Popular JetPack WordPress Plugin Guide for Beginners
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Popular JetPack WordPress Plugin Guide for Beginners

August 9, 2019

Hey guys! Harsh here from Shoutmeloud and
welcome to my YouTube channel and those who are watching on Facebook, welcome to my video.
so, I do a lot of videos related to blogging and WordPress and today’s video is about WordPress,
so if you have a WordPress blog or if you are planning to have a WordPress blog, this
video is going to help you because I am going to talk about one plugin which is very popular
and at the same time, configuring this plugin is a challenge for many newbie, so this will
be helpful for you to understand how to use the plugin and the plugin which I am talking
about is ‘Jetpack’. This plugin is by the WordPress creator team and it adds a lot of
functionality. basically it connects you to wordpress.com blog and offers lot of great
features that you can use with this one plugin but at the same time, one of the good thing
about Jetpack is that it adds lots of feature but if you use all the features, it tends
to slow down your blog, so in this video, you will learn everything about Jetpack and
if you have any additional question, feel free to ask me in the comment section.
So I already have Jetpack plugin installed and configured, so I will show you from there.
If you are installing it for the first time, you need to connect it to your wordpress.com
account, if you don’t have one, no problem, you can go ahead and create a free wordpress.com
account, it will hardly take a minute. You just need to connect your Jetpack to your
wordpress.com account. If you are using a cache plugin, ensure that you flush your cache
before doing that, otherwise you might get the connection error where you won’t be
able to connect Jetpack with your wordpress.com account, so I assume you already have done
that. So here is how it works, so this is where
you will get settings for Jetpack. So Jetpack has one great thing which is called modules,
so they keep changing their dashboard which is pretty good. So here you can see that there
are a lot of options (modules) basically that you can use, so I will just give you an overview
of few of the modules. So, Photon is a free cdn offered by wordpress.com that you can
use to speed up your blog loading time and its free which is pretty good. I don’t use
it because I am using Cloudflare and it also offers free cdn and I find it much better
than using Photon. Protect is another free module which is very good for making your
WordPress blog secure, so it basically prevents from root force attacks. Single sign on, let’s
keep this one. Monitor, it basically notify you when your site goes down and this is one
feature you should enable you because sometimes you won’t even get to know that your blog
was down or is down. so WordPress, they have free and paid module, WordPress is the backup
module and I have been using it for a while and if you are concerned about your blog,
I would suggest to buy a WordPress subscription, I think it’s about 5$ a month. For a serious
blog which is actually making money, I think it’s a pretty great option. now this is
one feature that I really love, Site Stats and let me show you, with the Site Stats you
can see your blog stats from the dashboard, so many of you might be using google analytics
which is pretty good, it gives you advanced data. Side Stats give you data inside your
dashboard and I kind of like it, especially if you are using a WordPress mobile app, you
can see all your stats from your WordPress mobile app on your android or I-phone.
Now there are few other options like Sharing. So you can click on all the option and you
can see what the option does, so this one adds social sharing button, I am already using
it on my blog. Publicize is another great feature so you can automatically share your
new published blog post to Facebook, Twitter and Google+, so they have a few option. let
me just see what are the option they have and this feature will automate your social
media marketing, pretty great service and then they have related post, though I don’t
like it much because there is very few configuration option.
so you know these are the tools that you can use and there are few bold features that you
can click here, so these are all the modules and to see this page, you can click on Jetpack
settings and you can always click on Popular to see which are the most popular module.
You can see which all modules are activated, these all modules which I am using on Shoutmeloud.
It’s a good idea you can use all these module and figure out what they are used for and
why I am using that, I am very sure it would help you in your blog. Then you can click
on Inactive and go through like just click on the module and see what this module does,
see if you really need them. Whatever module that you don’t need, I suggest you to disable
them or otherwise it will increase the load time of your blog. So whatever module that
you have activated, you can always click on Configure and make extra changes there. so
that’s a pretty great idea and so this is what about Jetpack, I mean this is one of
those plugin that is very popular and is used by many bloggers including me and I recommend
you to use this and let me know if you have any question about Jetpack and if you want
me to do another video on Jetpack, any particular feature, just let me know. Feel free to request
another video on WordPress, let me know on which topic you want me to do a video and
don’t forget to like and subscribe to my channel. See you in the next video, bye.

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