Qefped Triathlon [Orange Day 2019]
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Qefped Triathlon [Orange Day 2019]

August 8, 2019

Hello everyone and welcome to Qefped Triathlon! I am your host, Lord Deskument, and I am joined today by Orange! Orange doesn’t… feel like… saying hi… I’m going to start off by explaining what Orange Day is and how it came about Skip to the time on screen if you want to get straight to the action On the 18th of February 2016, Day 7 of the Gadget Car Triacontathlon was released You might be wondering: “What’s so special about this video?” Well, GCT has three different intermission shows Stickman Experiments, where eliminated athletes get experimented on Pathetic Failures, where Orange gets up to his usual antics and ads for The Hat Stoar Pathetic Failures and The Hat Stoar made their debuts on Day 7 Poup Soop was briefly mentioned once before in PMR, but GCT Day 7 was the first time Orange’s personality was truly expressed Since then every episode of GCT has contained an episode of Pathetic Failures and an ad for The Hat Stoar It’s 2019 now, making this the third annual Orange Day In the Qefped Triathlon, 18 athletes will compete in three events to declare the winner a lifetime supply of Orange Edition Poup Soop Let’s see our contestants! Competing in the triathlon today will be Apricot, Peach, Tan, Brown, Chocolate Classic Marble Race winner Cotton, Sand, the Three Tree Brothers, Money, Poup Soop, HATT MANN, Pheesh Deletion, Qefped, Desk and Scary Face Some of the athletes couldn’t get turned into stickmen easily, so we’ve painted their faces onto robots The six worst-performing athletes will be eliminated at the end of the first two rounds, leaving us with six for the final event We’re outside the city of Deskland for this event The athletes have been equipped with refurbished jetpacks from 2016’s Tree Flying event They’ll be taking them to the Mind Palace: a dangerous area of the Cloud Zone which was once a training ground for the ancient Desks to practice their psychic powers Now there’s a dangerous electric storm – the jetpacks will stop working for a few seconds if they get zapped The 12 athletes who make it across the field in the shortest time will move on to the next event The bottom six will be eliminated Without further ado, let’s go! (oof) (the footage cut out) (this is most unfortunate) (it’ll be back soon) Wow! A lot of athletes managed to get times under 30 seconds but a few lagged severely The bottom six… …are now eliminated We have Portortype here in the studio! Hey everyone! First question: which obstacle was the worst for the athletes in your opinion? The electric storm, of course! It seems that most of the athletes have been eliminated because of this They’ll certainly be feeling those shocks for a while. What did you think of Qefped’s performance? Qefped fell the most out of all the athletes due to an unfortunate moment where the lightning struck them three times consecutively They fell very far down. They sure must be frustrated by that. 41 seconds – definitely not a great way to go. Lastly, who you think is doing well so far? Scary Face really handled most of the obstacles here. Perhaps this can help them in the next events. Who knows? Alright! Thanks for your time, Portortype. No problem! We’ve moved to a lake of Poup Soop near the city of Melmonia for the second event The athletes will now have to dive into a lake of Poup Soop where Orange is dropping barrels from above Each barrel collected earns the athlete at one point and Limited Edition Poup Soop barrels give three points The six athletes with the highest scores will move on and the six with the worst will not And now, a word from our sponsor: The Hat Stoar The Hat Stoar Go two The Hat Stoar The Hat Stoar The Hat Stoar Go two The Hat Stoar Eknimpie is joining us in the studio! Hello. Thanks for having me Lord Deskument! What do you think about Brown’s surprise comeback in the Poup Plunge? I was kinda shocked that Brown did that, but you know, rules are rules Who do you think had the best performance out of the contestants? Sand did quite well – catching the barrels before they fell I thought Pheesh was going to do that but you know, I guess Pheesh aren’t really good at catching barrels Very true. Finally, who do you think is going to win the Qefped Triathlon? Brown is definitely in the lead right now, but you know, fan favorites such as Scary Face and Pree the Tree may make a comeback in the last round We’ll know soon enough! Thanks for being here, Eknimpie! Glad to speak with you, Lord Deskument! For the last event we’ve moved to Vertigo City The athletes are armed with handheld Poup Cannons and must try to survive while shooting each other They’re in a circular arena that spins at differing speeds Each athlete has 10 HP. When they die, they’re out for good. Risky play, Sand, but nice headshot! They both fired at each other and it looks like Brown survived! Ladies and gentlemen, Melmons or otherwise, we have our winner! Thanks for watching! This video was part of a series of videos released to celebrate Orange Day 2019, make sure to check out the playlist! Hey. Let’s make this quick. Lord Deskument has been hiding secrets from you. THE FIRST BOSS’ NAME IS V?R%#I*A

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  1. !enoyreve ,yaD egnarO yppaH

    Sorry if the video quality isn't particularly great – I had to rush towards the end. The footage also cuts off in a couple of places because my editor wanted to bully me… ;-;

    (the voice acting is a one-off thing by the way)

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  3. If you added a few people as stickmen into the video, can I be a boss in Marble Siege 3 or some other video?
    My stickman has a black head, white eyes and mouth, shadow left arm, dark grey right arm, grey spine, light grey left leg, and a white right leg. Add whatever abilities you want.

  4. Hey doc, if you guess how long Marble Siege 3 is coming, what would you guess? P.S I love your vids!

  5. Where is marble siege…u said it will be opened in 2018…(or thats ms2) just open marble siege 3 I SAID 3



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