RAILGUN (Powered + Unpowered) UNLOCK HACK in Ravenfield + Kill UFO Cheat
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RAILGUN (Powered + Unpowered) UNLOCK HACK in Ravenfield + Kill UFO Cheat

August 24, 2019

Hello and welcome – today I’m going to show you, how to get the railgun without having to do anything in the game because it
takes quite a while to get it properly you can just hack it – I want to point out
that I understand that this will help pirates but on the other hand it is not
a complete drm that is in place here – the inability of a paying player to use both
rail guns that exists is a limitation – and the following are instructions on how to
remove these limitations for paying customers –
if Ravenfield had actual DRM I would not be making a video on how to
circumvent it but this is about a secret weapon – a secret fun weapon – a troll weapon, a meme weapon and when I enabled the ability to use both rail guns for me it
was to satisfy my curiosity how that would feel it turns out it’s not that
exciting but still I wanted to try it out on my own now I’ve seen a problem
with making it easier for other paying players to try the same so go to steam
go to library right-click rain-filled go to properties in here go to local files
and go to browse local files this open space folder where you’re gonna work in
this folder you have to go to rain-filled beta and then into the
managed folder and sherea the assembly – c-sharp dll file which you need to open
in dn spy which needs to be at least off the version 5.0 point 5 all the versions
do not work go to VD n spy website go to the release page and download VD n spy
dot zip file ignore everything else do not download source code get VD n spider
zip file unzip it run the n spy 5 point something I’m gonna repeat it again if
you use an older version it will not work alright alright
once you have div n spy open you can close be about petal works though and on
the left you have probably stuff you can just click on it and press the Delete
key on keyboard and get rid of it anyways what do you want to do is to
drag the assembly – C sharp file in here all right and then just open it up open
this up open this up with a – let me just fullscreen this and now we’re gonna
find where the code is for VR or a railgun this will also aid pirates what
you’re gonna do this will also aid pirates but whatever this will also aid
pirates but hopefully this will also aid pirates but of course miss videos for
those that have a game on Steam yeah get the game on Steam you’re gonna benefit
from it anyways you will not have to yeah get the game on Steam you’ll have
the latest update so beta branch is awesome so what you’re gonna have to do
is go to the weapon manager open that baby up and there is a function here
called unlock secret weapons so in here we right click into the function not
outside of a function but inside the function block or whatever it’s called
and edit method and here we have to do a little bit of cleanup so we’re gonna
delete this part so it reads weapon manager dot weapon entry item equals
weapon manager dot instance that secret meme weapon and we’re going to add a
semicolon behind this enter delete column and copy this part before
including the equal sign and paste it in here and let’s see let’s just copy-paste
this block and put it over here so first the secret meme weapon will be added and
then my secret weapon will be added alright so this happens when we unlock
secret weapon so now we have to just trigger unlock secret weapon
so hit compile and I see my mistake let’s remove this part we just need to
use item there it compile all right and I guess on awake let’s just right click
and edit method here and just run unlock secret weapon
cuz why not and now we’re just gonna go to file/save module press ok and now we
start rain-filled without steam being enabled because I don’t want to wait for
all the mods to load and I also don’t want to disable them in v mods and menu
and I also don’t want to run it with a command line I should totally make a
script for that though anyways now we’re going to go to play instant something
let’s go to Island why not I wonder if we could have already picked it but yeah
let’s go here close-quarters marksman stealth nope it’s over here railgun
empowered and railgun of course now you also need the sheet which you know
allows you to have every weapon in every slot no matter a size let’s just do this
real quick let’s close this let’s go to loadout UI where you add your loadout UI
and we’re gonna go inside of is large entry and chiara gonna edit method and
replace this with return entry exclamation mark equals null + + % & %
false semicolon compile this with file say module ok
run Raven filled once more let’s go to island and weapons which we’re gonna
tell them all to use the unpowered rail gun while we are gonna be using the
powered and the unpowered rail gun your rail gun on powered rail gun powered
let’s deploy and check it out oh yeah and of course we have these things these
things I mean we have vehicles sure disable them I don’t know which one is
powered woops whoopsie indeed all right were you at there you are
pretty sure this is the powered one too far let’s shoot you again oh yeah so
this is how it goes this is how you get both the powered and the unpowered rail
gun the same timing and this guy is still alive that’s horrible and of
course now you can fight for UFO if you have UFOs around and if all you actually
want us to get rid of a UFO you can go to dn spy find the UFO object where is a
thing UFO uh is it even an object I don’t know
let’s call it class and hit the Delete key on the keyboard and press yes and
files have module okay oh all right you can do that let’s see what happens if we
do try to force it though it just crashes so you don’t delete the UFO
folder if you do we go back to steam yeah you’ll have to run steam again and
rain will go to rain field properties local files and press verify integrity
of game files and that’ll restore them here we go
all right kick it yep and there’s a stupid UFO and if we want to prevent the
UFO from appearing then let’s just go to a u you know let’s go to a UFO class
here it is and I think what we’re gonna do is who goes yeah we’re just gonna
make it die immediately so let’s go to start edit method it’s a very end we’re
going to write this die and compile and save module finger just
died I heard a sound and not sure so let’s try to trigger it again because I
I don’t know me because I have it in the settings that I killed the UFO at some
point in the past maybe because of that it just doesn’t appear anymore I don’t
know I don’t really know how this UFO stuff works and I don’t want to look at
the code for so long that I completely understand so we’re just gonna keep
hacking Raven field because it’s more fun we learn a little bit of programming
this way right here’s the UFO let’s kick it in a bunch and see what happens this
time kaboom yeah alright let’s see the UFO pops up but I don’t think so
so this successfully destroys UFOs apparently if you just add V this dot
die function where is the called method right at the beginning of e start
function or is it called method of the UFO class it’s called class right
anyways hope this helped make sure to subscribe make sure to hit that Bella
fication I can and I’ll see you next time ciao

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  1. i dont think this really has a purpose for steam users since no one wants a useless railgun that blows up in your face but this is useful for my friend hes pirating ravenfield so this can help him alot thanks i guess…

  2. Hmmmmmm….. unlock hack…hmmmmmm..unlock……………HACK!?!?!?! UNLOCK HACK!?!??!!??!?!!?
    Battle eye where are you??????

  3. gustaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  4. I got it working but i only got the unpowered and not powered so could you tell me how to fix this? Edit: I saw why it dident work because theres a expected error so do you know about that error? Edit 2: I am extremely sorry if you have readed this and i wasted your time i got it working now i thank you for helping.

  5. So im running Build 13, i deleted the ufo ike you said and it doesnt appear, bu the sci fi noises keep going on and on. Jut tht ufo music stuff, if you know a way to hide that sound effect i would be grateful. Yes Hitler is asking for help dont go nuts about it. Or i may hav to yeet you in a camp.

  6. Iwan, can you please make a Assembly-C sharp file that has the railgun for Build 13?
    And can you please upload in dropbox and link it in the description?? I havent received my pocket money yet. So can you please do itttt!
    Dnspy doesnt work for my PC

  7. iwanPlays: so just buy the game to support the developer ykno dont torrtetnt th gea gme pls okthx
    Also iwanPlays: ok so i have a method to get the railgun working without buying the game

  8. I have Original version but i copy-pasted it to my desk so i can test mods without loading all workshop mods.

  9. Hi, I can not use dnspy, it tells me that I have to download some .net and I have no idea how to download .net because it tells me that it was blocked to download. you help me please?

  10. Thank you!
    I'm not gonna lie, I do use the cracked version of Ravenfield but I will never share the way to get the cracked version
    Also I do Ravnfield Videos


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