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Pudding Panic iPhone Gameplay Review – AppSpy.com

August 22, 2019

Unless it’s your first time, when you jump
on to a ‘Haunted House’ ride at a carnival or fairground you know what you’re in for
– usually a tightly packed rail-ride filled with cheap thrills and spooks where anticipation
rather than genuine fear gets your blood pumping. Thankfully the experience is short-lived,
but in Pudding Panic by kunst-stoff a poor thrill-seeking jelly is forced to live through
a nightmare of 48 separate areas in the most poorly maintained ride ever. You’ll need to prevent the ‘pudding’
under your charge from dying of fright by ensuring his ride is as smooth as possible
by solving puzzles in real-time. Multiple tracks that wind and twist around each other
are combined with ‘enemies’ out to spook the molded jello in your charge, however it’s
in your power to modify the crossroads to redirect traffic, either avoiding danger or
bringing him closer to other objectives like switches to continue his progress. Abilities
can be activated by either collecting tokens or obliterating nasties from the track, though
some puzzles will rely on utilizing various monsters to obliterate each other to proceed. The dark and dingy environments of Pudding
Panic are wonderfully spooky and varied over the course of the entire game, mixing things
up with different perspectives and game modes to keep you on your toes. Later areas will
require you to collect tickets in each level, so some backtracking may be in order, though
once you’re at the end there’s no major incentives to come back for more. Even still, overcoming every stage is a fun
and unique challenge, making Pudding Panic an easy game to recommend to those after something
a little out of the ordinary.

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  1. Hey Andrew, thanks a lot for finally reviewing our game, I'm glad you like it ­čÖé Best wishes from Berlin and keep up the good work!

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