Power Rangers Beast Morphers – Fun with Rockets | Episode 6 “Hangar Heist”
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Power Rangers Beast Morphers – Fun with Rockets | Episode 6 “Hangar Heist”

February 18, 2020

I can’t get over how
sick your rocket looks, Ravi. Let’s see how it flies. Our rocket’s good,
I think we can do it. Okay, let’s do it, we got this. Three, two, one. Blast off! (explosion echoes) Huh, look at it go!
NASADA here I come! (rangers laughing) Alright, Ravi! I’ll take this, c’mon sis. Check this baby out! Wow, that’s nice! I wonder where they got it from? (button clicks)
Hmm? What’s wrong, Ben? Why won’t it–
Let me try. Uh, hang on, Betty, don’t! Look out! We uh, meant to do that! It looks like it’s turning around! Oh no, it’s coming right for us! Run, Betty!
(Betty screams) That was close!
It’s coming back! It’s coming! (screams) Duck! You guys okay? I told you, we shouldn’t
have taken Dad’s model rocket. That’s the general’s rocket!? Yeah, and we need to get it back. Or Dad’s gonna go ballistic! Okay, it went this way! Alright, my turn. I’ve never seen a
rocket like that before. Made it myself. Hmm, have you tested it? I don’t know if the fins
are in the right place. C’mon Ravi, I have a top
ranking score in Rocket Sim 7. Just watch. Three, two, one! (button beeps) We have lift off! (upbeat music) Is it supposed to do that? No, no, no no no no no! My rocket!
Oh. Aw man, what happened? Well, it’s like I tried to tell you, you put the stabilizing
fins in the wrong place. I think I know how
to build a toy rocket. Something must have went wrong with one of the parts I ordered. I really think that you should– Dude! Just let it go. (tense music)

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