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Ratcheting Terminal Crimper – WTC-380 – Cleaveland Aircraft Tool

September 7, 2019

“hi I’m Mike at Cleaveland aircraft tool here
to talk about the WTC 380 ratcheting terminal crimper.” “Aircraft mechanics know that there are only
a few crimpers certified to work on certified airplanes. These tools cost hundreds of dollars.
This ratcheting terminal crimper is a knock off of one of those tools. And well it is
not certified it works very well for the experimental market, as well as general automotive and
industrial uses. The best part is it’s one fourth of the price. Let’s take a look at
some of its features” “This crimper provides a double crimp. one
Crimp on the wire, and the other crimp around the wire casing, supporting the wire so that
there’s less chance of wire breakage” “You get what you pay for, and the same is
true and wire terminals. Make sure that you find terminals that have the metal ring that
surrounds the wire casing. This gives you a nice tight crimp that won’t let go. The
ones I use are from 3M are called PIDG for preinsulated diamond grip. They’re available
from Stein air, Digi-Key, or any other quality electronic supplier.” “The terminals come color-coded to indicate
the range of wire size. The colored dots on the side of the crimper match those colors.” “The terminals are easy to lineup, simply
place in the correct saddle, and lineup the opposite side with the end of the connector.” “The ratcheting design allows the pliers to
hold the terminal while you’re getting the wire inserted.” “The pliers have a great leverage designed
into them to make crimping easier.” “The pliers ratchet down to a positive stop
so that you know when you’re finished.” “With these ratcheting terminal crimpers you
can rest assured that you have good, tight crimps that won’t fail.” “You can purchase
these crimpers on our website at Cleaveland Tool.com, part number WTC 380. Thanks for
watching, and make sure to like the video, subscribe to our channel, and share with your

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  1. On your video at 1.33 just above the handle is a star shape adjuster, it has a pin in so it cannot be moved. My crimper too has this, what exactly is it for? Thanks Li

  2. I notice that Andy Waters also noticed you put the wire in the wrong side of the tool, I don't see that you answered him. I believe you should make a correction because people will believe you because they would automatically just know that you are correct because you are the spokes person for Cleaveland Aircraft Tool but your are very wrong if you feel you did it correctly. I am only trying to be helpful.

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