Randy Mistal – Mini videos on steroids with little jet packs
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Randy Mistal – Mini videos on steroids with little jet packs

August 15, 2019

shortcut videos to me I imagine them as
being mini videos on steroids with little jet
pack strapped to them and and I imagine that in that they are
basically released into the world internet and they have your message on their and
take this message and they’re just jetting around the
internet connecting with people all over people business and they’re basically learning about you and you don’t have to worry about that
I mean basically it out there and it’s working for you 24/7 and the nice thing about it too is that
they’re they’re very compact pieces of information so when people are
watching them They’re not going to get bored they’re only
watching one to two minutes of a message that you have when you’re finished it immediately
another message comes up and it’s nice and compact to and they
can click on that and if they’re engaged and interested
they just keep clicking on the shortcut videos pretty soon you’ve given them 10 or 15
minutes information and they’ve been engaged and interested in it and they’ve had the ability to choose if
they wanna watch it or not at the same time which gives them the power to watch it rather than say a twenty minute video
they look at this video it’s twenty minutes long they’re not gonna watch it they’re just
gonna simply say That’s too long, not interested and forget about it so I
think that’s the secret to the shortcut video is it’s compact size and the message it has
within it

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