PVC Rocket Launcher & Pool Noodle Rockets! PVC + Air Pressure + Foam = The Best PVC Pipe Projects
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PVC Rocket Launcher & Pool Noodle Rockets! PVC + Air Pressure + Foam = The Best PVC Pipe Projects

January 6, 2020

This rocket launcher made from PVC and a bungee cord can launch rockets made from pool noodles up to 50 feet To start this build you’ll need to head to your local hardware store to grab some PVC pipe and to pick up some ABS and PVC fittings. To start off we’ll want a length of 2-inch diameter PVC a two Inch slip to thread adapter and a two inch to 1/2 inch Adapter all in PVC. The projectiles for this whole contraption will be made of pool noodles So we’ve got a couple of those lying around I have a two inch by two inch by one and a half inch by one and a half inch ABS cross piece Let’s start by cutting our 2 inch diameter PVC pipe to 1 foot in length using some ABS to PVC cement We’ll attach our cross onto our 2 inch diameter pipe use some paper towel to wipe off any excess glue next we have a 2 inch to 1/2 inch adapter which will fit into the other side of our ABS tube At the other end of our 2 inch diameter PVC pipe. We want to add the 2 inch slip to thread adapter This piece is smooth on one side and will fit right over our pipe and on the other side is designed to take a 2 inch threaded pipe our green glue is specifically meant for Combining the 2 different materials of our ABS and our PVC pipe when we’re combining PVC to other PVC We want to use glue specifically made for that These 4 pieces will make up part of the main body and the air chamber where pressure is built to launch our rocket Using these 2 side pieces off of our ABS cross. Let’s add a handle for ease of use we have two one and a half inch to 3/4 inch adapters which will allow us to go from the ABS plastic down to some standard 3/4 inch PVC pipe We also have these for PVC 3/4 inch elbows, which will let us build a handle that wraps around our ABS cross piece Once again using our ABS to PVC cement, let’s attach our two adapters On both sides of this cross we’ll use some 3/4 inch PVC to connect our pieces together short ones Connecting onto the sides and one long piece that will act as our handle going across I need four pieces of the 3/4 inch PVC just over 2 inches long We want to cut the PVC handle at about 9 and 1/4 inches long To be able to attach all of these pieces we’re going to do things in a bit of a strange order I’ll put the elbow on one side of our large handle and then I´ll fix that with the two small pieces of the 3/4 inch pipe on one end Another piece of 3/4 inch pipe will be attached to the bottom and An additional piece will be used to connect two of our elbows into a sort of u-shape The u-shape will go on last fitting over both the long and the short pieces of the 3/4 inch pipe at the same time With the handle glued in place, we now have the main body of our pool noodle rocket launcher assembled Let’s move on to the plunger. The main body of our plunger will be one in a quarter inch PVC There are two different lengths that we need to cut off of our one and a quarter inch pipe One is 1 foot long and the other is two and a half inches We have the PVC cut into two separate pieces because we’re going to use a coupler and a cap as part of the plunger design this plunger design is borrowed from youtuber Nighthawk and Light who has a similar pool noodle rocket launcher design. When I was trying to come up with a design for a Large pool noodle rocket launcher his design popped up and I was amazed at how similarly our ideas coincided. This rubber o-ring has a one and a half inch inner diameter and a one and seven eighths inch outer diameter We’re using this rubber o-ring because when it’s pulled over a one and a quarter inch piece of PVC pipe It makes a diameter that almost Perfectly fits inside of a two inch pipe the coupler and the cap will be used to hold it in place on the section of one and a quarter inch PVC using our PVC glue Let’s attach first the coupler and then the cap to our small section of pipe with the o-ring in between them With our coupler and cap attached around our o-ring we can now attach that whole piece Onto our one foot section of one and a quarter inch pipe We’ve now made a plunger that fits very snugly into our two-inch PVC body We only want our plunger to go to about the end of the 2-inch piece of PVC Not entering the ABS cross piece Let’s grab a piece of our pool noodle and make a stopper that will remain inside the interior of our launcher Our pool noodle is cut to the right length, but it’s still a little bit too wide to fit nicely into the PVC let’s cut out a small section of the middle that should still allow the two round pieces to fit together and be inserted into the tube The two sections now have a much smaller Diameter and still have enough of a hole down the middle that air should be able to flow easily To ensure that air really can travel all the way down the length of this without being slowed down Let’s use our exacto knife and hollow this out just a bit more Nighthawk and Light had a really cool design on his channel and I liked it a lot but there were a couple things that I Wanted to change for this adaption one is I wanted it to fire automatically So I wanted to make this whole thing Spring-loaded the other change I wanted to make is that on his device you had to draw back the plunger add the pool noodle Ammunition and then fire it by pushing the plunger down I wanted to be able to have the pool noodle on drop back and fire all in one go to do that We need to allow the air to flow in when we’re pulling back but be stopped when it’s moving forward So we need to have the air travel through the plunger and then be stopped by a one-way valve at the back The design for this one-way valve is extremely similar to something Grant has made previously. We have a three quarter inch male adapter Which on one side is a press fitting for three-quarter inch PVC and then reduces down in diameter So that it’s narrower on the bottom than it is at the top This O ring fits perfectly down into the wider end of our adapter This rubber stopper is wider than the o-ring at the top but narrower at the bottom Which means it can fit about halfway down into it the result is that any pressure coming from the wide end will push the stopper down into the o-ring and Restrict the flow of the gas pressure coming from the narrow end will move the stopper away from the o-ring Allowing the gas to flow around it and into the system if I try and blow into the narrow end the air travels easily But if I try and blow into the wide end the stopper is forced up against the o-ring and doesn’t go anywhere Our connecting piece of 3/4 inch PVC Needs to be close enough that it will prevent the rubber stopper from moving far But leave enough space that it can still move to let air through Let’s cut a two-inch section of our PVC to complete our one-way valve By itself the PVC pipe may prevent the stopper from moving But the stopper is actually able to fit into a piece of 3/4 inch PVC with a little bit of pressure So let’s add another barrier onto the bottom of this piece of PVC in the form of a segment of nail Crossing through from one side to the other. I’ve selected a nail and a drill bit that are the same diameter So we’ll drill a hole through our PVC and then fit our nail through trimming off the excess Our nail is almost the perfect width Well, let’s use a file to take down the sharp edges to be sure that it will really easily fit inside the adapter Now even with the nail in place our PVC pipe should fit smoothly into the adapter Just like that, we have a one-way valve that only cost about a dollar fifty to build now, of course Our one-way valve is only going to make any difference if air can get down to it currently our plunger is all stopped up So that no air can get past the o-ring Let’s drill a hole into the tip of our plunger so that air will travel down inside it and reach our air valve We’re going to want the elastic that powers our whole rocket launcher to pass behind the tee and stay in place Let’s drill a small hole into the back of the tee and install an eye bolt that will fit inside That we can let our elastic pass through to keep it from sliding off either side We can now begin assembling the back end of our plunger we’ll also need one small section of 3/4 inch PVC to connect our T to our adapter the back of our plunger will have a one and a quarter inch coupler Attaching to a 1 and 1/4 to 3/4 inch reducer a small piece of 3/4 inch PVC Will attach a T. The T will be stopped on one side by a plug and on the other side We can add our one-way valve at this point We should be able to attach our entire plunger assembly onto the body of our launcher but before we do it’s still a little tough to Slide this thing inside the launcher the rubber grips the inside walls of the PVC pretty well So let’s add an oil as a lubricant This liquid silicone should prevent it from binding if you don’t have silicone you can use things like cooking oil or Wd-40 but be aware that some oils will degrade the rubber seal overtime We can now thread our two adaptors together locking our plunger in place The plunger moves easily and air is definitely pushed out the front. I have here a three-foot bungee cord Let’s adapt this to give our launcher some spring power Our elastic will wrap down through the I bolt and then hook around both sides of our plastic tee using a couple of zip ties The last step to make it functional is to add a small piece of one-half inch PVC Onto the very front our pool noodle will fit over that and help guide our Rockets Let’s cut a piece about 15 inches long off of this 1/2 inch PVC pipe Our elastic powered PVC pool noodle launcher is built and at this point what we need is some ammunition We’ve got a few colors of pool noodles a couple of sheets of craft foam a foam Football this and our glue gun is all we’re going to need to make our missiles to start Let’s grab a pool noodle and cut off a length 15 inches long At this point our tube is hollow and air can pass right through it So we need a way to stop that up. Once again borrowing from Nighthawk and light and his design of these similar noodles Let’s cut off a strip of this craft foam roll it up and use that as a plug in our pool noodle To add a little bit of weight and shape to our missile Let’s cut off the front of this foam football where it has a circular diameter. That’s the same as our pool noodle We can then glue that on to give it a nice point and some weight at the other end of our missile We’re going to want to add some fins and we want them evenly spaced out We can use more of our craft foam to make those fins Adding a little bit of a twist into our fins should help stabilize our missiles in flight With the fins attached our missile is ready to fly. We now have our launcher in a few different missiles And of course both of those also can have a little bit of decoration done I hit the tree Guys there’s still more for you to see the little box up at the top will transport you directly to our last video and the box And the bottom will show you what YouTube thinks you should be watching next and if you click this bomb here in the middle You’ll be subscribed to our channel so you’ll never miss another video Don’t forget to ring that Bell and we’ll see you in the next one. Talk to you then

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  2. I think you might be able to create even more presssure when you place the one way valve near the top of the plunger, so that the volume of the plunger is not part of the pressure chamber when firing. Is this making sense? ^^

  3. TKOR you should make a website where you have all of the supplies for your videos because i can't get most of the stuff in the UK.

  4. Im going to take dis and make it a shotgun or sniper rifle for standard nerf darts might put a titan tank to shame

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  6. Any time I see him cutting small PVC (1" or less) with a hacksaw, I'm left to wonder why he doesn't have a pair of PVC cutters.

  7. That's pretty cool. But you probably could achieve better launch performance if you had plugged up the pipes into the handle loop, as the extra volume added by the handle reduces the overall pressure build of the system. Granted, the pool noodle pieces you stuck in there (to keep the plunger from going in too far) might block some of the air transfer, but a solid plug would be better (possibly done the same way you plugged up the end of the pool noodle rockets). It seemed like NightHawkinLight's launcher's missiles had a higher launch speed, and I think that may be why.

  8. Putting the one way valve in that end of the plunger expands your pressure chamber by the volume of the punger. That'll cut your power dramatically.

  9. Maybe its just me but it looks like the rocket needs more weight in the tip. One idea would be to put some putty in the tip of the pool noodle and gluing it in (it would add more weight and also act as a stopper.)

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  11. is it possible to add the paintball compressed air tank to the PVC Rocket Launcher to make the pool noodle go faster and Further?

  12. Curses, you guys beat me to it…I have some ideas to expand upon this with some ideas from a kip-kay project. I like this build for a hand held option.

  13. you know that tube that you fit the noodle into

    why don't you put a marble into it and turn it into an airgun?

  14. I have a suggestion you guys should make an amazon or other store shopping list online and make that accessible to us to get online or make a list stating all the materials you use on your projects.

  15. Make cardboard full body armor with pool noodle foam as padding. Make it durable enough to resist at least 20 rounds of the giant alcohol powered cannon. I'd rather use solid panels instead of corragulated cardboard. It must effectively cover your whole body.

  16. since WD40 is petroleum based it will almost definitely degrade the "O" ring over time. There is something I have used on plungers like this for about 40 years and have never had an "O" ring to fail. Original formula Preparation H! You got it, the hemorrhoid treatment jelly in a tube. This stuff absolutely does not attack rubber parts and is not water soluble so it won't wash away which makes it great for squirt guns. I have used it on the "O" rings for one of those paint sticks and have never had to replace an "O" ring because Preparation H also seems to prevent oxidation of the rubber. Don't try Petroleum Jelly because it, like WD40, is also petroleum based.

  17. I tried building this, but couldn’t find either correct size of rubber o-rings that you used. Where did you get them from, or where can I obtain them?

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