React WordPress – Add or edit Portfolio Shortcodes
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React WordPress – Add or edit Portfolio Shortcodes

August 27, 2019

We’ll show you how to add and edit Portfolio Shortcode Edit your WordPress page I’ll create some space for the Portfolio I’ll remove this content Click the Add / Edit Portfolio button to open the Shortcode Generator Here you can choose between Posts and Portfolio items Scroll down to see all the options I’ll use four columns Here you’ll find the image layout position options Because the images will be small I’ll, choose Tiny I only want to show 4 items I’ll change the title tag to h4, which is smaller I can choose a button style from here Insert the new portfolio shortcode to the content Now it is shown here Save the page and check it out NOTE: If you don’t see any images, you need to upload them in WordPress – Portfolio section. Use the Bulk Upload. The default pop window uses FancyBox These filters are based on the Portfolio categories Ok, let’s say we need to modify this Portfolio. We’ll edit the page again to do this. Copy the old shortcode Open the Portfolio Generator Click the Edit Existing Shortcode button And paste it in (ctrl+v) Let’s try the Full screen pop up mode I’ll change the Image type to show under the other elements You can change whatever you like! Add the new shortcode Update and then check it out Everything it now shown on top of the image Now when we click the image we are in Full Screen mode That’s how to add and edit the Portfolio shortcode Thanks for watching

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