Presenting the Blueye Pioneer Underwater Drone

September 29, 2019

We know more about the moon than the ocean. Why haven’t we explored more? It’s certainly not a lack of curiosity. Perhaps the right tools simply didn’t exist. Until now. Introducing the Blueye Pioneer Underwater
Drone developed in Norway. Designed for optimal performance in all conditions,
from the Arctic oceans to tropical waters. It moves with total stability and our auto
control features make the Pioneer extremely easy to operate. Even for first-time users. That’s because we want to make the Ocean accessible
for everyone, everywhere. Our goal is to inspire curiosity by providing
the world with an eye under water. Our digital mask will enhance your diving
experience even further. The camera captures beautiful HD footage even
in the darkness of the deep sea thanks to it powerful LED headlight. This is the result of a passion for the ocean,
combined with world-leading expertise in software, design and Norwegian ocean technology. The Blueye Pioneer can dive down to the incredible
depth of 150 meters. All the while providing you with a steady
live video directly to your device. With more than 2 hours battery time the Pioneer
can be applied to a broad specter of use cases. For both consumers and professionals. The possibilities are virtually endless. Our mission is clear; to make underwater exploration
available to everyone.

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