Poveglia:  helicopter flyover of Venice’s haunted island
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Poveglia: helicopter flyover of Venice’s haunted island

October 15, 2019

we’re flying over the island of poor valya in the Venice lagoon the island is shortly going to be sold by the Italian government at auction the online auction will take place in the second week of May local and international feeling runs very high it is generally felt that this should not become yet another unwanted and unsustainable luxury hotel development along the lines of San Clemente which failed and Psicosis ala which failed those two islands in the Venice lagoon presented extraordinary possibilities for an imaginative developer but they found it on the rocks of commercialism Poveglia as you can see falls into three sections and have the Octagon fort which was built in the 16th century and remodeled during the Austrian occupation Venice you have south Poveglia where you can see the now derelict buildings the old belfry the former retirement home and the hospital and then in front of us now north Poveglia which is not standing Lea beautiful and completely unspoiled place the island is bisected by the deep and easily navigable channel which you can see now and the two sectors of the Islander connected by a bridge as you can see the island presents enormous possibilities for a sensitive and sustainable and genuinely valuable development which could include in the buildings an Arts Center an auditorium an outward-bound camp for young people northern Bavaria which again we see now could be transformed into a conservation zone for flora and fauna with minimal architectural intervention there could be minimal intervention in the form of manmade environments for marine and bird life and flowers the buildings as you can see are derelict but could easily be renovated to their original form and they could has the conservation museum the cultural center live work studios and an active band camp for young people the island as a whole would be what it used to be years ago the place where Venetians love to come the picnics days are with their families the luxury hotel developments would effectively bar on that and make the island an exclusive place which would be a tremendous pity the developments of San Clemente and successful have failed it would be a great pity if this island were to suffer the same fate the Octagon fault presents tremendous possibilities for a very attractive and very amusing and extremely sustainable tourist attraction the derelict buildings will form the heart of a cultural center that will be extremely valuable to the local community and will also attract a great deal of international attention northern Albania will be the conservation zone a beautiful tranquil and unspoiled haven in the Venice lagoon if you’re interested in participating in our proposals please contact us at wwlp.com we’d like to hear from you goodbye from the Venice lagoon goodbye from the Lido and goodbye from Venice

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  1. Hang on, are you deliberately trying to hitch a ride on the work that the Associazione Poveglia (Poveglia Association) has already done? Are you really undermining the work of thousands of Venetians and supporters from around the world?  If so what you are doing is simply dishonest.  Will you please do what you should have done first, contact the "Associazione Poveglia" before claiming to represent anybody in Venice.

  2. I just spoke to the 3 Andreas who can make decisions and none recalls such a conversation.  You either need to specify who this Andrea is or contact us directly.  We appreciate help but not direct undermining and your site makes no mention of us so we can only conclude one thing: you are trying to siphon support from us.

  3. Your website states:
    "The Foundation, a nonprofit organization, will make a competitive bid for the island." This can mean one of two things:
    1. You wanted to speak on behalf of Associazione Poveglia without its authorization, with the intention of supporting its bid. Inexplicably your website omits any mention of us or the work that our teams have already done.

    2. You plan to be in direct competition with Associazione Poveglia at the auction, but want to give the false impression that you have the support of the local movement.

    There is an element of deceit either way.  We still request that you contact us as soon as possible (your team leader is not answering the phone) to clarify your position before we are compelled to issue a public statement.

  4. I like the ideas for the camp etc. in this video. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I think Poveglia is beautiful just as it is. I am partial to beautiful natural areas though. 🙂

    – Heidi

  5. I heard in the north was where they burned plague victims and cannot be built on due to the human ash?

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