many times did they open some form of surprisingly successful legitimate business, only as a front for some stupid hair brained scheme? I bring this up because between this episode and the deli thing that comes up later in the series I'm getting the impression the same could be said for Rusty. There's an idea: Team Rocket and Rusty teaming up to open a restaurant! Meowth could be their mascot, and *spoilers* could be their spokesman, threatening people with a horrible, **spoiler**ic fate if they don't eat there.

  4. The thing with Rusty is that..he actually accomplished everything he set up to do ._. , yeah he destroyed the world in the process, but is nontheless impressive considering his absence of actual skill and criminal levels of neglect

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