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Prepare for Titanfall

August 17, 2019

Welcome to Pilot Training 101. Here you stand amongst the best of the best,
but it can be tough out there on the frontier. Heed these words well and you’ll fare better
in action – so join me… …and prepare for TitanFall. As a pilot, you represent the vanguard of
a fighting force – first on the ground, and instrumental in action. It’s your job to draw the margins of battle,
and you’re given the tools you need to get to the front lines as swiftly as possible. Your mobility is a key asset, with your limb
augmentations and jetpacks granting the means to outmanoeuvre opponents. Instead of keeping boots on the ground, the
best pilots use this ability to the maximum extent. While it can take some practice to
master, wallrunning and double jumping can permit rapid traversal of the battlefield
– getting you out of trouble and into an advantageous position. Now onto combat – I presume most of you already
know how to shoot straight – so I won’t insult you with the absolute basics. Just make sure you engage targets within your
weapon’s effective range where possible, and place your shots accurately to quickly down
foes. Most important is to know what you’re facing:
there are several different classes of opponent that you’ll encounter, and each offers a substantially
different level of threat. Bottom of the pile are the grunts: common
or garden meatheads who form the bulk of a fighting force, if only through numbers alone. They lack your training, your equipment and
your resources – but they will still shoot in your general direction if you give them
sufficient invitation. Spectres are a little tougher – re-purposed
worker androids afforded some upgrades to make them more combat effective. With added armour and equipment at their disposal,
these machines might be dim – but can still pose a threat in larger numbers. It’s worth noting that you can hack enemy
spectres: with judicious application of your dataknife, you’ll find yourself some new mechanical
allies. Generally speaking, these enemy minions won’t
present too much of an issue – but don’t let your guard down, else you might embarrass
yourself. By far the biggest infantry threat you’ll
face out there are enemy Pilots: these guys have access to exactly the same perks you
do, and it’s not likely they’ll give you any quarter in a scrap. Expect dirty tactics and unchecked aggression:
the enemy will use every inch of their arsenal to eliminate you, and you should extend the
same courtesy. Be warned that your cloaking ability won’t
prove effective against them: minions and titans might be fooled, but pilots have enhanced
vision. Once you’ve got a bead on your opponent, waste
no time in eliminating them: mistake a pilot for a grunt at your own peril. Next thing to watch for: the big guys. Titans. Don’t even think about going toe-to-toe with
one of these on foot – your primary arm won’t even make it through their shields. Instead, use your Anti-Titan munitions and
strike from a covered position – in urban operations, rooftops can offer a great vantage
point. Otherwise, keep your distance and try to deal
as much damage as you can – teamwork is essential to despatch such enemy threats in as timely
manner as possible. You can leverage your mobility against these
leviathans, however – and should the opportunity present itself, you can hop onto the back
of an enemy titan and deal critical damage to its weak spots. This is a dangerous move, however – you run
the risk of being trampled underfoot, and you’ll be exposed for the duration of your
attack. A savvy Titan pilot will make use of countermeasures
to repel you – either deploying electric smoke, or disembarking to tackle you directly. It’s best to whittle down the Titan’s hull
as much as possible before hopping aboard to finish the job. Once doomed, get back to safety – and keep
an eye open for the enemy’s resultant ejection. Now, they don’t call you pilots for the fun
of it – and when the time is right you’ll get your very own bit of heavy metal to put
to task. Your Titanfall lags behind your insertion,
but you can shuffle up the build order by securing kills. The most effective pilots are rewarded with
faster resource acquisition, and gaining an early lead can set a precedent for the remainder
of a match. With a titan at your command, you have the
ability to sponge an impressive amount of damage – courtesy of a thick hull and protective
shield. Note that your shields will regenerate – but
your hull will not. It’s imperative that you avoid hull damage
whenever possible – when your shields are depleted you will want to retreat from combat
until they recharge. It pays to play conservatively with your Titan
– if you’re too aggressive you might find yourself overwhelmed – and when facing heavy
firepower without a shield, you’re toast. Your job is to ensure the most efficient use
of the resources allocated to you – so making your Titan endure as long as possible is paramount. The Titan’s own AI can handle itself well
enough in a fight without your guidance – but nothing compares to a good pilot at the helm. The only thing capable of taking down a good
Titan pilot is multiple enemy Titans: when you’re outnumbered, you’ll be at a huge disadvantage. When facing 2 or more opponents, discretion
is the better part of valour – instead of offering yourself up for slaughter, lead bloodthirsty
foes towards areas your team controls. It’s best to stick close to friendly titans
where possible as you’ll multiply your effectiveness – under constant assault, enemy shields won’t
last long – and even defensive countermeasures like the vortex shield are only partially
effective against a two-pronged assault. With caution and the support of allies, you
can survive wave after wave of enemy titans – but beware, as lone rival pilots can pose
a more insidious threat. Keep an eye out for enemy lock notifications
– these will give you a rough idea of where an enemy is firing from – and use your titan’s
dash ability to quickly get behind cover if you can. Even more dangerous are enemy pilots at a
close range – while you can trample them on the ground, if they jump on your back they’ll
start to chip away at your hull very quickly indeed. Eventually, under enough fire, your hull will
degrade to a critical level and your titan will enter a doomed state. At this point, it’s time for you to make an
exit. Take your time for revenge if you must – but
don’t linger too long else you’ll go down with your ship. Eject before it’s too late and you’ll be flung
skyward for a better view of the situation below – at this point it’s wise to either
plan a hasty escape, or attempt to land on an enemy titan for rodeo revenge. Remember – as well as your titan, you yourself
are an asset, so don’t go throwing your life away recklessly. Play your cards right and you’ll gain an edge
over your opponent – and keep up the pressure to further exert your dominance and make ’em
bleed. Combat winds up when one side has incurred
sufficient losses – prompting a retreat, and an evacuation order for all units left on
the field. To the victor, the spoils: and the only remaining
job is to clean up. Keep an eye out for pilots en route to evac
– they might be too focussed on making their dropship to put up much of a fight. Once their ride arrives, if your team has
sufficient firepower you can destroy the enemy’s means of escape – but this will need co-ordinated
fire from multiple titans. If, however, you find yourself on the losing
side – you’ll want to turn tail and flee. Move swiftly else you’ll miss your ride – but
beware enemy ambush, as they will be out to stop you. If you can secure the evac zone and board
the dropship – you may just live to fight another day. Thus concludes your preliminary training – we’ll
be going into much greater depth over the next coming weeks, so make sure you’re present
for that. Thank you very much for watching, and until
next time – farewell.

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  1. Xbox Ahoy, I see that youve managed to fix the terrible kerning issue that the titanfall font and text. As a designer did that get on your nerves? 

  2. I don't know how good this game actually is, but you do make it look pretty good. Of course, your videos can make anything look good. 😀 But who knows, maybe I'll really like this game. Maybe I'll rent it after it comes out or something.

  3. What a rush I got watching this…leave it to Stu to make an intense and really well done video. Unfortunate I won't be able to play Titanfall (PS Fanboy lol) but i will take full advantage of your videos. Cheers!

  4. people call Titanfall a Call of Duty killer, and though i understand what they mean. i hope it doesn't kill CoD. I want all the annoying CoD kids to stay where they are and not ruin Titanfall. i also don't want Titanfall to slowly deteriorate in quality like CoD has, and sadly Halo now too.  

  5. For those of you who have played, Is this game worth getting an xbone for? I have a ps4 right now and i kind of want to play it. I don't have a 360 and i don't want to play it on pc (just not a fan of pc gaming)

    So i guess what I'm asking is it worth getting a new console for? Its the only game I'm interested in on xbox one.

  6. Great video. Very helpful. Can't wait for Titanfall. Just wish they didn't make xbox360 users wait until March 25th. Seems a strange choice given that both 360 and One are Microsoft consoles.

  7. I'm not getting this game but you're great at hyping things with your choice of background ambiance and voice. I almost wanna take a chance and get a PC copy. You could easily sell me a car while blaring loud ambient music on surround sound speakers while telling me and in depth on every function it has.

  8. I might get the game later. But I was somewhat disappointed by the fact that in some games, while you might do okay, you only score 2-3 actual player kills while others you steam roll 12-17 pilots in the chaos without really noticing.

    Also, when the first Titans drop, they change the nature of the game to something I had a hard time enjoying. A 6vs6 mode without grunts and titans and some tight maps could be awesome.

  9. Do you shorten the time until your titan is ready just by killing any enemy on the battlefield? If this is true someone can almost get their titan really soon if their farming grunts and spectres.i Hope my theory is wrong because i don't want titanfall to be a game where you just farm grunts and spectres as much as possible until your titan is ready.

  10. I'm going to bet he'll say something about "Switching to your pistol is ALWAYS faster than reloading!"

  11. I love this game! After having my Xbox One sitting in the closet so long, and the PS4 taking my heart, this games gives me a reason to use my Xbox One.

  12. I hate when people judge the game an "utter piece of shit" the game has of course short story and a few guns, but the game has potential, so stop calling it "shit" or "dead" I know everyone has an opinion, but calling the game a failure right from the start, so stop

  13. i find it best to drop satchel charges when going rodeo on a titans back , then jump off to avoid electric smoke or the pilot taking you out , as you fall to the ground use the grenade launcher to dispense multiple round faster to widdle down the titan's health just enough for you to detonate charges instantly dooming the titan , when done correctly you can cut the time it takes to shoot a titans weak spot by half the time

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