RC Helicopter Fails
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RC Helicopter Fails

October 17, 2019

After the demise of the quadcopter yesterday Laughs…Why not? After yesterday’s untimely demise of the quadcopter! There goes the drone in the lake I’ve decided I should learn how to fly this helicopter in a safe environment so we’re going to try it in the back garden just trying to get how the thing works how it flies that kind of thing okay I give up me and remote vehicles are not going to happen. I’ve just ! I just haven’t got a clue I think we’re er’ we’re on different paths it was a giggle it was good fun while it lasted but I can’t be bothered with it anymore It’s driving me around the bend but is a giggle So why bother? For the fun yeah that’s the reason for the fun

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  1. Oh my, talk about cruel and unusual punishment – for the 'copter! It was like a deranged animal in an enclosure! Funny that a metal object, without any heartbeat can make you feel so sorry for it, as it dies repeatedly and then resurrects like a cartoon character. Don't want to hurt your feelings, Michael, but that thing needs another handler, or open spaces where it can just nosedive into a pond and be peaceful, like its forerunner.

  2. Maybe you should try a balloon… Or a kite? What a hoot!!!! Poor chopper. So cute and so useless, lol.

  3. I'm glad you featured this on your website, which is how I came here, +molometer…

    Your laugh is infectious – thanks for this perfect accompaniment to my coffee.

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