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Ra Gameplay Runthrough

August 10, 2019

hey everybody today rahdo runs through Raw which he is widely considered to be one of the best auction style board games of all time and I’m gonna show you how it works stay in a two player run-through although before I get going I strongly recommend you turn your subtitles on to the Klingon channel so that when I make rules goose you’ll know what they are okay have you done so then welcome to ancient Egypt where we will be worshipping the Sun God raw and trying to build up the best dynasty the world has ever seen over three eras and aha basically as part of set up each player gets a collection of Sun tiles and with different numbers on them and these are what we’re gonna be using to bid in the auctions as the first player I got the 9 to 6 the 5 and the 2 Jen got the eight to seven to four and the three now there are even higher value ones like a 16 or a 10 that are used when you’re playing three four or five player game but today we’re playing a two-player game which is why I’ve covered up all these faces on the raw track because in two-player game these are the only spaces available for the sun-god raw we also start with ten points right at the beginning because we might be losing points before we earn them and otherwise we are ready to go and here’s the way the game works folks it’s super simple on your turn nine times out of ten what you’re gonna do is you are simply going to draw a tile and add it to the auction board and tiles slowly build up here becoming more and more valuable and eventually we’re gonna have an auction to see who gets what bidding with these sun-god tiles so it is a Nile flooding token that’s a pretty big deal because if you’ve got a lot of Nile tiles they can be worth points if it floods so that would be nice to grab and that was my turn I’ve added one Jen’s turn she’s gonna draw a tile and hey she put out a Ferro token it’s my turn again I could do the same or instead I could invoke raw which means that we would start an auction right now and whoever invokes raw they take the raw token here really cool-looking a little wooden one and they have a huge advantage in the auction because they bid last it’s a once-around auction and going last is hugely powerful because you nobody else can outbid you so I could invoke Rahl right and hopefully get both of these for only two but if I want to use my – I can see Jen would use her three and then I’d have to go to my five I’m not going to do that let’s just keep on building up for a bigger cache and hey it’s a monument it is now Jen’s turn and what does she get who she gets some gold or seeing a little bit of everything my turn let’s fill it up some more now this is a disaster tile there’s four different types of disasters which is evidenced by that black outline this is an earthquake it means whoever wins this has a bit of a poison pill you get all these good tiles a Ferro tile monuments gold flooding but you take this as well and an earthquake means two of your monuments are destroyed so this monument it’s not coming with us unfortunately anyway so that’s what got put out it’s my turn I could start the bidding again but let’s go on ahead and draw another tile and okay we’re gonna bid anyway because I just drew our first raw tile this is the main timer of the game every time we draw one of these and there are a ton of them in here I don’t know where what the percentage is but a lot of these are raw tiles once this fills up all the way that’ll trigger the end of the first error and we’ll score points or maybe lose points who knows but whenever somebody draws a raw tile it’s like they spent their turn invoking raw so we are gonna have an auction now I was thinking about it I decided not to I just drew a raw tile but now we start the bidding and because I invoke draw accidentally mine Jen has to go first and now here’s the thing we might have a situation where nobody wants to bid if everybody passes we’ll just keep on going but if I had purposely invoke draw it was it was it wasn’t pushed on us if I purposely done it then if Jen passed I would have to bid but as it is this is a nice cache I think we both wanted so who is gonna get it well Jen will start the bidding and is she only gets one shot and no matter what she knows I can win because I’ve got a nine so she goes for eight she forces me to use the nine and then I’ve lost it but hey I’ve won this cash although effectively this is going to destroy this so really we’re only bidding on just these three tiles here so how bad does Jen want that that gold which is worth three points that Pharaoh which is worth up to 10 points and that flooding which isn’t worth anything unless you get some Niles how bad does Jen want that if Jen bids 3 or 4 she knows I can outbid her with a 5 if she goes to 7 or 8 then I got to go to my 9 so Jen could Jen knows I’m not gonna spend 9 for that so she could go to the 7 but she doesn’t wanna spend 7 for just 3 tiles either uh she’ll she’ll go ahead with her 3 her lowest one and she’ll hope she’ll get it spending three to get three useful tiles because I now have to go all the way up to five and am I gonna spend five to get three tiles no because there’s two things that’s gonna happen one I’ll get the five tiles but then the earthquake will destroy that but I’ll also be giving up my five and trading it for a lousy one I do not want to downgrade that much so Jen she got a pretty good deal she’s pretty happy with this I pass I don’t have to I mean this could be mine if I want some Wi-Fi but I’m gonna pass and so Jen got all of this for three and what happens is this comes up here she takes this one so it was a downgrade but not too much of one and it goes facedown now she cannot use this until we start the next era which won’t happen until all the raw tiles fill up so in the meantime Jen got all this the earthquake shaky shaky shaky destroys two monuments she only has one so here’s what she got she’s in the lead on Pharos there her denial if she gets any if he Nile land is flooding and she got some gold not bad okay so that was that that was my turn I inadvertently VOC draw and I got nothing for it but it’s now Jen’s turn again and so we start filling up and hey there’s a monument my turn and who now this is a Nile tile by itself it’s not worth anything but if you combine it with flooding you know if the gods are kind and they fled the Nile that’s worth something so that was me Jen’s turn she get another Pharaoh ooh the way it works when we fill up this era token um whoever has the most Pharaoh scores five whoever has the fewest loses to so I want I don’t want to lose to Jen on Pharaohs so I want this and what would I want a bid to would Jen bid for to get thereby downgrading her for to a three should I invoke raw now is it my turn I totally forgotten whose turn it was shoot I think it was my turn so I could invoke raw and hopefully get all this for – because Jen wouldn’t want a bid for to get it or would she I mean to hold on to first place she might do it best thing if I make this more attractive than Jen’s gonna be willing to go to her 7 or her 8 which means I’d have to spend my 9 if I spend my 9 I want to get a full suite of stuff so do I go now and hopefully get this four – and in the process also upgrade my two to a three no let’s just fill it up a little more so I won’t invoke raw what it doesn’t matter once again raw comes along anyway so we are gonna be bidding on this I inadvertently invoked it and now this is a case where maybe neither of us will bid but here’s the thing I will Jen’s got to go first is she gonna bid for to get these she doesn’t want spent for but she might do it anyway to force me to spend five cuz otherwise I get that for two she does not like that at all whoo-hoo that is tough hmm and you know and Plus getting two is an upgrade on the bidding tiles or it’s a downgrade for her if she goes to the floor she’s hoping she hopes she doesn’t win she hopes I go to five to get him because he’ll I mean you know maybe I mean it this might be the last pharaoh that comes out this round because we might get a bunch of raw tiles really fast or again she might say pass because since the the bidding was forced on us I didn’t choose to do it I could pass as well and then we just keep refilling I think Jen Jen will bid for Jen’s bidding for thereby either getting it or forcing me to spend five I don’t want to spend five and downgrade to a three I wanted to get this for a two I don’t like that folks I’m gonna pass and Jim says oh my gosh I can’t believe it I got that alright so not too bad oops that stays up and so there we go Oh Jen’s got a lot of stuff currently I’m not getting anything Jen’s got a flooding Nile she’s got a couple of Pharaohs she’s got some moment she’s got some gold but I’ve still got four opportunities to be in Jen’s only got two so as long I get lucky and not too many raw tiles come out after gems out of stuff she can bid I could maybe go on a shopping spree but the more this fills up I mean the more I’m pushing my luck in that regard anyway so it’s Jens turn she fills up again hey it’s another monument I go and hey it’s a tile that needs some flooding Jen goes hey it’s a monument I go hey it’s another monument Oasis Monument central Jen goes although here’s the field if I keep filling this up if Jen if Jenn goes she’s playing into my hands cuz she knows I want to get a big suite of stuff because I can get it no matter what with mine eyne maybe Jen should stop this right now and because if she goes were there seven I’d have to go oh yeah Jen’s gonna invoke raw she’s forcing it to happen which means if I pass Jen must bid in pay seven to get all of those and I’ve got a bit first and they’re like oh man she is out thanking me every step of the way I don’t want to use my nine to get four measly tiles but I don’t want Jen to get those oh yeah that’s all that’s three monuments plus the one she’s already got she’s saving up for a big bunch of points there and another oh my gosh although here’s the deal I could just say the heck with it I could bid five and maybe Jen will pass maybe she was just hoping to get me to flush out my nine cuz Jen want to pay seven to get all of that and you know and then downgrade her seven to a four I’m gonna take a chance here I don’t want to burn my fine I’m gonna bid five I could go with six and then maybe Jen wouldn’t feel so bad about letting it go if I go for the five Jen might go for the seven if I go for the six she knows that I’m paying a little bit more yeah I’ll go for the six and hopefully get it for the six we’ll see how it goes and now Jen she can take it if she wants um but since I did bid that means she’s allowed to pass if she wants she will pass she’s happy just having forced me to downgrade and anyway so now I’ve got some monuments hooray and the Nile which doesn’t do me any good unless I get a flooding tile alright so that was that and now there’s a six out there waiting to be grabbed it’s my turn I start filling up again hey here’s our first civilization tile these hugely important – so I play one Jen plays one a second civilization tile I play one another Faro oh my gosh although I would need to get to Pharaohs to catch up with Jen that’s kind of tough all right so is me Jen’s turn oh that’s not good oh I do not want this this is another earthquake we saw before whoever gets this loses two monuments Jen would have one to lose I would lose – oh no so Jen puts that out there it’s my turn now huh what to do oh my goodness well I don’t mind losing my monuments if I get it all for two and particularly because hey I get it off and and here’s the thing if I stop right now I could maybe get this for two cuz is Jen gonna pay seven she ain’t gonna pay seven to lose her monument but she’d be getting another pharaoh and she’d be getting tech I’m gonna do it I’m gonna invoke raw and so now Jen has to bid and whatever she bids she’ll be down grading you that or she passes and she lets me get all that for nothing but I will be burning two of my monuments Jen would be burning one general do it she will bid seven and I’m like I was hoping she passed and I could get them for two but now she’s fortunate I’m not gonna bid nine for that so I know I invoke draw it didn’t work out Jen gets it she once again downgrades her bidding tiles and the earthquake shakes her last monument but hey Wow three Pharaohs oh my gosh and a couple of civilization tiles Wow alright but as it is now it’s getting to the point where Jen is only gonna be able to partake in one more auction and then after that I can do whatever I want and so far very few raw tiles have come out so I might get incredibly lucky or I might get unlucky because we might get a string of raw tiles back-to-back and I won’t take advantage of these at all all right anyway so it is Jen’s turn we start filling up again and it’s some more civilization it’s my turn and it’s ah this is unrest this kills to civilization tiles Jen would lose all of her civilization if she gets this but if I get this I’d lose that civilization before I got it anyway so that’s that Jen’s turn I think more gold that’s just worth straight-up points my turn another tile without flooding doesn’t do any good Jen would like that but she doesn’t want to lose her tech so I was Jen’s turn my turn again oh it’s so much easier to keep track when there’s no human being here um to keep track I think it’s my turn I want to keep filling this up or no no I wouldn’t mind getting all this for two and I there’s no way Jen’s gonna pay eight I will keep filling it up I will keep filling up and oh okay well there we go it’s raw so I’ve invoke draw again so Jen is she gonna bid eight to get that no she is not she will pass on that which means finally my waiting is paid off I upgrade my two to a seven I get this this unrest kills this technology but hey I got a second tile and some gold I got it for only two and I’ve still got some time and that was it it is Jen’s turn she starts feeling again it’s another monument it’s my turn it’s another raw tile oh my gosh now things are starting to run out of time Jen’s got a bid first she is not bidding aid to get a single monument am I gonna bid five no I’m not so we’re both passing on this so that was that right so I put the raw tile back we keep refilling it’s Jens turn another monument my turn another monument Jen’s turn another monument my turn do I invoke wrong now is Jen gonna pay eight see here’s the thing no no we’ve got time I’m gonna keep refilling it all right so I’m just filled on it’s a raw tile anyway okay so we’re gonna bid Jen bids eight and then I got take nine but oh my gosh that’s a lot of monuments Jen will bid eight to try and get them and I’m like oh but can I be downgrading my 9 to a two but here’s the thing folks one more raw tile gets drawn and it’s over the last raw tile does not trigger an auction so this era is almost over I can’t afford oh this is painful I’m giving up my nine to get to to get all of these and look at all of these maan since I got Wow okay and so that was that and it’s Jens turn and she draws and it’s a flooding tile I want this flood so that I can get points and my next thing I might draw might be an I’ll I I invoke raw right now Jen gets the bid first is she gonna pay eight to get a single flooding tile well she’ll be getting her nine and she’ll be keeping it for me because that’s two points for me is she gonna do that oh so much to think about in this game folks yeah she’ll do it so she bids eight I can’t beat her and so she takes this flooding tile which I wanted badly and hey not bad okay so that was me trying to get that Jen took it away now please please please no raw tiles because Jen can’t beat any more I can get whatever I want now for five and I’d become two earning my 5 into 8 so please please please no raw no raw no raw oh yeah that’s a god tile that’s worth two points or it’s a tile allows me to just on my turn take anything I want so Jen’s out now I can keep refilling or I can invoke raw if I draw a raw tile now I get nothing I could go on head spin my I’m gonna push my luck Jen’s out of it she has nothing to bid please no raw tile please please please please I got nothing I got nothing if I had drawn this OH would have been a lovely technology tile and then I would have totally taken these two things for five I would have locked in some tech I would have walked in a god but not not what I drew ah so it’s over the last raw tile does not trigger an auction like everything else so Jen got one for auctions i only won three it’s the end of the era folks and now we score we check this whole thing here anybody who still has a god they haven’t used gets two points and then the god is lost because we go into the next era will worship different gods nobody has any gods so we skip that whoever has the most pharaohs that would be Jen scores five points whoever has the Lua fewest that be me loses too so I am now down to eight III and the pharaohs remain they are remembered from era to era all right then we go on to flooding tiles hey I’d get two points if I’d flooded but I don’t so I get nothing but I get to keep the Nile my land on the Nile is never lost Jane had to flooding tiles and once she gets one point this thing flooded she keeps her land but the flooding tiles are lost forever okay so that’s that now technology I don’t have any technology I lose five points Jen has two technology she doesn’t lose any but she needed three unique ones to get five points so she doesn’t lose she doesn’t gain and then these are forgotten as we move on and then finally hey I got three gold so that gets spent to give me three points one two three and we have finished the first arroyo Jen she has some gold as well so she also gets three my mistake let’s see here there’s a 1 and a 2 and a 3 so at the end of the first of three eras so now we get all our bidding back Jen got that sweet sweet 9 oh and this is lost all of these are gone and we’re ready to start the next round and I am at a bit of a disadvantage what am I on now I’ve got one two three four five six points Joe oh man Jen’s done much better but I’ve got a lot of monuments Jen has no monuments monuments score at the end of the game and the way they work is you you are doing set collection both for matching and unique ones so like if the game ended right now let’s say since I’ve got four if the game were to end right now I’ve got four unique types of monuments which is worth four points if I can get five or six that’s five or six points if I can get up to seven unique type of monuments that’s ten points if I get all eight types of one of each type of monument that’s 15 points also I get five points for every set of three so right now it’s just three but as soon as I get another one of these or five it would be another point of five and as I get more unique types so I can be for a big payday at the end of the game if I just keep collecting monuments and hey I’ve got more rivers than Jin if I get the flooding next round that could start paying off but Jen she’s got the royalty on her side so that’s gonna keep on helping her out as we continue to build our dynasties in raw and that folks is where I’m going to stop cuz that should give you a pretty good idea of just how fast this is and how tense and how surprisingly deep it is if you want your some final thoughts now you can hit that I in the top-right corner follow the show notes in five four three two one

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  1. Did the rules change from the older version to the most recent one? Jen should have gotten 3 points for her 2 flood tiles + 1 Nile tile, instead of just 1 (and then of course she would lose her 2 flood tiles as you had her do).

  2. Introducing the Rahdo Runs Through drinking game: Take a drink every time Richard forgets whose turn it is.

    Seriously though, I think it's high time you invest in a current player marker. You've had this ongoing issue for years!

  3. I'm scared that even when Rahdo isn't playing games he is always thinking, what would Jen do and then have a conversation with himself about said situation, and then people nearby to him would think, who's that crazy man talking to himself!!!! But what would Jen do……? hehehe

  4. I'm super confused. Is this a re-release of an older video? I swear I must have seen this video like a few weeks ago already?!?!

  5. Part of showing the game is teaching people to play, having someone bid their lowest token was outside of logic

  6. Think a simple reflective board out of shot on your left would improve the lighting, Rahdo – just suggesting! (Used to do a fair bit of photography) Otherwise, enjoyed the playthrough – gameplay now fully understood.

  7. If you pick a tile you cannot invoke Ra. You can only invoke him at the start of your turn before deciding to pick a tile.

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