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Puddle Puzzles iPhone Gameplay Review – AppSpy.com

August 14, 2019

The cute purple blobby thing-a-ma-jig named
Puddles finds herself in a series of lab experiments. What they are trying to test is beyond me
but the point is that as the player you need to guide Puddles through a series of rooms,
eating gems, floating on water, avoiding spikes, and reaching the portal. The game has two methods of leading Puddles
to safety. On land, rotating the iPhone will roll Puddles in that direction or make her
fall to a new surface. Rotating also changes the water if the level contains it. When Puddles
hits water (joke!) you can drag her along the surface with your finger (as well as use
your finger to move certain blocks in the stage). One thing you’ll notice after a few
levels is that while the physics of the world feels a little odd, they doesn’t feel wrong.
Especially in physics puzzle games, getting the feel of how the objects in the world react
to inertia, impact, and each other can be the difference between a fantastic play and
an out right dud, so it’s a definite plus that things feel that they work how they’re
supposed to here. Visually the game gets by with a simplistic,
cartoony look, with Puddles being a very cute protagonist. Where things shine are the sound
effects, adding personality and an endearing quality to the character. If you don’t feel
bad when Puddles hits a spike or drowns, there might be something wrong with you. The game
contains a host of levels, each with three gems to collect, and said gems being used
to unlock the higher difficulties and even some mini-games, so you’ll be playing for
a while at least. If you’re looking for another game to keep
you busy in the genre of Physics Puzzlers, Puddle Puzzles will not steer you wrong. The
game is charming, features some interesting level design, and until you hit the later
levels, is quite low on frustration. A unique and solid entry.

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  1. i went to your website and saw this got a 3/5. As anyone can see by going there your willing to hand out 5's, why didnt u give this a 4 or a 5? you didnt have anything really negative to say about it

  2. @AppSpy This is why I like that there are no set points in your videos – I watch it, paying attention to the pros and cons, then decide about the purchase.

    Greetings from the far Hungary 🙂

  3. I don't see why people rely on scores reviewers give. It's not about the score ppl , if it has 10/10 gameplay , 10/10 graphics but a 0/10 sound that would average it at a 20/30 (~3/5) and u can only see this 3/5 you will label it as being a bad game, while the game is alot of fun and looks really nice but just lacks music. (exagerated example but it fits the bill)

  4. Great review as usual -keep up the good work! Pity you have to put up with moronic viewers who leave stupid comments or who are overly critical of your scoring or presentation style. But I suppose it wouldn't be You Tube if you didn't have low IQ dweebs leaving annoying or insulting remarks.

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