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Police Drone Infographic from Dronefly

September 18, 2019

Hey whats up guys this is Alex from Dronefly.com
and I will be going over the police and law enforcement drone infographic. So that drone that you see pictured is DJI
Matrice 210 with a dual camera setup but I will go into more detail about that drone
and those cameras later on in the video. So first up some interesting facts about drone
use with current law enforcement and government agencies. 347 agencies are using drones as of March
2017, 35% being sheriff, 28% being police, 5% being state, 12% being city or county,
and 20%fire. So over the past 24 months, we have seen a
518% increase in drone use and that number is expected to continue to climb as more and
more agencies continue to buy and use drones for their daily operation. Next, I am going to go over the six use cases. And first up is search and rescue. Drones are perfect for search and rescue because
they are able to be quickly deployed and can be flown in many different environments and
different weather conditions epically with a matrice 210 which is IP43 water resistant. These type of drones can be equipped with
two types of cameras so you can have a thermal camera that can read and see body heat making
lost or missing people easily visible and then also paired with a normal camera or zoom
camera you can cover large areas of land and people can be spotted from the live feed or
if its recorded it can be watched later to see if they found anything through… in the
footage. Also with these drones they can be equipped
with a payload drop system so they can be deliver supplies medical or a walkie-talkie
so they can establish communication. So they can better coordinate rescue efforts. Our next use case is traffic reconstruction,
drone photography allows for more precise data to be gathered and investigators can
have a better understanding of the events that occurred. Up next is investigating active shooters. So as you can see from this graphic we have
a drone flying over the wall which allows officials to see what is going on outside
of the direct line of sight from the people on the ground this visual overview allows,
gives officials the upper age in emergency situations that involve active shooters or
inspecting potentially deadly threats. Having this vantage point is key and extremely
beneficial to officer safety, ground personnel, and for the public. Up next is crime scene reconstruction. Drones form above can take aerial images or
videos which allows for investigators post incident to have a better record so it can
be looked back through to see any evidence that comes from it or new information that
can lead to a better case. Next up is surveillance. Drones equipped with the Z30, a very high
powered zoom camera gives drone operators an almost telescope to view objects and people
in places from very far away. As you can see with this video right there
in LA the camera allows the drone to be farther away to observe or inspect different areas
without being noticed by bystanders, onlookers, or by the person that is being under investigation. Lastly we have crowd monitoring, a drone flying
near a crowd allows officials to better track movement and to have an eye in the sky just
incase anything happens within the crowd allowing the response to be quicker and much faster
as they know exactly who is where, where people are moving and if there is a threat where
that threat is located. So next I am going to go over some of our
drone packages that we currently have going. So we have the inspire 1 v2.0 with a thermal
camera which is the zenmuse XT its very compact and portable. Up next is the matrice 100, so this platform
is pretty expandable and can have multiple batteries on it, different payload options,
you can put the Z30 on it which is the zoom camera just more versatility than the inspire
1 V2.0 and then at the top of the line we have the matrice 210 with an RTK system. The RTK is a very precise centimeter level
accuracy GPS which allows for precise data gathering for mapping also this drone is IP43
water resistant meaning that it can handle a great amount of rain so it can be flown
in less than ideal weather conditions. It can also be equipped with dual cameras
so you can have that z30 the zoom camera and then also the zenmuse XT which is the thermal
camera. So these two combined can be used for any
of the previous six use cases. It also has obstacle avoidance which is great
to ensure the drone is safe. Once again this is alex from dronefly.com
and if you have any questions feel free to give us a call and that’s about it.

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