RAF Puma Helicopter visits Hartpury College
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RAF Puma Helicopter visits Hartpury College

December 10, 2019

My name’s Andrew and I’m studying Uniformed Public Services here at Hartpury College. Today we’ve been in this
helicopter, basically experimenting with some of the buttons, whilst we’ve been doing our fitness
training. The course is basically all about
trying to get into the public services like the police, the RAF, the army, stuff
like that and it gives you the appropriate training and it gives you
experiences like riot training, working with the
police, working with the RAF, doing things like this just to get you motivated and open your eyes to the possibilities that
could be in front of you. Hi, I’m Charlie. I’m studying for public services at Hartpury College and today we got the chance to sit in a Puma helicopter and look around, find out a bit about it, find out the controls, what it does, the weight it can pick up, how many people can sit in it, and basically how it helps the RAF. I spoke to all the pilots
about what they did and the career office people helped as well, saying what they do and to helping us with our careers in the future. I’ve always thought the RAF’s an option
so today’s just really helped me focus on the RAF, which is good.

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