Real Life Blitz Shield is BRIGHTER THAN THE SUN! (from R6 Siege)
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Real Life Blitz Shield is BRIGHTER THAN THE SUN! (from R6 Siege)

September 8, 2019

On this episode make it real we’re
trying something different, we’re making the Blitz shield from Rainbow six Do you guys remember Riley he started
volunteering here about a year ago when he graduated high school this
spring we actually hired him on full-time for the summer to help out
around the shop before he heads to Conestoga College to follow in our
footsteps in becoming an engineer Riley here just graduated from high
school and as per tradition he’s burning some of his old notes and starting a
full-time job at Hacksmith industries anyway employees here at Hacksmith
industries get to work on their own projects occasionally – so without
further ado here’s Riley’s Blitz Shield build Big thank you to Wix for
sponsoring this video but more on that later Hey guys welcome back to another
episode of Riley makes it real this Woah Woah Woah this might be your project but this is my wall okay Okay so the reason I really wanted to try this project was because I play a lot of Rainbow six siege and I wanted to see if it was possible to make
a similarly bulletproof shield that is also usable and I guess we’re gonna find
out if it’s really as easy to flip it sideways and fire on the enemies as as
the game makes it look so let’s check out the design so judging by the CAD model right now it’s probably not going to be wieldly because it’s supposed to be about a hundred and
ten pounds but let’s make it anyways I’m going to be using the new maverick CNC
plasma table to cut this out which makes my job super easy the machine was
provided by elite metal tools which is like the Amazon of industrial machinery
with tons of products and free shipping Thor: Without my hammer I can’t Another! That’s heavy! If you’re not worthy you shouldn’t be using the hammer Thor’s hammer is so useful James: What did you do? Riley: I’m an idiot gotta bend this quarter inch steel around this. Good luck with that So we’re gonna be measuring the peak
brightness of the blitz shield LED assembly using this light meter here and
I’ve got it set to record the maximum that it gets to and see how bright this
is compared to some other things welding, the Sun outside, and you know maybe some
other stuff too as you can see we got to 1635 so now
we’re outside it’s about 10 degrees out which is a pretty warm for Canada in the
spring and it’s about 4 p.m. and we’re gonna see how bright it is from the Sun Ohhh it’s gettin hot! – flicker it on again
yeah that’s all of them Like, much hotter than the others it’s like an IMAX how hot are those? hundred and thirty Celsius
what we need proper cooling Oh yeah it’s getting dimmer one
what’s wrong yes it was getting it just that one well yeah you know it hit 134 celsius so
six quality control control this video This video is sponsored by Wix
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awesome website to click on my link in the description below and go to Wix calm
to get started today Yeah, we’ll have to take it to the gun range and unload some
9mm’s on it Make it look war-torn Twist your arm backwards
this is definitely not comfortable oh yeah by the way I forgot to mention I
literally just welded that. Now charge! I’m sharing to instagram! So you guys can see projects before the
videos come out isn’t that great Now for an extra special technique both like and
paint same time So it’s gonna be the first functional
test of the shield fully assembled and hopefully it’s going to work right now
I’m using a sketchy relay set up because Bogdan is gonna wire up a really cool
switch next week Now there are two ways this can go it’s
either gonna make a really big spark or it’s gonna work
and I don’t know which one’s gonna happen Evan, you really might want to close
your eyes for this one! sixty If you guys enjoy our projects and want
to help support the channel and consider following us on social media like
Twitter Instagram and Facebook plus you get to see sneak peeks of projects on
before the videos even come out and you can even give us feedback and suggestions
for those projects as we’re building them like this one! so what Naomi was
talking about was an LCD light valve and it’s basically this little LCD panel
that when you apply a voltage to it darkens now these are most commonly used
in welding helmets to protect your eyes from welding flashes what we’re going to
do is make an array of these on the bulletproof glass of the Blitz shield so
you don’t blind yourself while you’re strobing your enemies show everything its what the fans want
Bogdan So a really cool feature we’ve got is
this the auto dimming LCD panel which works in the exact opposite of the light For more information on how electronics
works please check out our circuit diagram at there are links
in the description below All right I hope you guys enjoyed the
build video it was a riot to create Riley you know our policy on puns yeah….
So anyways I hope you guys enjoyed that project let us know what you thought
about it in the comments below but make sure you’re subscribed notifications
turned on because we are going to take this to an airsoft game to see if it’s
actually functional and we’re also going to take it to a gun range and shoot it
so make sure your subscribe thanks for watching Flawless!

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  1. I remember when Rainbow Six Siege was a beta and it was free but every tutorial I play is like: "FUCK YOU"
    So I quit.

  2. You need to get styropyro and colinfurze in on this and build some kind of super weapon and assert your dominance over the world
    Edit: and michaelcuthulu

  3. I JUST realised this while watching this video.

    Did Maverick, the operator from Rainbow Six, named that because of the laser cutting machine: "Maverick"?!

    And Maverick in the game has a tool to burn holes in steel and the machine: "Maverick" can make lines of holes in steel to cut it?!

    Oh my god… I've understand it now

  4. probably would of been like 80% lighter if you built it out of Kevlar plate. but you would have the problem of it splintering when shot.

  5. People that do stuff like you guys really make me wanna work harder in school I’m going into high school this year you guys are really giving me the drive I think I need

  6. The thing is, in combat that would work, the blinding light means the bad guys wouldent be able to see shit, especially at night, and if you have the strobe fast enough could make you dizzy and sick

  7. Thermal compound between LED Array and back plane? Just me, I would try to use the already existing metal frame as the Ground conductor, too Shrugs just a thought… maybe a bit dificult

  8. God, you guys are so bad at trying to be funny, I love the builds, but damn I just want to pull off my hair of seing all that try hard humor and annoying sound effects….

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