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Quick Time Entry in Practice Manager | Xero Accounting Software

September 1, 2019

Entering time sheets in any accounting practice
can be, well, time consuming. The timer in Xero Practice Manager turns timesheeting into an
easy task without leaving the screen you’re working in. Just click the click icon from
any screen and simply add time. Select the client, job, and task. You may also need to mark as billable
if that’s appropriate for this task. Add a note if needed and save. To add another entry, just
click the + icon. If you want to time a new task, simply start the timer, fill in the details,
save, and the counter will keep going until you stop it. If you’re working on a job and there’s no
specific task set up for it, you can save as a draft until the task is added later. Draft entries will be
automatically removed from the system overnight to keep things tidy, so just be sure to assign
the entries you want to keep to a task beforeyou leave for the day. You’ll see a running total of time from
saved entries at the top of the box. Click into any entry to edit, and hover over to reveal the discard
option if you want to completely remove it. There are two options for how your practice can record
time: start/finish, or you can record time duration. If you’re the administrator, just select the
option that’s best for your practice to work with in the Practice Settings. The timer has everything
you need to enter and maintain time entries instantly so you can get back to what’s important:
your clients.

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