Raiding With an ARMY of Roblox Users
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Raiding With an ARMY of Roblox Users

August 17, 2019

Oh, uhh The spawn is gone. I heard that my factory was deleted. Oh my god This just looks different. Oh, wait. That cause it’s GONE. The factory is gone. I just have this carcass of a base left Look at this. Even the showers. All right, I think I’m just going in my uhh – my Blade Runner base. Okay, wait a minute. Oh come on. It’s it’s like in a mountain now. Maybe the developer watched my videos and he was like “This guy’s too good. I better destroy all of his bases.” Sometimes I just want to take a full inventory “Im always here for you” “shut up” “im gonna do it” I have a full inventory “i have a full inventory” If you don’t believe me, wait until you see this video. “You have so much to live for” I have so much to live for? I have two toilet plungers. Look at this. [Unenthusiastically] Oh yes Oh “full inventory” *kneecaps breaking* Ow Owie, no go away. How does he have so much health? oh my god (OOF) Look I have protection. watcha got Come on. She needs some MILK I think that’s what he said BEGONE Yeah, that’s right. Get the fuck out of here. OH NO Don’t kill me. Chill out. I just watched him pull a gun on me. I don’t want any trouble man. “u gunna need some flex tape when im done with u” Oh shit, oh my god. *sad music* “i did it” (OOF) Let’s go cause some trouble. Who looks like they need a beating? Whatever. You know what I mean. “cover me while i commit this atrocity” *explosion* OOOOH my god. Alright. Oooh I’m stuck. Uh I don’t want it. HELP me. Restarting servers. I think there’s an update. Come on, who we gonna keel Can you say Joy Lane Yes, no like well I can’t if this guy kills me (OOF) 20k Alright fellas go for it everyone start killing outsiders This is what we’re made to do This is what we were born to do in Electric State This is horrible oh it hurts I’m out of ammo. I’m probably gonna die. Someone’s gonna hit me while I’m buying it OH Vicout Oh my god, he’s invincible Hold on hold on wait, wait, wait, wait wait No, come on Why couldn’t you be cool about it? “hahaha, this is horrible” Hell yeah, holy guacamole oh that’s a good price Where did he get those? Oh shint. This is the uhh – this is like the G36 before it became the G36. Uh oh. UH OH. Freedom That’s what I like about this game. It’s realistic. Oh I love cola. I hate Coca Cola. Coca Cola actually tastes like shint. And Pepsi. you if you like either. Hell yeah. Oh my god. I didn’t even realize I had all these. “i love cola. come on, unlock it” I think there was a little bit of lag. Or I’m just not really observant. Ugh Look at this Chad oh no collateral Well uhhhh, I guess I’ll get some Deagle shipments. I’ll just unlock em Everyone take a Deagle. “an armed society is a polite society” Deagle shipments for everyone Come on fellas, they’re everywhere. This is America. “everyone toggle pvp and follow me” We’re an angry mob (OOF) “Kill all non tribe members” This is tribal warfare. This is horrible, this is chaos No, I don’t have any Cola Regroup. Stop killing. Oh my god, oh Jesus. Oh no, I lost my BIZON. In this server, there’s us and there’s them. “everyone not with us is them” “everyone get a good look -” oh god *crowd panic sounds* *distant crowd panic sounds* Ohhhh no. It’s all chaos now. Ohhhh no “open the door” *heavy knocking* “FBI OPEN UP”

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  1. Want to join a clan on electric state ?
    We are always open for everyone to join we provide:

    -Empty server farming
    -Raids togheter
    -Update log for the game where you can see every update
    -Info about every weapon ingame
    -Full pricing list

    And much more…

  2. That would have been a great gang but that blond girl in the dome hat kept starting fights

  3. I just want to play this game with my sombrero dog and have a mexican standoff

  4. Also why does it seem like no one is to concerned because it looks your factory was part of your base sorry if I made assumptions I'm just confused

  5. The girl at 1:59 killed me and i lost all my hecking guns and my jetpack and my only bike all of the other we re stolen cuz they always kill me first and then lockpick

  6. Hi i from Russia Привет я твой подписчик если ты понел что Я сказал поставь лайк пж

  7. Those role playing games are just basically copies of gmod darkrp I heard the same sounds like the Keypad and the same loading buttons And I saw the menu you pulled up it’s like the f4 menu on gmod so yeah those games are basically a copy of gmod darkrp

    Also you can get gmod on steam but it cost like $15 or $10 I forgot and you have to download steam and create a account so yeah

  8. virgin ES player: uses AK to kill people, doesnt even have any money, doesnt print, does not random kill
    The Chad Player: Kills people with only melee, has over a 100 thousand or more, Kills groups of random people, has balls of steal, raids constantly, doesnt even drink cola, instead Bleach.

  9. knock knock knock FBI OPEN UP!
    The loudest explosion
    Rip I man
    He died for His country
    HE was a good man
    Until god respawned him and he was like: what the hell happend?

  10. what roblox game is this, plz tell me i rily like how it loks, also sorry if i spelld some things rong

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