Raw Footage of the China Airlines Flight 120 Explosion
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Raw Footage of the China Airlines Flight 120 Explosion

November 19, 2019

Airlines Flight 120 is on final approach for landing. They’re now less than a
minute from the runway. AUTOPILOT: T20, 10. NARRATOR: It’s a
textbook landing. All that’s left for the
China Airlines pilots is to park the plane. Engine start levers. Engine start levers cut off. NARRATOR: With the engines
off, they can finally relax. [BUZZER] Hey, what is it? What’s happening? NARRATOR: Just when they thought
they were safely parked– RADIO: Cockpit, ground. Number two engine fire. NARRATOR: –a radio call alerts
them into an urgent danger. Their plane is on fire. PILOT: Attention,
crew on station. Attention, crew on station. RADIO: Dynasty 120, we
are calling a fire truck. Remain stand by. We have wheel
five [INAUDIBLE].. [INAUDIBLE] lever. NARRATOR: The pilots
know they need to get their passengers
off the plane before flames reach
the fuel tanks. But they can’t open
the cabin doors yet. Engine fire warning
switches, override. NARRATOR: They must follow
an evacuation checklist. Finally the pilots are
ready to open the doors. PILOT: Evacuation
required now, required. No pushing, no pushing. Please keep moving forward. NARRATOR: But it will take
time for all 157 passengers to make it to the exit. George Ishizaki is watching
the unfolding disaster from inside the airport terminal. I just happened to have
my camcorder with me. I thought, oh my God,
what is happening? NARRATOR: The plane
has been burning for close to three minutes. It could explode at any moment. Captain, all
passengers are evacuated. You’re the last one. Typically the captain will
stay until everybody is off and he will verify that
the airplane is empty. NARRATOR: The pilots have put
their passengers’ safety first. But now it may be
too late for them. We’ll have to climb
out through the window. You first. Sir. NARRATOR: All 737
cockpits are equipped with an emergency escape rope. It’s designed to help pilots
exit through the side window. But it’s no easy maneuver. Then– BYSTANDER: Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! NARRATOR: Fire on an airplane
can quickly become lethal. Incredibly on Flight 120,
all 165 people on board have escaped unharmed. I’ve never heard
of any evacuation where somebody wasn’t hurt. To get this many people off
in such a dire circumstance in a very short period of time
with no injuries is miraculous.

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  1. This is what I mean people worry about animals when humans are dying every day homeless people going to situation doesn't any body cares no humans are more important dog's 😝😝😝😝😝

  2. This channel make me feeling good, and not scare again to flight because this ive know more about accident in the sky…

  3. (at naha airport)
    Me: im going to beijing
    mind: i don't have a good feeling about this
    Me: What's the worst that could happen?
    plane explodes
    (runs straight back home)

  4. thats why i am now terrified of flying 0-0 i am from hawaii so i guess i should prepare for worse tho i mostly ride hawaiian airlines and flew to orange county california at least twice or three times and to neighbor islands like molokai and kauai and have so far never experienced a crash but if i do ill make sure i am prepared xd

  5. Remember, the China Airline, which makes disastrous crashes isn't from Mainland, China. This Taiwanese Company had killed thousands lives in the past 60 years. It had really played the devil for sure.

  6. Fuel leaked out through the hole, reaching the outside of the wing. A fire started when the leaked fuel came into contact with high-temperature areas on the right engine after the aircraft stopped in its assigned spot, and the aircraft burned out after several explosions. That’s what caused the fire.

  7. 2:46

    Flight safety video:
    “Smoking is not allowed onboard at anytime,including in the lavatories,which are fitted with smoke detectors and alarms”

    One random dude:
    Bruh,just one puff can’t do much harm



  8. Do you know:

    The co-pilot jumped of the rope and ran away immediately after the explosion because he got so scared with the noise of the explosion that he lost grip and fell down and almost PEED HIS PANTS

  9. Pilots! When u have engine fire use ur extinguechers! It is simple!
    1. Lever…………..idle
    2. Fuel…………….Cuttof
    3. Fire button…..pushed
    4. Eng gen……….is off
    5. (In depends on situation but… no.6 tells us…)

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